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  1. oh now it says too many connections... is there a limit?
  2. My IP is blocked. Could you, please, unblock my IP
  3. Hello, Can I install node red and Mqtt server on tommy server?
  4. Hello, Has there been an update or change recently? My PHP script does not work properly since 2 weeks ago. http://saber.heliohost.org/ Do you know what causes the problem? My SQL queries is shown as text. Regards
  5. Are they more reliable than Johnny? I would like to donate and have my account moved. How do I do it? How much do people usually donate?
  6. oh OK. Can we help? Can I switch to Tommy or another server? I just need php/mysql. light stuff
  7. Hello, I cannot login to my website or management panel. Is my account suspended?
  8. yes i have changed password and had the old one in WinSCP Thank you ! It works now!
  9. Please unblock my IP as it has been blocked by mistake my ip
  10. Hello, I have requested to have my account deleted in order to change to another server but then I saw that only Johnny is available. I have renewed my account so please do not delete it (in case you were) Thanks
  11. Hello, My IP has been blocked as I was setting up a new FTP account but used the wrong username. Please unblock: Thanks
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