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  1. Krydos just learn about your low point when I try to update the state of cpanel migration.  God bless you & your loved ones.

  2. Brothers 

    With phpmyadmin installed in my public_html, FTP access & joomla backend access except for tiny back up chores and easy management of mail account I can almost fully manage the website. However I am eagerly waiting to use plesk .. what is my time frame.  This is not meant to push at all.  Kind regards to the team.



  3. My files have changed during J! backend installation or updates. Then I want to get an up to date all files   I normally zip all the files & then download the zip

    I get the impression that I don't have to zip & as there is already up to date backup that I can just download.  Not sure this is what you mean.  Please teach me.



  4. Peers what are the inodes limit for various donations USD 1, 5, 10. etc.

    Now the cpanel is out how to check my current inodes usage.

    I notice besides number of server down times per day and failure to access 500 error that necessitate reloading, is this a inodes issue or something else.  Please enlighten.



  5. I am ALMOST THERE i think.  Thus if the index.php is in the public_html/phpMyAdm/setup, browsing peace2u.heliohost.org/phpMyAdm/setup/index.php will open the phpMyAdmin but still not there yet, still need my patient friends to get me across; the familiar cpanel phpMyAdmin interface is not showing.

    I set the server to localhost but as the server holds all other database and users, here my question

    Do i use the username and password in my configuration.php (not root & no password)

    What else is missing to show up my database and tables.  Please help.




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