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  2. No, you can just delete cpanel, cpcalendars, cpcontacts, and whm entirely. It won't hurt anything if you just leave them alone though either. What you need to do to host your website on Plesk is change any instances of to
  3. Oh sorry, I haven't changed them yet. so i change "cpanel" to plesk?
  4. Did you change the A records on Cloudflare? When you move from cPanel to Plesk, you need to change the A record for your domain to Also, turn off the proxying feature on Cloudflare for your A record and set it to DNS-only. The CF proxy can cause weird things to happen when you leave it enabled while developing your website. For the Options not allowed error, edit the .htaccess file and remove the line that starts with Options (it'll probably be like Options -Indexes or something like that, Plesk does not support the Options command in .htaccess at the moment).
  5. Hello everyone, Sorry can you help me please because, i don't really know what is the problem. Before, when we used Cpanel, I tried quite a few configurations, applications, on my site like WordPress... Now we move to Plesk, I remove all old configurations and install JOOMLA on my site. Before, the JOOMLA webpage opened correctly, but now (a few days ago), I notice that when I open my site, it shows the old webpage. (in Cpanel configuration) I already deleted a folder like this location: /themes/classicgrey/*.* https://dagounlock.tk/themes/classicgrey/images/header_logo.jpg But it still displays the old webpage and images in the theme folder's. I also check the logs, and it shows the WordPress query (wp-login...) where I already deleted this wp. I also thought it's my cache from my ISP or browser, but I already cleared the cache and cookie, changed ISP and used a Vpn, but it still shows the old webpage. edit: and when i enable .htaccess i have 500 internal error and [core:alert] /home/dagounlock.tk/public_html/.htaccess: Options not allowed here so, i must delete or rename this file. my website: dagounlock.tk Thank you very much sir, and I'm so sorry for my English is so bad and if i combine my problems also.
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  8. You can probably change the permissions of everything to make it work for both users. 644 = read/write by owner, read by group, and read by other. Your colleague's account is going to count as other so if you set the file's permission to 666 he should be able to edit those files. Filezilla has an option to recursively change all file permissions with just a few clicks so that might be the best solution for you. This isn't a Plesk issue, it's a Linux issue. Permissions like this have been in effect in Unix since like the 70s or so. It's a security feature to prevent other users on the same server from altering your files unless you want them to.
  9. DM sent. Are you running sudo su or just sudo?
  10. Yes, we are planning on adding Discord linking to both shared hosting account and VPS. However, Plesk requires an email address on file, and VPS use PayPal for payments so they require an email address on file as well. Once your Discord account is linked to your HelioHost account you will receive all of your notifications via Discord.
  11. For any domain you own (looks like a .tk), you can just change your name servers at your registrar if you wish to host the domain with a different hosting company. As soon as you change the name servers away from ours (and DNS propagates), our service will have no effect on your domain anymore. Please keep in mind that your .tk domain may also have been cancelled by Freenom (they're infamous for doing that, usually to extort money from the user). If that happens, you would need to see if you can register it again over there. Please note that your account's free subdomain lagrimasyrisas.heliohost.org cannot be taken to a different web host
  12. Hi there! Since that was getting started migration process from CPanel, I have a serious problem for unpark my domain from your hosting. Actually I cannot park my domain in other hosting because you have blocked this option for unparking domains due this migration process and login page is disabled. I need your help for complete unparking domain process, because I need use my domain in other trusly hosting. The user is f5kx4p8k and the server is Ricky. Thanks for help me. Regards.
  13. Hi Krydos, Sorry for the confusion, indeed, since my first message, my colleague removed Moodle to install WP instead. However, you are right, I ran the script to install Moodle 3 and I delegate to him the moodle UPGRADE. Even if he has full permissions, I didn't know that he will face that kind of 550 issue. So if I understand well, the same user must run the script and do the upgrade even if both users has full permissions. So what the use of making other usernames with full permissions? Best regards, Julien
  14. Can you please DM me so I can send you my secondary email? I can ssh into my server but on sudo the same password is not accepted...
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  16. Question. When sign ups are open to the public again, are you going to have an alternative for signing up such as discord for those who use gmail?
  17. There you go https://www.sslshopper.com/ssl-checker.html#hostname=swlabr.heliohost.us
  18. Please when you have time update my SSL certificate, I uploaded the zip file on / [swlabr.heliohost.us]. Thanks a lot!
  19. Postmaster tools doesn't actually increase the chances of emails being delivered. It just gives you some information on why emails might not going through so you can try to fix it. If you send an email to https://www.mail-tester.com/ and post the results we can go through the list of problems and get them fixed. Most likely you don't have DKIM or SPF set up correctly or something. Even with perfect emails the chances of Gmail not deleting your emails are slim though. You're better off just not using Gmail anymore.
  20. I see permission denied which makes me think maybe the FTP is uploading with a different username than the files and directories were created with. I logged in to check your permissions and ownership, but I see a Wordpress install on both of your web roots. Where is this Moodle install located? Have you tried uploading the files on your main garrigue account? The other option is you could change all of the ownership of the files to your sub ftp account.
  21. We know, we've tried. In fact, we've actually spoken to an actual person at Google and they've refused to fix it. It's because we often deal with hacked accounts (and when it was possible to create accounts, abusive users) who send phishing email. In fact, this is enough of an issue that we have a News post telling people not to use our services with Gmail (https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/53714-problems-with-gmail/) and we even implemented Discord notifications for stuff like invites because of it (https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/53746-discord-notifications/)
  22. Emails sent to gmail addresses from tommy2.heliohost.org are being blocked. Can you set up Gmail Postmaster Tools so the emails can get through? Here's the link: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/9981691?visit_id=637993651592613608-1982383301&rd=1 Here are some instructions: https://help.activecampaign.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002134140-Check-your-domain-reputation-with-Google-Postmaster#check-your-domain-reputation-with-google-postmaster-0-0 Thanks!
  23. Hello, We installed Moodle 3 with PLESK script, it ran perfectly and we tried to upgrade Moodle to the last version 4.0.4 When my colleague tries to upload files whith its own account, he is facing this 550 error Sorry, it's written in french... Could you please help us ? Thank you
  24. Google has lost touch with reality. They flagged all of your emails as spam, and they will likely flag this reply as spam as well. The only emails Gmail allows to pass anymore are the spammers who pay Google to deliver their spam into your inbox. Meanwhile emails that you actually want to read are deleted.
  25. Username: astron, Server: Tommy, Main domain: astron.heliohost.org Please help me install the SSL certificate, as I still don't have the ability to do it myself. I also don't have any information on whether it will become automatic again as it was before. I have uploaded the files in two places, folders ftp://astron@tommy.heliohost.org/etc and ftp://astron@tommy.heliohost.org/public_ftp/incoming Thank You for the help. username: astron server: tommy
  26. Username: astron, Server: Tommy, Main domain: astron.heliohost.org Sorry, repeated test because the previous one probably did not arrive anywhere Please help me install the SSL certificate, as I still don't have the ability to do it myself. I also don't have any information on whether it will become automatic again as it was before. I have uploaded the files in two places, folders astron@tommy.heliohost.org/etc and astron@tommy.heliohost.org/public_ftp/incoming Thank You for the help. username: astron server: tommy
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