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  1. Jenovan thanks i will stay this thread & wait
  2. Mrj (repeating my previous which is not clear) When i run /index.php?cleancache?Mypassword, the zero error still appear even after you say it is solved with multibyte setting is effected. Error message still say mb_strlen() function not enabled. So Krydos please enable this function for me to test. I just run my chk.php from my website, it tell mb_strlen() not enabled. When i compare with my localhost & other hosting site, the chk.php will say function is enabled and there is no error when running the cleancache. So 2 outstanding request for your easy reference 1. Enable mb_strlen() php function 2. increase upload limit to say about 4M from 2M for installing extensions.
  3. Mrj I know the meaning of 'solved', my experimentation is for my own learning with running .PHP from website, I know it will take time when there is a major redo... unless that reply is not for me as i was not hurrying you guys. Cheers.
  4. Guys Just check with chk.php on my website and the response is mb_strlen() NOT enabled (see image) whereas in my localhost it is. Meant as feedback.
  5. Hi Krydos I am also getting a zero error when i browse with index.php?cleancache=password with message mb_strlen() not defined. Can you kindly also enable this PHP function if it is not.
  6. Hi Admin I was trying to update a securitycheck v3.1.8 extension (2.3M) which is in just over 2M but because of php setting for max upload is probably just 2M, update failed with message as in attached image. I need to do it manually by uploading because within Joomla it will fail as the extension update has a bug, i think. Please look into it THANKS.
  7. This thread is Now SOLVED even joomla update is ok from backend no need softaculous. Cheers
  8. Guys I found the cause of the update failure, my joomla conf of folder point to home3, once point back to just 'home', update of ext all ok Now to left to resolve Jm update
  9. Thank you Jenovaon for the clarification on softaculous irregularity in my case, will review it. THE BIGGER UNRESOLVED ISSUE IS the total failure to do any update at Joomla backend. Guys please expidiate this. I have a feeling that the server folders rights are not properly configured eg cache. This may be caused by the fact that public_html is uploaded while rest of folders came from Restore Wizard.
  10. Sorry link gives 404 error I am aware of the manual method as below but it wont' do. In the past your admin suggest me to use softaculous as J BackEnd wont update Joomla. But now the issue escalate with the fact that any update in the Joomla backend fail (see point 2 above) Further for your info, updates from localhost joomla backend all work. To manually update Joomla, follow these steps: Log in to Joomla as the administrator.On the top menu bar, click Components, and then click Joomla! Update. Joomla determines if there are any updates available.If there is an update available, click Install the Update. Joomla installs the update.
  11. Hi guys After 24 hours i finally get my old website going in new Tommy. Please close the old thread "Invite to Tommy". However I found two new issues with the new Tommy that need your advice or look into. Thank you. 1) In the old Control Panel i use to have Softaculous that tell me that my Joomla needs update. Now it seem it is missing. I need this as in the past, Joomla can't be updated within the Backup unlike other hosting site. In the 'Scripts Installation' there is nothing yet. 2) I use to be able to update all the other extension from Joomla Backup but not now. All updates flag the same error "Error updating COM_INSTALLER_TYPE_TYPE_"
  12. after changing cache handler to 'file' get a Error 0 of. This error 0 error is caused by the cache cleaner extension; without it run ok. thanks for all the following through; will check on cache cleaner extension issue later. Cheers!
  13. Just change my configuration.php to cache handler to 'file'
  14. But my localhost in joomla global configuration cache is off-disabled & cache handler set to file.' Please advise how
  15. Krydos sir i uploaded a working localhost with php v 3.19 but this time this message The cachelite Cache Storage is not supported on this platform.: The cachelite Cache Storage is not supported on this platform. I think i have to remove cachelite cache storage in my localhost before uploading, right?
  16. Working on it now on the localhost after identify issues with 4 extensions with PHP v7.19. Like you know when done
  17. Dear Krydos i think due php higher version some extension met with errors so it stopped How to allow errors to proceed eg in htaccess so that i can start up joomla backend to clean it up
  18. Localhost on PHP 7.19 no problem starting
  19. Warning: session_start(): Failed to read session data: user (path: /var/cpanel/php/sessions/ea-php71) in /home/fuzmic/public_html/libraries/joomla/session/handler/native.php on line 260
  20. In multi.php i see option to go down to 5.12 My localhost runs 7.12 with current backup
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