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  1. I'm sorry, I hadn't seen this reply or question before posting another support request (on another page). I found that my mail was switched off in Plesk and couldn't figure out how to turn it back on. I DO use that web-based e-mail address, but have it forwarded to my computer client address that I use for daily communication. If you could please re-enable that richard@greenvalleyrecording.com address, I'd very much appreciate it. If there's anything I can do to stop the spam from being sent from that address, please let me know what it would be. I certainly DON'T like that happening.
  2. Thank you very much for following up on this. And just to be clear, I would NEVER abuse Heliohost's generous service! Have a great day.
  3. Hi, Thank you for getting back to me quickly. I know nothing about this e-mail, and don't understand why it's associated with my site. And worse, I don't know what to do about it. Can you give me step by step instructions as to how I can rectify this? I'm sorry... I'm not very "tech savvy" and don't have any idea how this happened. I certainly am NOT sending spam e-mails from my site.. (or from ANY account for that matter). it fact, I VERY rarely use my account web site to send e-mail. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated.
  4. Please unsuspend my site... or tell me what rule I have infringed and I will change it. I'm not aware of anything I've done in violation of the rules. In fact, I haven't effectively changed my site in years. Thank you, Richard www.greenvalleyrecording.com
  5. Got it. It was in my junk folder. I'm sorry about that. I should have checked!! I've now requested the move. Thank you.
  6. Hello, I haven't received an e-mail asking if I'd like to move to Plesk. But I supposedly have been approved to make the move. Do I need to do something I'm not? Thank you Richard Rupert gvr590@hotmail.com
  7. gvr590

    Power Outage

    Yes, all is well today. Yesterday my browser would time out after every effort to open the site. But... all good today. Thanks for the replies.
  8. gvr590

    Power Outage

    My website is off-line... greenvalleyrecording.com. Tommy is the server. Is there a problem I'm not aware of? Thanks.
  9. Hi, I was trying to set up an e-mail account on my local computer that accesses the account on Tommy. Apparently something is wrong and I've now been blocked. My IP is: Thank you. Richard Rupert
  10. That was it!!!! Thank yo,u(and everyone else who's helped me with getting back up on Tommy. I truly appreciate your direction. Have a great day.
  11. Well, I'm making progress. I successfully signed up and re-uploaded my website via my ftp program. I used all the previous ftp settings, assuming that would work okay. I can see my site is on line using the default http://greenvalleyrecording.heliohost.org/?4085 address, but when I use my URL of www.greenvalleyrecording.com which worked perfectly before Tommy crashed, I just get an "Index of/" page. Do I simply have to wait for something to happen, or do I still have something wrong? Thank you again for your kind patience. I know I must be irritating you all by now.
  12. I'm sorry... I haven't received any invitation e-mails in my hotmail account. I have checked my inbox, junk and deleted folders frequently. I have plenty of e-mail confirmation messages, but no invitations. Could you be certain the invitation was sent? Thank you. Richard
  13. Gee... this seems like an extraordinarily long wait... I don't seem to have received an invitation yet. Can someone please check on that to make sure? greenvalleyrecording@heliohost.org was my site address. (Although I bought a URL and redirected to it). Thank you, Richard Rupert
  14. gvr590

    Tommy Is Back!

    Okay Krydos, thank you. I was confusing the e-mail confirmation with a sign-up invitation. I'll await the invitation.
  15. Okay, I understand. Thank you. I appreciate everyone's patience in dealing with my lack of knowledge.
  16. Here I am again. I received the validation e-mail a couple of days ago. To be clear, here's some of the wording: " Hey gvr590, Thanks for creating an account with HelioHost. We're sure you'll love it here! To continue with the account creation process please click the validation link below to verify your email address." I've clicked the link several times, trying to continue to my control panel, and clicking takes me to a heliohost web page that says "Features", and it lists choices for my needs. I've tried several different options, but they all take me to a page that says all of the servers are full, or in case of Tommy, closed. Finally, I clicked on Tommy anyway and got this message: "Based on your selections I recommend you start on the Tommy server, but it is currently full. You will need to wait 11 hours and 21 minutes for signups to reopen." Please tell me what I should do now.
  17. Oh, that explains it. I just have to wait for an invitation. Thank you for that salient info. And I'll delete the extracted backup and hope the invite comes soon. Thank you for your help (and patience)!!
  18. Boy, I'm having a heck of a time. I succeeded in downloading the backup, installed 7 zip and extracted it. I do have all my orginal files that I could upload via ftp, but wanted a safety so I downloade your backup. But I can't for the life of me figure out how to create a new account on Tommy. This just seems so difficult for me. Again, I apologize.
  19. Oh, no.... that must be the problem; I didn't realize I had to create a new account. Sorry. I'll download the backup and then create a new account and then upload the backup thourh the Backup Wizard. I truly appreciate the help. I really feel stupid with this...
  20. Thank you. I didn't get a backup from you since I created and edit the site on my local computer, and upload any changes with an ftp program. Can I just re-upload that somehow? Thank you for the hand-holding. I know I'm a PITA to you guys who know what you're doing.
  21. Please release the domain greenvalleyrecording.heliohost.org from the DNS cluster. I understand that I can then use the same FTP settings to upload my website again to Tommy. If that is incorrect, please advise. I had NOT temporarily put the site on another of your servers. Thank you. Richard
  22. gvr590

    Tommy Is Back!

    If you have a temporary Ricky or Johnny account that is using the same email address that your old Tommy account was using when he crashed then yes, your account will automatically be moved back to Tommy. If you don't have an account using that email address an invitation email will be sent to you. The way the invitation email works is there is a special validation code that you can click that allows you to create an account even if the server is full for the day. You don't have to reply to anything, actually the email comes from no-reply@heliohost.org so even if you tried to reply it wouldn't go anywhere, just click the link when it arrives. Thank you for your reply. I have always edited/created my website on my laptop and uploaded it with an ftp program. Do I simply click on the e-mail link you refer to, create an account and then upload my site from my laptop? I'm really not very knowledgeable as to the technical function of website creation but managed to get it to work on Tommy initially. Thank you for your assistance.
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