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  1. Hi folks I can do joomla update at my Joomla backup. I used to have this problem before the new Tommy wherein i rely on softaculous. Since the new Tommy i have updated a number of times at Joomla BEnd smoothly. In my latest attempt from Jm v3.9.13 to ..14 the server said "This Page is not working", peace2u....org unable to handle this request. Any clue whats happening?
  2. Thanks guys, even problem don't exist anymore, appreciate the sharing. Cheers!.
  3. latest Finding: I did nothing but now can browse backend with safeBrowsing on.
  4. Hi guys I can browse with google to https://peace2u.heliohost.org but when i try to browse to its joomla backup after entering password, google block saying it is a deceptive website. If i do it from firefox, no problem. To continue to do with google, i need to turn off safeBrowsing but then if safeBrowsing is turn on, same message & block. What do you think is happening?
  5. Hi support people Just 2 questions to better understand heliohost workings 1 can we change the website name since it is not a registered domain name 2 can we add a subdomain under the public_html eg peaceful.heliohost.org provided limit of folder size. Can it be then browse
  6. Thank you Wolstech for the advice, sorry being late to check this out. How to tell joomla to get it from https. Could it be happening in the .htaccess file. I just found that one of faulty extension keep the link to images not using images/file... but use http:// .. i am fixing this manually at the table itself By the way how did you list out the Mixed content.
  7. I remove from configuration.php $live_site = ''; the extra WWW. so Admin Login solved ie direct to Jm BackEnd. This is the problem bugging me for some time. However my website at helio.host still state "your connection to this site is not fully secure". but not on other host. You still think my content has pictures from insecured site; not the server difference.
  8. Hi guys Hope you can explain why some host the https is stated as "connection is secured" whereas in heliohost it says "your connection to this site is not fully secure". In both case the process to initiate the "free SSL" is similar: ie in terms of .htaccess lines, joomla server configuration for https and configuration.php as in ... public $live_site = 'https://www.peace2u.heliohost.org';
  9. I sa already have domain as part of heliohost.org, I have to do .htaccess + joomla config to https right?
  10. Guys Does Tommy support free SSL
  11. Just found mb_strlen function is now enabled. It is now confirmed that when i change back to default PHP to v 7.2., this function is enabled. I can change max upload in a new htaccess, even that is not necessary when php v7.2 is used. So you can set this thread to ALL SOLVED. Thanks to everyone of you tracking.
  12. Jenovan thanks i will stay this thread & wait
  13. Mrj (repeating my previous which is not clear) When i run /index.php?cleancache?Mypassword, the zero error still appear even after you say it is solved with multibyte setting is effected. Error message still say mb_strlen() function not enabled. So Krydos please enable this function for me to test. I just run my chk.php from my website, it tell mb_strlen() not enabled. When i compare with my localhost & other hosting site, the chk.php will say function is enabled and there is no error when running the cleancache. So 2 outstanding request for your easy reference 1. Enable mb_strlen() php function 2. increase upload limit to say about 4M from 2M for installing extensions.
  14. Mrj I know the meaning of 'solved', my experimentation is for my own learning with running .PHP from website, I know it will take time when there is a major redo... unless that reply is not for me as i was not hurrying you guys. Cheers.
  15. Guys Just check with chk.php on my website and the response is mb_strlen() NOT enabled (see image) whereas in my localhost it is. Meant as feedback.
  16. Hi Krydos I am also getting a zero error when i browse with index.php?cleancache=password with message mb_strlen() not defined. Can you kindly also enable this PHP function if it is not.
  17. Hi Admin I was trying to update a securitycheck v3.1.8 extension (2.3M) which is in just over 2M but because of php setting for max upload is probably just 2M, update failed with message as in attached image. I need to do it manually by uploading because within Joomla it will fail as the extension update has a bug, i think. Please look into it THANKS.
  18. This thread is Now SOLVED even joomla update is ok from backend no need softaculous. Cheers
  19. Guys I found the cause of the update failure, my joomla conf of folder point to home3, once point back to just 'home', update of ext all ok Now to left to resolve Jm update
  20. Thank you Jenovaon for the clarification on softaculous irregularity in my case, will review it. THE BIGGER UNRESOLVED ISSUE IS the total failure to do any update at Joomla backend. Guys please expidiate this. I have a feeling that the server folders rights are not properly configured eg cache. This may be caused by the fact that public_html is uploaded while rest of folders came from Restore Wizard.
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