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  1. Primary Domini: valdir.heliohost.org user: vcs13 email: valdir.carlos@hotmail.com Thanks
  2. I request access to the Lily server, especially the ASP.NET language.
  3. How to request lily server access ?
  4. I request release of ASP.NET technology in my hosting account user : vcs13 e-mail : valdir.carlos@hotmail.com servidor : tommy
  5. vcs13


    Thanks for the tip, but the site is already in this directory and with home.aspx, but when I call the site http://valdir.heliohost.org, I append the list of files in the directory, if I use http: //valdir.heliohost. Org / home.aspx appears my code, I am learning Asp.net, I usually use PHP, and when this happens, I know it means that the apache server is not working, what to do to run my code, I created a MIMe with text / X-generic = aspx, is this correct? What other action should I take?
  6. vcs13


    Anyone know how to use ASP.Net in heliohost? In which folder do I host the files? Which page does it start? I usually use "home.aspx" on my computer with IIS server. Thank you
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