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  1. Thanks. They only create a @criptext.com email for you, not your domain, and the non-standards "encryption" only works between two of their own accounts. They are also disingenuous about "open source"; there's no code for desktop or server. They are also disingenuous about the effects of a national security order with gag protection. Website where text doesn't stay within box elements, and you can't click links or copy text from their re-collapsing Javascript drop-down boxes. Don't make websites like this.
  2. Finally found it by using webmail; indeed marked spam by Comcast instead of delivered; their spam filter folder apparently doesn't IMAP sync. Here's things that might have triggered it https://postmaster.comcast.net/avoidblocks.html; you might craft a new email for Comcasters avoiding these rules. Here's headers that have some spam ratings: X-Xfinity-VMeta: sc=349.00;st=spam X-Xfinity-Message-Heuristics: IPv6:N;TLS=1;SPF=1;DMARC=P Authentication-Results: resimta-po-21v.sys.comcast.net; dkim=pass header.d=cody.heliohost.org header.b=2IU9rz5J; dkim=pass header.d=heliohost.org header.b=Tj43rPph DKIM-Signature: v=1; a=rsa-sha256; q=dns/txt; c=relaxed/relaxed; d=cody.heliohost.org; s=default; h=Date:Message-Id:Content-type: List-Unsubscribe:From:MIME-Version:Subject:To:Sender:Reply-To:Cc: Content-Transfer-Encoding:Content-ID:Content-Description:Resent-Date: Resent-From:Resent-Sender:Resent-To:Resent-Cc:Resent-Message-ID:In-Reply-To: References:List-Id:List-Help:List-Subscribe:List-Post:List-Owner:List-Archive ; bh=y3Ylo1DoGeo53BCSUbhrdwQEQXZ1ojegrr3b1zT1Shg=; b=2IU9rz5JS+0J/bdJzF+jPIyv
  3. Just looked at some options from another thread: Yandex: funnels your mail right to the KGB Zoho: has a terrible deceptive website where the only call-to-action is "sign up for free". Do not make websites like this. One has to do Google searching of site:zoho.com to come up with minimum fee $12/yr per user, and no pop/imap at free tier with max 5 users and no wildcard https://www.zoho.com/mail/zohomail-pricing.html ...might just use registrar's free email forwarding for up to 10 accounts per domain. Will miss having unlimited wildcard to sign up for spammy sites.
  4. I've gotten no emails about the impending doom...it's only happenstance that I just logged in to see this news. (don't need a backup tho). Might need to blast out another warning to every email you have.
  5. Was just looking into keeping my email up through all this, as mail, being on the host servers, would also be going down. My domain's DNS is via Heliohost. I'm guessing that DNS being un-configurable, I'll need to pull back DNS to my registrar's DNS service too... For other's reference, discovered that Dynadot.com has a passable cheap plan for unlimited email accounts (but limited yearly data cap per $$) and webhosting, $16/year. Only one domain name per account. Only webmail and POP3 (mail does not stay mirrored on web server). The web hosting included is static, FTP. The shared 30MB of disk space could be quickly burned through just by emails, so a software client regularly checking and downloading emails is almost mandatory anyway. Dynadot has a refer-a-friend program, both referrer and new account get $5 credit after $10+ purchase. I'd have to email a link to recipient though, quite stupid.. Any other ideas for cheap mail that only needs MX pointed to it? I'd just spin up a VM on my own server except for the port interference by the ISP and lack of rDNS and dynamic IP blocking by recipients.
  6. This seems to be recurring again, but with multiple retries I wasn't able to bypass. It took a few repeated attempts a week ago. Steps to reproduce: - Visit https://www.heliohost.org/# - login button, username & password for Tommy account - password error - Firefox ESR, uBlock Bookmarked cPanel at https://tommy.heliohost.org:2083 got me on, but probably doesn't register as a once-a-month login. Now logon works, but perhaps because I'm already in cPanel session with another tab. edit: after that login, "continue to cPanel", got me a web server error instead. Core dump. Internal Server Error 500 No response from subprocess (cpanel (cpanel)): The subprocess reported error number 72,057,594,037,927,935 when it ended. The process dumped a core file.cpsrvd Server at tommy.heliohost.org Too many cPanel accounts?
