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  1. Apologies for the incorrect info. Am able to login now!, Thanks for the quick help!!
  2. Hi Team, I am a returning user and I request you to unarchive my account which was earlier suspended due to inactivity. PFB the details: username: giteshss server: tommy Please let me know in case you need any further detail. Thanks in advance! Regards, Gitesh
  3. Hi, My account has been archived due to inactivity. I understand the action. Please active the same as I would love to continue my relationship with HelioHost! PFB the details: Username: giteshss Domain: giteshshroti.heliohost.org Let me know in case you need more details. Best Regards.
  4. Ok sure! I already knew the solution to the problem using Dynamic Table Creation and it is working. I just wanted to check if Database Creation works or not. No problem! thanks for the help.
  5. Greetings! I am trying to create a simple application in java FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE. In that, I want to create databases dynamically. eg.: when i register, i get a database. ONLY TRIAL BASIS, nothing more than that. I have tried that with remote access from my development machine to tommy.heliohost.org, but i am getting an error while creating database. ALL OTHER TASKS ARE WORKING FINE EXCEPT THIS ONE: create database. Error: Access denied for user '*******'@'' to database '**************' *: my user and database names. Is it possible? Any suggestions? I again declare that it is ONLY for learning. Thanks.
  6. Thanks...will take care of that. Also, in the MX entry page, in the host when i type mx.yandex.net.(the last dot especially), it says invalid entry... Will it work without the last dot?
  7. Sure on that...but my question was different. Actually i was confused that..after configuring my yandex account for this domain, will the limit of 50 mails exist? Because i "might" be using yandex to send mail but not heliohost. Will my mail be sent from heliohost domain after this? Or yandex domain?
  8. Not clear about adding an MX record with the mentioned contents yet. My CP is not flashing the above fields. no type: MX.no priority fieldno host field. What shall I do. If my problem is silly, sorry for that! Trying this for the first time. Thank You. Have checked the link by Krydos. Also, on the MX entry page, I read that this will "DIRECT INCOMING MAIL....." So, Had a small question. Aware about the daily limit of 50 mails on heliohost, After having my domain linked with yandex, will my OUTGOING mails go from heliohost server? WILL THE LIMIT COME INTO PLAY? Just don't wanna get blacklisted! SO HELP ON THIS QUESTION IS ALSO EXPECTED! thank you.
  9. I want to attach one of my domains to my yandex account. I have connected my domain but now it is asking me to make an MX entry. The details of the entry mentioned there does not match with the options i am getting in my CP. Please help me configuring the same. Posting the details here: YANDEX CONFIGURATIONS: Value — “mx.yandex.net.”. The dot is required at the end of the server name. In some control panels, the dot is assumed automatically. In this case, you don't need to add it. Priority — 10. If a priority of “10” is not allowed in the control panel, enter any other priority other than zero. Subdomain name — “@”. In some control panels, you need to enter the name of your domain instead of “@” (for example, “yourdomain.tld.”). If you are not able to set either “@” or the domain name, leave this field empty. If this field isn't shown in the control panel, you don't have to set it. or Add MX record and create your first email account. Name Type of record Priority Host @ MX 10 mx.yandex.ru. Note: if @ is invalid then try your naked domain. e.g. example.com (not www.example.com). Optional (but recommended) Add SPF record: Name Type of record Host @ TXT v = spf1 redirect = _spf.yandex.ru Guide! Thanks a lot!
  10. http://www.helionet.org/index/topic/27433-filezilla-cant-connect/ refer this topic for FTP connections. And avoid posting your questions into this forum. Helionet has a dedicated forum for this: Questions. Thank You!
  11. Need to activate java on two of my domains: username: giteshss domain1: https://giteshsshroti.tk domain2: http://new.giteshsshroti.tk Thanks
  12. Thanks a lot krydos! I am on it now!...thanks again for the motivation!
  13. I meant that I don't even remember them once i did left the site! However will again try it out! Thanks A lot. Wii try to post the things that I am unable to make, here! Hope some general solutions help! Thanks!
  14. Sure krydos! I will try to find some solution to this! Thanks a lot for your help! Would love to hear from wolstech over this, if he can guide some! Thanks A lot!
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