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  1. This is a prototype of a site that will join up with KL soon, if it proves to be effective. Lappy has promised to move it to a different domain and incorporate it with KL if it gets sufficient members and traffic. Plus, you guys will get to talk about video gaming in an environment that isn't cluttered with flames and flamewars (like the current KL gaming forum is) smile.gif . So help KL, and join Teh Game Zone! http://s15.invisionfree.com/Teh_Game_Zone/index.php?
  2. Still, its unfair to permanently ban him for some random swearing here and there. I mean, he's stopped doing it on a regular level (at least on Helionet), so why suddenly ban him for one instance?
  3. You're going to permanently ban him without letting us see his post? At least you could tell us WHICH five/six violations he made.
  4. Gameclaw_268, I'll give you my views via PM.
  5. We're not jerkwads. We give you jobs! If anything, you should be happy.
  6. That's kinda what I've been trying to tell HerLoss numerous times. EDIT: Also, without rich people, where would the poor people find jobs?
  7. "We" is sort of like all the people where I live. The "greedy" upper-class. And how are we greedy just for accepting the fact that people who don't work hard enough don't get rewards? We worked hard for years and years, and now we finally become rich enough to buy some houses and live happily. Meanwhile, the poor people somehow have this idea that they are morally better than us just because they don't have money.
  8. Do you actually think we're going to accept life in a commune without a fight?
  9. With communes, we won't get to benefit off our toil, which we DO get to do in a capitalist nation.
  10. The most practical solution to this problem is to execute all those lower-class people who either are too lazy, or don't have enough drive to get an education and get some money. There is nothing wrong with people working hard for money and then getting to enjoy what they worked hard for! Really, the only people who complain about upper class people are the ones who are just jealous that they have more money.
  11. Have fun when Shiva comes down and purifys/destroys the world, spacey! That means that you're going against God's will. So you respect the law more than you respect God?
  12. You mean Catholics? Protestants are those people who don't give whether or not you're a good person, but whether or not you say "I believe in christ", which, btw, is a complete miscairrage of justice, as stated above by majazac.
  13. Same here, except that if I shoot myself, I know I'll be reincarnated back anyways.
  14. Why? Why not just let good people come to heaven? Also, are you saying that Gandhi went to hell, or what?
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