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  1. Thank you again, and believe me I'm eager to try it out, it's just that I may not be available for a short period.
  2. Krydos, thank you again so much for all the information. That is very useful. I want to try one of my questions again because after reading your reply I realized I didn't ask it clearly .. my bad. What I mean to ask is once you migrate my account to Plesk do I need to login right away for everything to continue working. For example, if you moved it on Monday and I wasn't available to log into Plesk until Friday, would my web site continue working Monday thru Friday? (assuming the 755--->644 permission issue gets fixed in the transfer script)
  3. Thank you Krydos for the php and cgi info. I'm debating about whether to switch or to delay. I have active users right now who are relying on web pages that utilize php and cgi scripts. Until the end of June I really can't have a service disruption so the question is what happens when you move my account. Would there be any reason that php and cgi scripts that currently work fine under CPANEL would not work during the migration? Also, can I continue FTPing files to my public_html space during the migration? Lastly, am I required to do anything once the migration completes (i.e. must I log into Plesk and do something right away). The answers to these questions will help me determine whether to go now or stay put for a while. Thank you.
  4. Is PHP and CGI available on Plesk, and what about Postgresql databases currently in CPANEL?
  5. Thank you again for the info. I will look into it.
  6. Thank you again so much. A side question. I've been using ZeroSSL as per your recommendation and the past 3 renewals have gone very smoothly. But now I noticed my ZeroSSL account has used up the 3 free renewals. If the migration to Plesk extends beyond the next 90 days, do you have any recommendations for any other free SSL sites? Thanks to CPANEL I never had to deal with this before and Googling yields lots of results but many are paid subscriptions. Hoping you have some tips or advice. Thanks.
  7. Hello Very sorry to bother the admins but my SSL certificate is expiring soon. I uploaded a the following files private.key certificate.crt ca_bundle.crt to my /home/daskunk directory. My domain is daskunk.heliohost.org Could you please install them? Thank you very very much.
  8. daskunk

    Plesk ETA

    Krydos: I am so sorry to hear about the accident and medical issues and absolutely your health and family come first. I do hope all involved make a speedy and complete recovery and very much appreciate all you and the Heliohost support staff do for us users.Thank you again and thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
  9. daskunk

    Plesk ETA

    I've been periodically checking but haven't seen any updates in a while. Are accounts still being migrated to Plesk? I know this effort is extremely challenging, and so thankful for those volunteering, but just wondering how it's going. Thanks again for all the support.
  10. Hello Heliohost Support Could you please installed my newly renewed SSL certificates before the current ones expire. I uploaded these files ca_bundle.crt certificate.crt private.key to my /home/daskunk directory. My domain is daskunk.heliohost.org Thank you very much if you can install them
  11. Hello again Is there anything else I need to do on my end for the new SSL certificate to take effect? I did double check to ensure the two crt files and private key were properly copied into /home/daskunk. Please let me know if I need to take any further action as my users are unable to access my site. Thank you again so much for your help
  12. Sorry about that and thank you for merging the emails. I'll stick with this forum and monitor this post for when the SSL certificate files I just uploaded have been successfully installed. Thank you again.
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