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  1. Friend thank you, thank you. You mean I must delete my old website peace2u.heliohost.org so that there is no more cpanel for it. From where do i delete it.Then log in to http://heliohost.org/tommy/ to start a new account is above what you mean? When i delete my website, Am i still with this forum helionet, Is my registration still be heliohost.
  2. Hi Admin Probably you miss my earlier questions, so here in more details How to switch from Johnny to Tommy? Does Tommy support Joomla/php? Which has better / faster browsing? Where are your server being host, any in Asia? Thank you first
  3. Feel damn good reading your caring response, almost all clear. Thank you very much for all the follow through & true. So can i switch to tommy and will tommy handle Joomla php & how, your answers lead to an avalanche of thoughts. Peace2U
  4. Thank you Root Admin I change my free domain to peace2u.heliohost.org 3 days ago, in cpanel seem it is not effected. Anyway today's browsing peace.heliohost.org not resolving. By the way with a free domain awstats won't is it correct? If a buy a cheap domain will i be still in the same shared server? Sorry for indulging with a battery of questions! New Comer PS finally website showing, still my test website till i change to peace2u
  5. Drydos, YES YES you are right right right Forget to give all privileges to the user. Now done & of course working. Now it is ready for someone to fix the ARI Slider hiccup with Everywhere Facebook slider. When i am done i will put up my intended website with you guys. Take this point to ask how to add a sub domain eg Wondeful.heliohost.org and will this appear as a sub folder in public_html.
  6. Hi Admin After 24 hours, my new website peace.heliohost.org response with "Error displaying the error page: Application Instatiation Error: No database selected" Same error msg when access /administrator In my localhost Joomla 3.7.4 website working. In my public_html, configuration.php have the following entries relating to database public $dbtype = 'mysql'; public $host = 'localhost'; public $user = 'fuzmic_myusername'; public $password = 'mydbpassword'; public $db = 'fuzmic_mydbasename'; public $dbprefix = 'fy.._'; public $secret = '8l.....'; The $db & $user & $password & $dbprefix agree with what is in mysql.databases and phpmyadmin of CPanel my....name not real name used. At CPanel.database, only one user pointing to only one database with password set up. Cannot find any mistake, please help. I am new to free hosting though.
  7. Hi there My present name is peace,heliohost.Org, how to change to Peace 20..
  8. Hi Admin guys Must said this after the installation experience of Jm 3.7.4 into heliohost.org Your interface is ultra clear All upload & phyadmin very smooth Now waiting to be able browse peace.heliohost.org after your action. Peace2U
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