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  1. Hey sorry for the delay guys, I added Bailey. Krydos and wolstech, would you like to be added too? Let me know your GitHub name or email address. By the way our logo on the GitHub page is pretty old and grainy... would welcome any replacements!
  2. We're going to have a short downtime for all services at around midnight PST tonight. We are moving from contracting with Connex to contracting directly with Hurricane Electric, our datacenter. This involves switching the ports where we connect our network and power cables, which is what will necessitate the downtime.
  3. Aww this is heartwarming to read
  4. Sorry, but we can't give you the domain on your account. We would have to give you our credit card number to accomplish that.
  5. /var/cpanel on Stevie is full so I'm going to deal with that NOW.
  6. The problem was that you have a U+EFFF character at the top of your file. It's invisible to most editors, but it signifies UTF-16 encoding and the PHP parser might have caught it and turned off UTF-8. It's known as the byte order mark. I copied your tes.html into test2.php and removed the byte order mark and it seems to work now.
  7. Not sure why this happened. Trying to run a script to correct the issue now.
  8. Sorry... Cody went down and I needed a Windows computer to restart him (blame VMWare), but I was down in California without one.
  9. cPanel people are still coming up with shitty attempts at fixing the issues. Hopefully they'll actually take a serious look soon enough, but for now they want us to run upcp...
  10. It would seem that it's back now? I suppose you ran heliohost_nightly?
  11. We're running a memory test to see if that is the root of recent problems with domain changes and sign-ups. Should be up within 12 hours or so.
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