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[Solved] Https Pages Are Not Supporting Any Of The Settings

13 January 2017 - 04:32 AM



I have an account on Tommy


Username: giteshss

Main Domain: giteshsshroti.heliohost.org


Also, i have java and asp.net active on my domain as well as my sub-domains and my alias domain.


BUT, even though i am facing a weird problem:


  • Whenever I try to test the test pages: test.aspx and test.jsp on my domain without using "https://", they WORK. as: gitessshroti.heliohost.org/test.jsp gitessshroti.heliohost.org/test.aspx
  • But, whenever I try the same links with prefix "https://" they don't work!!!

  • In my earlier posts for subdomains*, krydos said that i might be misspelling something. So, for THIS PROBLEM, I am providing the screenshots.

*That post was for different reason. So, avoid reporting but help resolving!


Hope my problem is clear to you, if not so, please communicate. 


Thank you!!


Here are the attachments:

Attached File  error.jpg   29.88K   8 downloads

Attached File  errorJsp.jpg   14.6K   7 downloads

Attached File  succesJava.jpg   13.15K   5 downloads

Attached File  success.jpg   13.18K   2 downloads

I have an alias trial-gss.tk that points to the main domain.

Please check the same for that too!

About Dedicated Ip Address

13 January 2017 - 01:19 AM

Whenever Visiting the CP SSL/TSL module, I always get the folliwing notice:


Note: You do not have a dedicated IP address. As a result, web browsers that do not support SNI will probably give false security warnings to your users when they access any of your SSL websites. Microsoft® Internet Explorer™ on Windows XP™ is the most widely used web browser that does not support SNI.


Please tell me:

  • Why on Tommy we don't have dedicated IPs
  • Is it possible to get dedicated IP for our domains?
  • If so, HOW?

Please help. Thank you!

Alias Domain Is Not Working For The Subdomains

13 January 2017 - 12:15 AM

I have a parked domain that points to my main domain: giteshsshroti.heliohost.org(main-domain), trial-gss.tk(sub-domain)

But for all my subdomains, the following happens:

(eg. my subdomain is: giteshss)

  • Whenever I open giteshss.giteshsshroti.heliohost.org, the subdomains open successfully.
  • But, whenever I do giteshss.trial-gss.tk, it doesnt and flashes án error saying site can't be reached.

Will someone help WHY this happens?

And also, HOW to overcome this?

Also, can i have my email accounts for my main domain, with my subdomains too?

If so, what shall I do?


eg.: admin@trial-gss.tk

can this happen?

[Solved] Settings Are Not Working On Subdomains

11 January 2017 - 07:47 AM

I have "Tommy" account with asp.net and java working on my main domain as enabled by krydos.

But both of them are not working on my subdomains. Can someone help? 

Do i have to request java and asp.net support for all my subdomains individually?

Please help me through it.