  7. Done, thanks much! (BTW, something's bogged down so much my cpanel login returned bad password twice, had to retry...)
  8. Hi, the change domain tool (with three boxes), launched from the login welcome screen, flat out says "you did not enter the correct password" for me, besides apparently being deprecated/poorly supported. I have a heliohost.org subdomain that I've publicized, for an account on Ricky that's apparently not coming back anytime soon. I created a Tommy account but only .us was available on setup. Can the existing .org be moved to my Tommy account, please (and is it possible to just add the org subdomain instead of changing my new "main domain"?) domain: heliohost.org subdomain: taurus cpanel account: flexman old cpanel account: flexo thanks! (I bought a domain, now just need to host redirects with the old domain..)
  9. I just tried on a different browser. same. Also get to see a terrible scam ad that has buttons "direct deposit account" "bank checking account" "create a free website"...
  10. Still there, the "unblocked" reply was 15 hours ago. Something else on the website still is creating this prompt.
  11. Warning still showing up when logging in to heliohost website, with link to come here. Email account was disabled on my end. Your IP has been blocked!The IP address has been blocked for trying to log in to IMAP with the wrong password too many times. To prevent this from happening again in the future please make sure your email client username and password are correct. You won't be able to continue to cPanel until an admin unblocks you. To request that your IP be unblocked please visit
  12. You killed me off for trying to check IMAP on dead Ricky? Finally used my Tommy invite - only to not be able to log in to CPANEL. "The IP address has been blocked for trying to log in to IMAP with the wrong password too many times." (please wipe IP after fixin', thanks!)
  13. On the positive side, no HTTP means FTPd is blazing fast...
  14. Johnny is going "ow ow ow". If there's less than 100 load over on Ricky... Account name: djj Bitcoin payment - notice I was going to send: https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/36671-solved-please-remove-my-tommy-domains-so-they-can-be-recreated/?p=162498 and that confirmed payment https://www.blockchain.com/btc/tx/f1357d45a6c99e506682e87d2f2fb846e52eaaee8aea3b4b6dfd49bd801ef378 Thanks bunches!
  15. Check again with your registrar coz for me it's pointed to DynaDot: https://dnschecker.org/#NS/hotnova.com Thanks for pointing this out. Looks like my domain just expired, but Dynadot still gave a normal domain info page with nameservers so I didn't discover this. After renewing and verifying DNS propogation, success!
  16. Still waiting, it seems. We get a different error though for hotnova.com; tried twice: (XID 39jfza) Sorry, the domain is already pointed to an IP address that does not appear to use DNS servers associated with this server. Please transfer the domain to this servers nameservers or have your administrator add one of its nameservers to /etc/ips.remotedns and make the proper A entries on that remote nameserver. Nameservers are confirmed set at the registrar to ns1.heliohost.org, ns2.heliohost.org.
  17. Temporary account is djj on johnny where I'm trying to add this. Wonder if the "add-on domain" fails in a bad state when it gets this error. Seems I may want this moved to ricky due to server load...
  18. Not [solved]... A DNS entry for “hotnova.com” already exists. You must remove this DNS entry from all servers in the DNS cluster to proceed.
  19. flexo

    Tommy Downtime

    HP RAID controller talk: https://www.reddit.com/r/homelab/comments/6pppd0/hp_p410i_raid_on_esxi_65_host_any_way_to_view_data/ It's usually pretty safe to incrementally apply HP patches on top of their custom ESXi images. Manually installing drivers has a higher chance of bork. I'm guessing the window to mess with ESXi in-person was just missed, and the benefits of health monitoring would be limited in JBOD anyway. As I posted elsewhere, one wonders if the drive will turn out to be good, could have simply been spun back up, and just dropped out from load-based TLER timeout that hasn't been addressed. More web server VMs on the same hardware and drives might be a solution to some concerns, if that doesn't double the per-user cPanel costs (like published metal pricing does), and you've got memory. ESXi can additionally enforce resource limits, so less users are impacted by a bad actor. Automating and obfuscating the server assignment away from users, as most hosting providers do, may be the missing component.
