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  1. I also updated the saved action to ask Plesk instead of cPanel.
  2. Try switching to ns1.heliohost.org and ns2.heliohost.org to rule out the issue being Cloudflare. If it works with our nameservers we can isolate the problem to your Cloudflare settings. If it doesn't work with our nameservers then we can figure out what is going on, and then have Cloudflare copy our working settings.
  3. What is your A record in Cloudflare? I'm guessing it's still pointing at cPanel which is, and it should be pointed at Plesk instead which is
  4. Krydos

    Donors Moved

    2018-01-08 is before 2020-07-14 so it doesn't count towards your Plesk ETA.
  5. Krydos

    Donors Moved

    What was the date and transaction IDs of the donations? Only donations after 2020-07-14 (1 year before we lost our cPanel licenses) count towards the Plesk move.
  6. Krydos

    VPS Sale Timeline

    Well to give you an idea of what the various stats cost up front, configuring the next server we can purchase: Memory is a one-time cost $3.81 per 1 GB. Example: 32 GB server is $504.87 and 1024 GB server is $4280.87. We charge $3 per month per 1 GB. Storage is a one-time cost $2.95 per 1 GB. Example: 600 GB server is $523.87 and 3072 GB server is $7840. We charge $0.01 per month per 1 GB. CPU is a one-time cost $56.29 per 1 core. Example 8 core server is $504.87 and 22 core server is $1292.87. We charge $0.25 per month per 1 core. CPUs are expensive up front, but all of the VPS on a server can share the CPU time. Most VPS only use 1% - 5% CPU at any given time. Plus we don't allow mining and other activity that would use 100% CPU so there is usually plenty of idle time. Storage is pretty expensive up front, but the speed of the storage is similar to the CPU usage where most VPS only have a very small amount of disk activity at any point so the read and write speed for all of the VPS stays decently high. Memory cannot be shared however. Some VPS providers oversell memory, but that means that if all of the VPS on the server simultaneously try to use more memory than the whole server physically has the host has to start swapping to provide that much virtual memory. The speed between real memory and hard drive is like night and day. The VPS would all grind to a halt basically, the load would spike super high, and they would all be extremely slow.
  7. You had a 250 MB backup so I deleted it and reactivated your site. Let us know if you're still unable to log in.
  8. Your VPS has been deleted. Thanks for using our VPS service. It might amuse you to know that VPS44 was free for about 20 minutes before someone signed up. I hadn't even fully finished deleting your old server before someone had already purchased the space you had vacated since we've been 100% full on VPS for about a week.
  9. People can spoof the email as being from anyone address they want to. If the email domain, such as sylvain.heliohost.org, does not authorize them as a sender then it fails SPF and goes to spam.
  10. Changed. Keep in mind that if Chrome sends us a phishing warning for that domain you will be suspended regardless of what you're using it for. If we don't suspend sites like yours then all of the subdomains on the heliohost.us will start showing phishing warnings too.
  11. Since you only have 1 database and 1 user I enabled remote access to that combination.
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