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  1. It is strange if you intentionally tried to stop that behavior, though it would still work *as intended* if the user changed the CNAME record to an NS record, meaning the domain still wouldn't have to be the main one.
  2. @@wolstech, it does work, tired it myself before writing that: hh-test.dino-dns.network. And it should work because all Apache (normally) does is create a VirtualHost, which works as long as the domain is somehow pointed to the server, can be A/AAAA/CNAME or NS records as all they do is say "Oh, we found that record, look here for the content". The only issue I can see arising would be due to a cPanel DNS check, which I doubt it does.
  3. Hi Wesley, for this to work and integrate with your cPanel properly, you will need to set up an addon domain within cPanel with the value of "invest.tegmen.com.br". This is because the CNAME actually just points your new subdomain to the IP address of wmenezes.heliohost.org, which is just the server. As the server is not configured to recognise your new subdomain and point it to your account, it will show an account queued page. Creating an addon domain will also create a new directory path such as `/public_html/invest.tegmen.com.br` by default, if you want to show exactly the same content as wmenezes.heliohost.org, I would recommend ensuring the path is just `/public_html/`. The apache will need to restart for this to take effect. Depending on what server you're on this can take anywhere from 1 hour to 24 hours. You can use this status page: status.heliohost.dino.services to check whether the Apache server has restarted since you made the changes. For example, if the Apache uptime is 10 minutes, this means Apache server restarted 10 minutes ago. On mobile, you will need to enter landscape mode to view uptime.
  4. As we have moved to a more collaborative and transparent approach users are no longer required to request access. Users who wish to contribute can find more information here: wiki.helionet.org/misc/contributing.
  5. A more transparent approach has been adopted along with the new wiki. Users who wish to contribute can find out more here: wiki.helionet.org/misc/contributing.
  6. Hi everyone, I just released a simpler monitor that's responsive, it currently doesn't log past events like Piotr's does, that's coming once I have improved the code behind it. It provides a simple overview if services go down: status.heliohost.dino.services
  7. Although not explicitly answering your question, it looks like the writer used that configuration due to them being on a Microsoft server and you don’t actually need it when using Tommy as it’s Linux. Removing it will avoid the error and allow it to work correctly.
  8. Sooooo, how come when I ask it doesn’t happen but as soon as other people ask it does... lmao
  9. Works fine for me on a fresh install (Ubuntu)
  10. There's always the option to use something like Hugo (gohugo.io) or Jekyll (jekyllrb.com) that allow you to code your website while offering lots of useful functions such as being able to easily import plugins etc. It then allows you to build your website via a command an outputs a folder full of CSS/JS/HTML which you can then upload. This also means it loads quicker and there is way less load on your account.
  11. In my opinion, I don't think it is necessary to move as you, being a cPanel user, don't actually see any of the config files or have to edit them. All cPanel does is edit the backend files. Apache and Nginx do the same thing, so the only need to move such a big service over to Nginx from Apache would be if Apache reached EOL or it was limiting us. However, it is neither limiting us or reaching EOL so I think it is fine how it is. I do personally user Nginx purely because I find it easer to use. Krydos, who mainly edits the Apache files probably finds Apache easer to use, as do the other Root Admins so they have no need to change it either.
  12. Can you please give us some more information on what theme and plugin you were trying to install for what service.
  13. We do provide cPanel with our shared hosting, if you intend to buy a VPS you will need to buy your own cPanel licence. We do have unlimited bandwidth but we have a limited amount of disk space available though there are scenarios where this can be increased with donations towards our crowd funding etc. As far as i’m aware, an API is not provided.
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