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  1. Long time, no see! Thanks for working hard on the Plesk transfer. Looking forward to it. In the meantime, is there a way for me to remove the auto-SSL-redirect imposed on my website by cPanel? Via SFTP, my /public_html/.htaccess does not contain any redirect rules. According to the cPanel blog, "This information is stored in the account’s user data files (/var/cpanel/userdata), and the redirection is built into the domain’s vhost configuration...No longer will a manual .htaccess redirect...be required." I've never dealt with vhost before. How can I undo whatever cPanel did to force the HTTPS redirect? My site is just static content, and I'd like it to just stay on HTTP until Plesk is up and running. Thanks!
  2. Could you apply the 2x storage and immunity, please? Thanks!
  3. Thanks Krydos! Account is up and running and ready for you to setup immunity/2x storage. I'll change the email through cPanel.
  4. Hello! I just donated (much less this time around, ) - could you send a Tommy invite to the email associated with this donation: Paypal Transaction ID: 5197-7384-9045-2833 Amount: $10 USD Once the account is created, could I ping again to have its inactivity immunity and storage amount increased, and the associated email changed? I am not trying to make a second account for myself, I'm helping a music teacher setup a website and will request to have the account changed to the teacher's email once I finish. Thanks guys!
  5. Haha I'm just happy I don't have to remember to login all the time! No, thank YOU!!
  6. Honestly Krydos, just providing us with constantly amazing service is the best thank you. I would never, in a million years, think I would be as generous as I was to complete strangers. But then again, I never would have thought I would have fallen in love with the pure selflessness and hard working people of Heliohost. Every. Single. Person. Who volunteered to make this place a better place deserves to be here. To all of the root admins, thank YOU. I would have never discovered this place if you had given up. I never would have donated if you faltered or ran away. Continue to be the best you can be, and I will continue, how ever I can, to help you strive to be that best you can be. ~ Roy (Yikes, E, Pooks, Jenova) Ditto on this! I'm happy to be able to help, and I'm also happy there's so many other people out there who are helping keep this non-profit afloat (also, Roy, I saw your Free Move to Tommy initiative and I thought that was fantastic)! I've been using Heliohost since my first website in high school, and I just appreciate how committed this team is to providing this resource to the public. Keep it up, guys. The community needs this. God Bless!
  7. Haha thanks! What "spoils" are you referring to? Doesn't everyone get inactivity immunity and double storage for donating?
  8. Haha, thanks everyone, but I've just wanted to support HelioHost for a while and am now in a position financially to do so. Early Merry Christmas to the hard working team, I guess!
  9. If it helps, I donated using the same email my HelioHost account is tied to
  10. I donated as: Caleb T Donation amount: $550 Date Donated: 11/10/2019 Thanks!
  11. Cool! Thanks, I wasn't sure if the immunity thing was still available. I definitely forget to login most of the time XD, just donated! Do I have to do anything else?
  12. Not sure if this is the right forum to ask this: is the Sparkie fundraiser still going? Do we still get double storage/double immunity for donating to the fundraiser? Thank you!
  13. An easy, effective way to promote HelioHost: leave a review on Sitejabber! Sitejabber, known as "the Yelp of online business," is a consumer review site that is moderated by Sitejabber staff. Everything that goes up on the site is reviewed before it is publicly viewable, so Sitejabber has an extra level of integrity and reputation. Cited by mainstream sources like US News & World Report, CBS News, and PC Magazine, Sitejabber is a pretty fantastic place for people to get trustworthy info about HelioHost! I've already left a review; go to https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/heliohost.org to write your own! Note that the review process can take a while (mine took 19 hours), so don't freak out if your review doesn't post immediately.
  14. Whoa, thanks for the detailed info! You should totally link to this from the Donate and homepages so that donors can see this. I will be donating regularly!
  15. Thanks! Yeah I totally know the feeling of frustration you can get with Google AdSense. I whitelisted HelioHost domains in my adblocker awhile back so now I get served ads when I use cPanel or browse HelioNet; are you guys receiving funding for those, or does one actually have to click on the ads to register with your ad provider? Anyway, I'll wait for more explanation from Krydos.
  16. Hey guys! The HelioHost Monthly Finances tracker is really cool and I appreciate how forthcoming you guys are being with the money situation here on HelioNet, but I'm wondering: What is the breakdown of the monthly HelioHost budget? How much of it goes to electricity, maintenance, etc.? Is some of it being saved for future hardware upgrades? Stuff like that. Since y'all became a 501[c](3) last year, I've been considering making a regular donation to HelioHost, but I'd really like the additional transparency in what donations are being spent on first. Also, my understanding is that nobody on the Helio team gets paid and that this is all purely done because you guys are passionate about this. Is this still true? If it is, y'all are amazing.
  17. Yeah, please merge it into the "zavyerr" account so that "calebt" goes away! But please keep the email address for "calebt". Thanks wolstech!
  18. Hey guys, Could you change my HelioNet username to "zavyerr" to match my HelioHost login? Thanks!
  19. Keep up the good fight guys; we all appreciate your proactiveness with the AnonymousFox incident. Let us know when cPanel is back up on Tommy!
  20. Hey guys, I'm not sure if this problem is due to the DDoS that hit us today https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/33825-tommy-down/, but right now cPanel on Tommy is not online (see attached) and my website is down. Could you look into this? Thanks!
  21. Ah, okay. Do you have a recommendation for a CMS then? I'm actually thinking of rolling my own lightweight blog engine
  22. After that fun WordPress fiasco from yesterday, I was wondering: is it safe to install WordPress via Softaculous, or is there a patch we are waiting for?
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