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  1. a: Kratospc b: Stevie c: www.kratospc.com Site is active, I've been logging in mothly to cpanel. Does Heliohost still send out warning emails before suspension? Any help would be appreciated!
  2. Can you tell me why it was deleted in it's entirety? Was this because of not logging in?
  3. Hello all, Have been out of the country for a bit and don't think I logged into my account per the once a month rule. Come back and the site doesn't seem to connect and the server monitor shows all servers and NSs working fine. Site: www.kratospc.com Cannot access cpanel or site. Any idea admins? Thanks!
  4. Wow. 2 months in and we are over that hump! Great job, djbob and the rest of the support crew for keeping this thread going. All signals are green and speeds back up to pre-outage!
  5. Yeesh! That's suspect. Hopefully it's just the cable...
  6. I see, that makes sense... Well, there goes that lead! haha
  7. Here is an interesting event I saw on the GRD monitor today... See how Stevie becomes totally green in that middle part? Any admin know what occurred between 12am-7am PST today that may correlate with the fast connections of Stevie? I suspect whatever happened (or wasn't happening) between that time might lead us to a solution/cause of the problems.
  8. Come back to us djbob! You're our only hope! Stevie has been a pain to work on this week... I hope we get some good news in the coming days.
  9. Speeds were better at night, though still plenty of timeouts to be had. As of right now (10am PST), speeds aren't horrible. Timeouts/half-loaded pages still occurring, but the site is navigable, which is a great improvement over the rest of the weekend. Average time of page load the last 12 hours is between 3-5 seconds, whereas this weekend was 5-10 seconds. Will keep an eye on it and report if anything changes. EDIT: (3pm PST) FTP/cPanel are pretty much useless at this point. Timeouts ad nauseum. Site is still accessible, though very inconsistent. There is definitely a correlation between time of day and server speed, which probably has to do with increased activity. I really can't say what's up. If all that has been done hasn't restored Stevie, my intuition says hardware related (which is a possibility since these changes occurred right after a power outage). Color me stumped. EDIT 2: I've made this little picture from the site monitor that was posted earlier. Basically you can see that Stevie looks to be much slower now than it was earlier this month immediately prior to the outage. When the graphs become green, site speeds return to normal, but you'll notice that green correlates with the times of low activity. The possibility exists that this is imply due to increased users on Stevie, though the timing suggest relation to the power outage.
  10. The speeds do get better at night, but I can't recall specifically. I'll monitor it closely tonight and let you know. As of right now (8:30pm PST) the speed is better than it was a few hours ago. What's your idea?
  11. I'm afraid to report that the initial slickness and speed has, indeed, seemed to have gone. FTP is pretty much inaccessible and HTTP is experiencing random timeouts. I will say that it is A LOT better than immediately after the power outage. However, not quite what it was prior to the outage. As always, I'll monitor it further and report back if any positive trend is observed. EDIT: So, the speed has approached that of immediately after the power outage. Impossible to get anything done at this moment. Will keep an eye on it through the weekend.
  12. Speeds seem to have returned for my site. There are still random timeouts, but few and far between and normal behavior for Stevie, I'd say. I'll keep an eye on it and see how it goes this week, but all seems to be running smooth again!
  13. Alright, getting most of my coding done right now! Crossing my fingers this will fix the issues.
  14. This is pretty accurate for my site. For short bursts it will seem like Stevie is smooth as butter, but then it will be followed by a few hours of half page loads and timeouts. Inconsistent is the word that comes to mind. Right now it is much smoother than it has been over the past few days, but every so often I'll get a half-loaded page or a timeout. If I refresh it will load the page up properly. Looking at the monitor for Stevie, it looks like it's been pretty green since the reboot, with a few spikes here and there. What is interesting to note is this how different a read out today looks to, say, anytime in April. Example: April Read out: http://grd.net.pl/heliohost/monitor/archive/?2011-04-15 May pre-power out: http://grd.net.pl/heliohost/monitor/archive/?2011-05-05 May power out: http://grd.net.pl/heliohost/monitor/archive/?2011-05-06 May post power out: http://grd.net.pl/heliohost/monitor/archive/?2011-05-07 May last week: http://grd.net.pl/heliohost/monitor/archive/?2011-05-12 Something funky definitely happened during that outage that seems to correlate with response times in Stevie. Look at the April read out and you'll see how green (fast) the connections were. Your call, djbob. Have no idea what could be up. Hopefully nothing hardware related. I'll keep an eye on my site and see if it gets better or worse in the coming days.
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