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  2. By "reset" are you asking for your entire account to be deleted and remade? You can delete files and databases yourself so you don't need help from an admin for that.
  3. I believe this was all taken care of via Discord. I'm going to mark it solved, but if you need help with anything else or if it's not solved just let us know.
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  5. This support request is being escalated to our root admins.
  6. This support request is being escalated to our root admins.
  7. This support request is being escalated to our root admins.
  8. Starting tomorrow we will be increasing the transfer rate from 20 invites per day up to 30 invites per day. We are also going to be fast-tracking the existing Tommy cPanel users so we can shut down cPanel and give full resources to Plesk as soon as possible. There are 149 users still on Tommy cPanel that haven't been invited to move to Plesk yet, and over the next 5 days they will receive their transfer invites. Then once everyone on Tommy cPanel has received their invite we will be allow one week for them to find the email and move their account. Anyone who hasn't moved their account off cPanel after that week is up will have their latest backup uploaded to https://heliohost.org/backup/ and their website will be taken offline to finally shut down cPanel for good. Since Tommy cPanel users are being prioritized over the next 5 days that means a few users may see their ETA increase by up to 5 days. The reason we're doing this is so we can shut down Tommy cPanel as soon as possible. Tommy Plesk is sharing server resources with cPanel right now and that's affecting the number of accounts we can put on Plesk, and it's also negatively impacting the uptime and speed of Plesk. You can check your ETA at https://heliohost.org/eta/ or improve your position if you want with the donation link at the bottom of the page. Let us know if you have any questions or comments.
  9. Hello! Could you please : reset 900m.heliohost.us completely delete (files and database) wp.900m.heliohost.us and test.900m.heliohost.us thank you
  10. Yes, it works now. this can be closed
  11. Ahhh, ok. I sent a temporary password to recover your forum account. Once you get logged in I can merge this hotmail.com forum account with your gmail.com forum account if you want so all of your posts will be credited to the same account.
  12. I was trying to reset my password on this forum so I can post along with my history. Sorry that was not clear. I had to create this new user with a non-gmail account to get an automated e-mail.
  13. see well, it's not in in my interest to have directions from one domain/subdomain to another, nor indeed from domains/subdomains. my interest is, in fact, that all wildcard domains point to the same folder as follows an example below. for better understanding imagine the following folder tree: {webRootDir}/.htaccess {webRootDir}/ricm.dev/ {webRootDir}/subdomain1.ricm.dev/ {webRootDir}/subdomain2.ricm.dev/ {webRootDir}/subdomain3.ricm.dev/ Now the pointing of the domains to their folders: ricm.dev -> {webRootDir}/ subdomain1.ricm.dev -> {webRootDir}/ subdomain2.ricm.dev -> {webRootDir}/ subdomain3.ricm.dev -> {webRootDir}/ in my {webRootDir}/.htaccess file I would have the directive: RewriteCond {webRootDir}/%{HTTP_HOST} -d RewriteRule ^(.*)$ {webRootDir}/%{HTTP_HOST}$1 [NC,QSA,L] or something similar to: RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ricm.dev RewriteBase {webRootDir}/ricm.dev/ RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} subdomain1.ricm.dev RewriteBase {webRootDir}/subdomain1.ricm.dev/ RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} subdomain2.ricm.dev RewriteBase {webRootDir}/subdomain2.ricm.dev/ RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} subdomain3.ricm.dev RewriteBase {webRootDir}/subdomain3.ricm.dev/ but I'll fix it. in this case you can remove all subdomains leaving only the main and wildcard. no problem with loss because the data is all in github and external databases. If it's possible to do this: - My username is: ricmdev - The server of my account is: tommy - The domain I would like to have the wildcard subdomain on is: ricm.dev - In which directory should the webroot of this wildcard character be located and the main domain is: {HOMEDIR}/ricm.dev/ I also ask that you add the domain: ricm.ml and the same wildcards, but the webroot {HOMEDIR}/ricm.ml/ thank you for your attention
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  15. Username: fasouza. Server: Tommy. Main domain: kairion.helioho.st. Could you guys please add two additional SFTP users to my account? They will be used on backup operations so I'd think it's better to have them limited to their respective backup folder instead of using my main SFTP account. Usernames and passwords sent on HelioHost's Change Password page (https://heliohost.org/password/). Usernames and their respective root directories: fasouza_fashost_keyhelp -> /fasouza/backup/fashost.eu.org/keyhelp/ fasouza_fashost_fasouza -> /fasouza/backup/fashost.eu.org/fasouza/ Thanks 😊
  16. Changed. It can take up to two hours to start working.
  17. Hello Support, please change my current domain which is onesmusmuriithi.helioho.st to shoppyflex.store which is another domain i own, please note I've already changed the nameservers to ns1.heliohost.org and ns2.heliohost.org respectively from my previous vendor, Regards.
  18. Krydos can add the domain for you. What domain is it?
  19. I need more details about the error from the following Django website: https://mainstay.heliohost.org/mainstayerp/admin The log says: TypeError: sequence of byte string values expected, value of type str found, referer: https://mainstay.heliohost.org/mainstayerp/login/?next=/mainstayerp/admin/ The login page load and then fails during POST request. username: amalgd main domain: mainstay.heliohost.org server: johnny Thank you!
  20. That's normal. All Tommy users who migrate are being moved to Johnny because Tommy ran out of resources (remember, plesk tommy has half its normal resources since it's sharing with the cpanel Tommy) . Your old account would've moved to Johnny had it succeeded too. Johnny is faster than Tommy right now anyway. At some some time in the future we'll offer the option to move back.
  21. Thanks @Krydos I saw the Link to create a new account but it's a Jonny server link while my former website was on Tommy server. Any help please
  22. Yeah, your account is too broken to move. This has happened a few times so far. I have created a new backup at https://heliohost.org/backup/ deleted your cPanel account, and sent you an invite to create a new account. Once your new account is created you can restore your files and databases, etc from the backup. Let us know if you need help with any of that.
  23. Hi there, i just wanted to add a domain to my account: lesser on johnny Made it with namecheap, pointed the nameservers already... In the email it said that i need to contact you guys to add a domain. Also, is it possible to add reactjs web app?
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