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  1. Now I get your point. As @wolstechhad said there is no such online services and even if there is, it will never be free. Not everyone wants to be like Heliohost, example: Cpanel
  2. Oh, my bad. I thought since the control panel don't work, you guys can't do it. It's good to know. Sorry for the wrong information @roguitar
  3. I think you have more than one account. Heliohost allows one account for each users. No it is not possible. Heliohost is undergoing plesk transition. Go through the News to know latest happening.
  4. Good question, I'd also wanted to ask this same question but you beat me...
  5. Thanks for the clarification @wolstech
  6. I think I am bit lost here. Is paying for Heliohost VPS same as the donation that some us of did to get into Ricky or Tommy server and also increased in storage? Because I have seen many users who are on vps clamoring to be given the chance to test plesk beta. What about some of the users on Ricky or Tommy who are not on vps but are amongst highest donor? Why would someone on vps want to be downgraded because he want to test plesk beta? Sorry if my question is irrelevant, I am just curious and confused.
  7. How about add-on or parking of some domain name like eu.org, .br etc, that was an issue on Cpanel, will plesk make it easier for users? Or it is still going to be business as usual where the Root admins help adding them manually as it is on Cpanel. Sorry if this not the right time to ask this question I am just curious.
  8. You cannot delete your own account, Request for account deletion and a Root Admin will delete it for you
  9. Free account is closed for now Perhaps you should go through the forum to know why free account creation is closed especially the News Section where the admin post update concerning Heliohost. Meanwhile, Heliohost VPS account is open for sign up
  10. Trust me I have tried all the popular ones I found on google but None can be compared to Heliohost. The best most of them is good at is a statistic webpage. Believe me Heliohost has been the best. If you don't want to go for vps, then you must wait till after rebuilding
  11. This is a great news, thanks to Heliohost team for not giving up
  12. I am pretty sure that this is not the end
  13. The old Helionet forum is simple and flexible but the new rebranded forum is advance and dynamic. I am finding it hard to understand the rebranded one.

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