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  1. Please unarchive my account on Ricky. Domain: pusuluri.heliohost.org Thank you.
  2. Remote access in this case will be access to your PostgreSQL DB using the Host and port provided. You can use pg_dump to dump an SQL file that you can import into after connecting to the PostgreSQL server remotely or through Cpanel. Hope this helps and good luck!
  3. Hi, I am trying to upgrade Drupal to latest version and upgrade is failing due to a memory limit of 32MB. Can this be increased for the domain: pusuluri.heliohost.org on Ricky? I think minimum recommend memory for Drupal is 64MB. Can the limit be enhanced to 128MB or at least 64MB? Thank you for your help! Regards, Murthy.
  4. Hi Admins, Please unarchive my account. domain: pusuluri.heliohost.org Regards, Ramana Murthy.
  5. I have used eu.org some time back. At that time, it was necessary to have name servers configured for the domain prior to making a domain request. However, they seem to be allowing registration without pre-configured domain servers now. In order to use these domains with HelioHost, you should use the Check for correctness of server names option as you might not be able to configure the name servers in Cpanel without actually pointing the domain to HelioHost name servers.
  6. Thank you for the reply. I do not have anything tool/program setup to login multiple times. Infact a few times I was already logged into the cPanel when this happened. What I did notice though that after my account moved to Ricky, I still had my old email accounts configured in Icedove. Could these have been generating failed login attempts to pop/imap and resulting in my IP being blocked? Anyway, I have removed the accounts earlier today and since have not seen this issue. So, my guess is that is the source of my problem. Will post a reply if the issue repeats. If I do not post in this thread in the next couple of days you can assume the issue to be resolved.
  7. Hi, I have an account on Ricky. When I access Ricky after connect to Internet(router logged in to ISP), I can access Ricky for about 5-10 minutes. But after that initial period Ricky stops responding, even to ping requests. I am able to ping/ access Tommy and Johnny, at the same time. My ISP does not provide Static IPs for home users, so the IP keeps changing every time router reconnects/ DCHP is reset. My current IP is Could you please help me figure this out and fix this issue? Thanks & Regards, Ramana Murthy.
  8. Thank you @wolstech. I updated by cPanel as suggested. I thought email change in cPanel needed manual intervention - based on an old Forum post.
  9. Thank you @wolstech. Didn't remember that I did not have to create forum account manually. I am able to create the account now. Just wondering... Could the new forum account rmurthy be deleted and my current account rmurthy2 renamed back to rmurthy without affecting the hosting account? Not that I have too many active posts... Just checking. Moreover, I just realized that I used another email id(unfortunately I am soon to lose access to this email) to request the account. Could my email be changed in Cpanel. Will pm you my email id. Sorry for the mixup.
  10. Thank you for the help. I am assuming the reason for not being able to signup with same user id rmurthy is due to this incomplete account cleanup. Please let me know once the cleanup is done and I will reclaim the user id. Meanwhile perhaps you can remove the Solved Tag so this ticket still gets attention.
  11. If you truly want to move away from Google and need replacements for the various services it offers, you could try to host your own cloud solution. Depending on your requirement you can choose from a variety of free LAMP-based cloud applications available - just search for owncloud alternatives in google. You would need to have your own machine or a VPS to host them. You could find a webhost that supports one of the open-source cloud services apps too - but again you will have to trust them with your data. Not sure if nextcloud is supported on heliohost and cloud hosting is acceptable use, but I think it has everything that is needed for nextcloud to work. I have been using self-hosted NextCloud for sometime now just for personal use. It satisfies all my needs - Contact/ SMS/ Calendar/ Notes/Task sync and call log backup on my Android phone with Nextcloud apps(most are free on Google Playstore. But all apps are free and can be downloaded from FDroid). I know that atleast some of these Apps exist on IOS platform too. File synchronization across multiple devices(Phone/ Tab/ Laptop). Recently they introduced a multi-platform Messaging(NC Talk) App - somewhat similar to WhatsApp. Currently supports only Voice/ Video calls on Android, but I am using a beta version that also supports text chat. From what I hear, file sharing in talk app is in development, though it can already be done through File sharing integration in Nextcloud). The desktop version of this app apparently supports Screen sharing too, though I have not tried it. I have seen some online collaborative document editing apps too which I haven't found a need to try yet. It has a plethora of other apps for various purposes - even a few apps like Poll, Mood, etc that provide partial social functionality but it is not a Facebook replacement. For that you can use diaspora, I guess - haven't tried it yet. For email, you could consider using heliohost itself, though there are data limitations. But if you are using your own server/ VPS for nextcloud you can host an email server on the same server and get larger capacity. Hope this gives you some ideas.
  12. Dear admins, Can my account,rmurthy, on Johnny be cleaned up so that I can create another account with the same email account and sub-domain(pusuluri)? I also have a domain pusuluri.info.tm that needs to be cleaned-up, just in case it has to be done manually. Thank You.
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