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  1. I do not even know if that username is correct. I could also be roman910dev. I did not use this account in a very long time and I need to use it now, so I do not know the exact username, the server... The only thing I know is that the associated email address is roman910dev@gmail.com. I do not even need to get it restored, if you completely delete it and I can sign up again with the same email as a different user it would work for me. Thank you for your help in advance.
  2. a. rvds910 b. Johnny c. viadufresne.com
  3. I forgot to sign in within 30 days, I would like to reactivate my account. Account: rvds910 Server: Tommy Domain: viadufresne.heliohost.org / viadufresne.com
  4. Username: rvds910 Server: Tommy Domain: viadufresne.heliohost.com / www.viadufresne.com
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