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  1. Thanks bro for up date. I thought the increase donations increase the storage of the Ac.
  2. Peers what are the inodes limit for various donations USD 1, 5, 10. etc. Now the cpanel is out how to check my current inodes usage. I notice besides number of server down times per day and failure to access 500 error that necessitate reloading, is this a inodes issue or something else. Please enlighten.
  3. Friend a few up screen shot shows, logging in to setup/index.php. I should now login to it's root but with index.php then it will show field to enter username & password. YES working finally .. I am learning .. thanks πŸ™ to my ever supportive peers like YOU
  4. Wolstech Esq I place a new config.inc.php using your codes in the root directory of the phpmyadmin folder (next to "config.sample.inc.php") and I get a message as shown .. "configuration already exists". Where is the fault? Keep on thanking you.
  5. I am ALMOST THERE i think. Thus if the index.php is in the public_html/phpMyAdm/setup, browsing peace2u.heliohost.org/phpMyAdm/setup/index.php will open the phpMyAdmin but still not there yet, still need my patient friends to get me across; the familiar cpanel phpMyAdmin interface is not showing. I set the server to localhost but as the server holds all other database and users, here my question Do i use the username and password in my configuration.php (not root & no password) What else is missing to show up my database and tables. Please help.
  6. Bro I think you have place a ladder. πŸ™πŸ“’Thank you
  7. I am been trying to do this with my limited knowledge. As a start it involve knowledge of Linux plus heaps .. php, apache
  8. Oh I see .. Thank you bro. One more mental block .. what is phpmyadmin look like to be uploaded or better still take me there to get it .. a lesson for me .. Salutations
  9. Wolstech Bro I have a phpmyadmin running in the local host, but i have no clue how to get to Tommy .. i think i am missing a few steps here. Please enlighten.
  10. Great πŸ‘ but where can I find database πŸ₯Ί
  11. Hi guys I only know how to use FTP to view the website files. Thus i don't see the mysql\data files. So is there any where to view/edit the tables/records in my mysql when we don't have cpanel's phpadmin.
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