  20. Wasn't working: Server: pfs.localdomain Address: *** pfs.localdomain can't find http://blackbos.heliohost.org/: Non-existent domain Now working (although web server load times are painful): Server: pfs.localdomain Address: Non-authoritative answer: Name: blackbos.heliohost.org Address:
  21. The domain name for your site doesn't resolve. You cannot simply use the IP address, as hundreds of virtual host sites are on the same IP address. The web server would have no idea which site you want to see. You are just seeing the default page you'd see when you go to the actual server at http://johnny.heliohost.org Can you still log via the heliohost.org website and continue to cPanel to see your administration screen? If so, verify your "primary domain" is set as you describe. If not, an error message may indicate account issues. Heliohost accounts require you to log in via the main website (not a cpanel bookmark) at least every 30 days, or they will be suspended. Did you provide a valid email address to receive any suspension notices?
  22. flexo

    Tommy Downtime

    The server runs ESXi free edition, which does not provide such capability (except showing a table by using a rather long sequence of shell commands). All of the storage API functions that would allow programs inside the VMs to easily pull this information are paid features. ESX is not cheap if you use any of the paid versions...$600/year for the cheapest license (vSphere Essentials I think it's called). A virtual machine guest that can get information about its host hardware is a bad idea in general... For most enterprise storage controllers, there is a vendor-supplied CIM provider for monitoring hardware health in the ESXi vSphere client interface. This can either be installing the VIBs for hardware support (populates the "Health Status" part of the vSphere management), using and maintaining vendor customized image and patches for such support, or third-party tools such as Dell OpenManage Server for ESXI. . There is also out-of-channel management, such as Dell iDRAC, that can provide storage array health and configuration. This can be monitored using SNMP. Some of these are license upgrades on your hardware, though. Also vendor tools for VMWare like perccli for Dell PERC RAID controllers to get you some text such as online status, and can be used to issue consistency checks. For directly-connected SATA, I just typed in a short sequence of shell commands to my unmanaged disk ESXi: [root@vmware:~] esxcli storage core device list | grep ' Display Name:' | cut -d'(' -f2 | cut -d')' -f1 | while read DISK > do > echo ": $DISK :" > esxcli storage core device smart get -d $DISK > done : t10.ATA_____WDC_WD2502ABYS2D02B7A0________________________WD2DWCAT1C903743 : Parameter Value Threshold Worst ---------------------------- ----- --------- ----- Health Status OK N/A N/A Media Wearout Indicator N/A N/A N/A Write Error Count N/A N/A N/A Read Error Count 0 51 N/A Power-on Hours 16 0 16 Power Cycle Count 65 0 N/A Reallocated Sector Count 0 140 N/A Raw Read Error Rate 0 51 N/A Drive Temperature 98 0 80 Driver Rated Max Temperature N/A N/A N/A Write Sectors TOT Count 0 0 N/A Read Sectors TOT Count 0 0 N/A Initial Bad Block Count N/A N/A N/A : t10.ATA_____WDC_WD40EZRX2D00SPEB0_________________________WD2DWCC4E5ZK0N4C : Parameter Value Threshold Worst ---------------------------- ----- --------- ----- Health Status OK N/A N/A Media Wearout Indicator N/A N/A N/A Write Error Count N/A N/A N/A Read Error Count 0 51 N/A Power-on Hours 68 0 68 Power Cycle Count 67 0 N/A Reallocated Sector Count 0 140 N/A Raw Read Error Rate 0 51 N/A Drive Temperature 44 0 N/A Driver Rated Max Temperature N/A N/A N/A Write Sectors TOT Count 0 0 N/A Read Sectors TOT Count 0 0 N/A Initial Bad Block Count N/A N/A N/A I suppose it is up to the more clever script programmer to figure out how to use such SMART data, such as watching for increasing reallocated sectors. When a SATA hard drive is going to fail, making guesses based on SMART is not quite as good as RAID 10 with a hot spare...or ZFS on your passthru storage drives with multiple drive software RAID redundancy, snapshots etc.
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