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  1. I think he's trying to say you guys should help him unblock his IP
  2. greetings guys please I need to block my ip forget the pass while trying to use sftp it would be very helpful to correct any error please By Google translation
  3. I wouldn't go near it, too heavy and cost too high. Why don't you go for ghost cms, simple and very fast in loading but you will have to add a discuss for user comment.
  4. That is absolutely correct. If you check here http://heliohost.grd.net.pl/monitor/ you will see that Tommy is not having joyous times at all. Though I don't use WordPress or Joomla but I too experience server timeout a times.
  5. Same here with mine www.5.5media.cf Don't know what the problem is, I contacted them and they replied it is copyright Infringement but the funny thing is that the contents I have on that website was the same one I had on my blogger before moving it to this new domain and nothing of copyright Infringement happen on blogger but something of copyright Infringement is happening now. Should I guess it is something to do with the domain name? @wolstech any help?
  6. Maybe he should take down his entire website and start installation afresh. A backup is wisely advisable before you do that
  7. Whoever is experiencing frequent 500 Internal Server Errors is using WordPress. I am always working on my website and have not experienced even one 500 internal server error because I do not use WP Advice/Solution: The best way to avoid 500 internal server error is to stay very far away from WordPress
  8. Thanks very much @krydos. For my case I added all posts images manually after importing data contents by moving my old ghost/content/images folder into the new one Krydos provided and everything is back and working great with new features. My only issue now is that ssl refused to validate after this upgrade, though I am patiently waiting to see if validation after 24hours. Once again thank you very much Krydos Modified: Ssl certificate is now activated
  9. Never conclude yet until you hear from the root admins, somehow you might even be indirectly responsible for that error. Besides, it work for me
  10. Thank you very much in advance for this. I am currently running on version 2.31.0, while the latest version is 3.13.3 I am 100% interested
  11. That means you'll have to upload all post images manually after importing your data
  12. Its for another software. How many accounts do you have? Because you can't run two php version one account at same time
  13. Clear your browser cache and reopen login page. It happen to me sometimes and that is how I solve mine
  14. You are one of those overloading the server I guess. Best way to stay out of suspension is to stay very far away from WordPress
  15. Thanks for your help! I donated USD10.00. Hoping to launch a simple experiment site soon. Happy Easter!Open a topic and give details of your transactions ID so that a root admin can send you Tommy invitation HAPPY EASTER
  16. Tommy is kinda having lot of loads at the moment compared to Ricky as seen here http://heliohost.grd.net.pl/monitor/ My website occasionally loads "connection time out" since morning. Something to worry about?
  17. I think that WordPress of a thing should be highly discouraged at all costs or totally ban on all heliohost server. The threat it poses is alarming
  18. Ghost is what I am using presently. I was able to get it setup and running with the help of @krydos, thanks to him. But you will still need external cron jobs to keep the application alive so that it doesn't go down every 5 minutes. The external cron job makes it stay alive for 2hours before the restart of apache. Not sure how to explain this better My ghost URL https://www.5.5media.cf Faster than any other cms I have ever used though it goes down every 2hours but it's OK with me since I am not paying for it.
  19. I send you pm can you reply it when you have time thank you he does not check pm,i can bet my money on it
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