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  1. Hi guys We can use FTP to exchange files but SFTP seem to need something more than IP address ,username & password. Please teach.😅
  2. Krydos THANK YOU .. APPRECIATE! 🤩
  3. Krydos bro, i may still missing something, please check the 3 files in 0fr folder if it is ok, if not i will try again tomorrow
  4. After digging at Escalated I finally found Krydos 1st kickstart le64.exe -email "krydos@example.com" -key account.key -csr krydos.csr -csr-key krydos.key -crt krydos.crt -domains "krydos.heliohost.org" -generate-missing --live I think I am restarting cheers
  5. Guys my lets encrypt ssl certificate is expiring in few days BUT forget how how do it. I try to search at helionet my last successful process track but I can't find it. Please help.
  6. Oh hiccup eh .. from ten to one! Take your time .. relax
  7. Guys from last communication my peace2u.heliohost.org should be around now. What's the latest status?
  8. A absolutely caring soul .. may the like minded kind fellow earth travellers be in his congregation

  9. Thank you brother your answer is so caring .. salute
  10. Guys I got the SSL with le64.exe with your help. I notice that there is a 90 days validity. Do I have to renew, if so how do i do it? Is there a limit like FreeSSL? Thanks in advance.
  11. Thank you for the feedback. A day to look forward to learn Plesk. At this moment i can do all functions with current state so can wait happily. Krydos understand your daily 10 hardwork, keep going.
  12. Thanks bro for your lead ..cheers should be to you. Kind regards
  13. Hi guys where can I see ETA status of Plesk migration. Thanks & sorry for not able to find it myself😗
  14. Wolstech Roger, Thanks. Krydos please find the 2 key files & the crt in root/0fr folder. THANKS GUYS.
  15. Oh! Wolstech Bro I think I got you .. so I will create the file with a very long name with a long text string in a . well-known/acme- challenge folder then press Enter .. the result after 'When done, press <Enter>" following your advice & prompting 2022/05/18 22:56:44 Domain verification results for 'peace2u.heliohost.org': success. 2022/05/18 22:56:44 You can now delete the '2wsp95Yhylh2O4skLhonaT75A9KryL3lLTxg _UwxVQA' file. 2022/05/18 22:56:44 Requesting domain certificate. 2022/05/18 22:56:45 Requesting issuer's certificate. 2022/05/18 22:56:45 Saving the full certificate chain to peace2u.crt. 2022/05/18 22:56:45 The job is done, enjoy your certificate! Anything else to do with the created peace2.crt in my pc meanwhile place in 0fr folder. How to check is SSL is working, up to this point https://peace2u.heliohost.org not secured.
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