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  1. Yeah, you're fine. I was suspending and unsuspending your account a few times to test stuff. Since the server is so new I hadn't implemented the spam protection we had on cPanel yet. Plesk uses completely different software so I had to rewrite the spam script pretty much from scratch to make it work on the new server. There are a million things to do still, but the spam protection has been ported over now. You getting hacked was the motivation to move that to the top of the priority list.
  2. If you want it to be hosted on Plesk, yes. cPanel will eventually be shut down so you can't host it on forever.
  3. I found your account and since you have $10 worth of donations that count towards the Plesk ETA that means you're next in line to be moved to Plesk. Check your email and click the link to indicate that you're ready to be moved. Once you're on Plesk we can get your domains and subdomains all figured out.
  4. Yeah, your skully@thepiratestore.com password was hacked, and your account has been sending thousands of spam messages. I changed the password for that email address and the spam stopped immediately. No wonder people have been reporting Tommy is unable to deliver emails. Your account caused the brand new server IP to be blacklisted by every spam email list in the world. That didn't take long.
  5. There you go https://mrj.heliohost.us/ Note: We've been having a lot of trouble with .htaccess files that worked on cPanel not working anymore on Plesk. Your site was showing a 500 error because of some unsupported syntax in your .htaccess file so I renamed it to .htaccess-old. You can rename it back, and check the error logs to see what the exact issue is.
  6. The email you receive once your account is moved has the link to login.
  7. There you go https://www.heliohost.org/eta/?u=imallios You're now number two in line to be moved to Plesk, but I haven't sent the invites yet today so you'll be getting an email in a few minutes. Thanks for the donation.
  8. Yes, you can add as many domains as you want to your one account. With Plesk you can't add domains yourself yet though because the DNS integration isn't set up yet, but an admin can add the domain for you. Just post what domain you want added. Eventually people will be able to create new subdomains and everything on their own. Keep in mind that it has always been against our terms of service to have more than one account though, and if we find out someone has more than one account we suspend all involved accounts.
  9. Implementing new account creation is the top priority right now. We've got some people waiting for accounts that have donated over $300 USD. Once we can create new accounts we will work our way down the donor list and you'll get an invite when we get to the $1 level. You can check your ETA by typing your email address into this link https://www.heliohost.org/eta/ As soon as new account creation is implemented there will be a numerical position and an estimated date of when you'll receive your invite. Thanks for the donation.
  10. The invitation email was sent on 2022-05-06 so maybe it has already been automatically deleted from the junk mail box. I sent another invite to your hotmail. We could also change your contact email address if you're more likely to see our emails in gmail.
  11. Of course. You can help by testing out Plesk and letting us know if you find any issues. Have fun with the new control panel.
  12. There you go https://php74.krydos.heliohost.org/
  13. 1000 is the max I'm going to set. That's already high enough, and anything higher will increase the chance of load spikes. If you need more you'll need to get a VPS. 60 seconds is the most I'm going to set this too. If you need more you'll need to get a VPS. That's a sane value. Which version of PHP are you using?
  14. Thank you for the donation. You're now #1 in line to be moved. https://www.heliohost.org/eta/?u=mrj You can expect the email in about 20 hours or so is usually when I send them.
  15. 0x88E172520C535cd1722c7D5D7c3C62ae9e1e1222 0xF19667b482C0650FC362843aA2D6ea3dda0DEC29
  16. Your main domain has been changed to lolicon-board.tk and lolicon-board.ml has been added to your account. You'll need to set your nameservers to ns1.heliohost.org and ns2.heliohost.org on Freenom's website before they will work though. Also keep in mind that you're not allowed to host porn on our servers, and that includes drawings or animations.
  17. There was a problem with your DNS which was preventing your account from getting SSL automatically which was preventing you from accessing webmail. I fixed the DNS issue and now everything seems to be working. https://webmail.groovetunez.tk/roundcube/index.php?_user=admin%40groovetunez.tk
  18. A common cause of 500 errors after moving to Plesk is the .htaccess files. A quick way to check if that's the issue is rename the .htaccess to something like .htaccess-old temporarily to see if the error goes away. There are some syntax inside .htaccess files that worked on cPanel, but don't work on Plesk. I may be able to enable the missing commands eventually. Getting new account creation set up is a higher priority right now though.
  19. The domain has been pointed at the new Tommy root@tommy2 [/home/krydos]# dig +short A @ns1.heliohost.org russianlutheran.org root@tommy2 [/home/krydos]# dig +short A @ns2.heliohost.org russianlutheran.org This account was moved on May 11th. Since then the transfer script has been upgraded to move all addon domains, and alias domains, and subdomains and everything so it shouldn't be an issue anymore.
  20. The email was sent to jo.....ar@hotmail.com if that helps you find it.
  21. The last time you logged in to your account was 2021-01-24 and you never renewed it, so on 2021-03-25 your account was archived. Archived accounts will not be transferred to Plesk automatically, but you can download your archive from https://www.heliohost.org/backup/ and then create a new account on Plesk once signups are open.
  22. The Plesk ETA and the order you get transferred in is based on donations from 2020-07-14 through today. You will continue to be on Tommy and you will still have double storage after you're moved though. You would need to contact Freenom support if you can't log in to their website.
  23. There you go root@tommy [/home/krydos]# dig +short TXT @ns1.heliohost.org professorparticular.info "google-site-verification=bhyVggNTBQdJbsx61pw-5Ypvii1LesLuzoJMzYhJpqI" "v=spf1 ip4: +a +mx +ip4: ~all" root@tommy [/home/krydos]# dig +short TXT @ns2.heliohost.org professorparticular.info "v=spf1 ip4: +a +mx +ip4: ~all" "google-site-verification=bhyVggNTBQdJbsx61pw-5Ypvii1LesLuzoJMzYhJpqI"
  24. For the google site verification are you talking about your heliohost.org domain, or your .info domain? For Cloudflare it can only be used with your .info domain. Domains ending with heliohost.org can't use Cloudflare. For your .info domain just log in to whatever site you purchased it from and change your nameservers there.
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