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  2. Dearest HelioHost. Looks like my donation missing from my account. Can you please link them? Account: omlyx PayPal email: petercsoka+huf@gmail.com Thank you in advance!
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  4. What was the date of the donation?
  5. If you upload your new private.key, ca_bundle.crt, and certificate.crt to your home directory I can install the new ssl certificate for you. Most people just use the free zerossl certificates, or let's encrypt.
  6. What was the date of the donation and what method did you use to donate? Paypal, gofundme, skrill, crypto, etc?
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  8. This support request is being escalated to our root admins.
  9. Thanks wolstech, didn't realize that happened. I just re-upped my old domain and pointed to Heliohost.org. capnjohn.gq Thanks for all your service and have a great holiday and new year!
  10. May be You delete or at least hide my email address, I didn't think, it should be public to everyone.
  11. Username: astron, Server: Tommy, Main domain: astron.heliohost.org Soon will expire my temporary SSL, it comes in less than two weeks. Consequently, I have some questions - whether it is possible to obtain a server-side license as before; - should i continue to use my license and ask somebody to install it, because I don't have access to cpanel; - whether it is ever possible to access the so-called cpanel to organize things yourself or have to look for a new server? -- [removed]
  12. I check my old email and got Receipt Number: 4545-0723-1718-7212 I cant find any thing call "transaction ID".
  13. Hello! I made a donation of $5 in gofoundme but i dont see it. My account: igna email:marcelodelsel@gmail.com Transaction id 5D463948XF675791K
  14. yes it can be done but I need one more week before make the payment, I have some issues with my bank account and I can not make any payments. Is that possible? I would be very appreciate if you can help me with that. regards Niki Telini Virus-free. www.avast.com On Mon, Dec 6, 2021 at 10:31 AM HelioHost Support wrote: > > If you want you could pay for 1 month for $4.00 and then after > that month is up you could pay for another 6 months for $21.60. Would that > work for you? > > > > You may view the status of your ticket by visiting: > > https://www.helionet.org/index/index.php?showtopic=48251 > > Thank you, > Heliohost support > https://www.heliohost.org/ > https://www.helionet.org/ > >
  15. If you want you could pay for 1 month for $4.00 and then after that month is up you could pay for another 6 months for $21.60. Would that work for you?
  16. There you go https://www.heliohost.org/eta/?u=infantx The reason it says $30 not $10 is because your VPS payments count towards your total too.
  17. Normally just the email address would be enough, but I didn't find anything with that.
  18. Krydos

    VPS Sale Ending

    For now it only affects new VPS. Existing VPS can continue with the sale price for now. We may end the sale price for existing VPS at some point in the future and then people would be able to pay $3 more per month to keep their memory, or pay the same amount as before but have 1 GB less memory. There is no set date for the sale price to end for existing VPS at this time.
  19. VPS number: 25, VPS ID: 66 Dear Heliohost, Is it possible to arrange the payment in one week from now? Regards Niki On Sat, 4 Dec 2021, 07:32 HelioHost Support, wrote: > It looks like your 6 months that you paid for through GoFundMe has > expired. If you'd like to subscribe for another 6 months you can use this > link to set that up > > https://www.heliohost.org/vps/pay/?code=l8zVmVtpKfRbcfxN > > Let us know if you face any issues or have any questions regarding this. > Please try to set up the new payment within 24 hours or let us know if you > need more time by replying to this email. Thanks. > > Thank you, > Heliohost Support > https://www.heliohost.org/ > https://www.helionet.org/ > > >
  20. qbrian

    Plesk ETA

    Understood thanks for the information, just as excited.🥰
  21. This support request is being escalated to our root admins.
  22. I was gonna ask that but I figured you could find it with just the email. Noted for next time.
  23. Hi there. On October 22, 2020 I made a donation of $10 from my PayPal account (currently jorge.zaldivar@gmail.com but it may have been jorge_zaldivar@hotmail.com at that time). Transaction ID was 04Y588901B464254A. No donations are shown in the Plesk ETA page. Four more donations were made in 2019 (and some more before that)... but they would all fall outside of the time window you're considering for the Plesk queu. Can you link the one on Oct 22 to my account? It's infantx on Tommy (Should I change the email on my profile to match that of my PayPal account?). Thanks and regards,
  24. Hello. It's not completely clear to me. Would the sale end affect all the current VPSs or only the new ones? i.e., current VPS users get to keep the extra GB? What about if we pay 6 months in advance? Regards,
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