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  1. Yes, I did get in. Thanks so much. If you ever need to translate a junk food into a healthier version for that family of yours, I'm here for you too. (I am good at this. No sacrifice of flavor.) BUT I can't get into Hoarde. It says I'm not authorized. I remember you said something about installing it. Confusing, since I never had to do that before and then, what happens to the Hoarde that's already on there? Can I delete that to gain back space? Most importantly, how do I do this?
  2. Hi Krydos! Thanks for answering. Never, ever again will I try to get a payday loan. Those people sell your email address and never again leave you alone. They don't give you a dime. Anyway, all I need is the accounts and save folders contents from lisanet@2lisanet .com and then you can delete that email address and this nonsense will stop. Thanks for all the good information. I was afraid my other account was gone too. I guess because of the spam but my hooper account is still showing over quota. Can you believe they could send that much crap in just a few days? So I couldn't log in to delete the address myself and retrieve my folders.
  3. OK. You don't understand my problem. Does that mean nobody is going to help me? Seems simple to me: I'm over quota, can't fix it through my account, its causing a problem. What?
  4. Yes. I can sign in to my account but I cannot DO anything and cannot sign into email. Please fix. If you have not seen this error before, please ask DJ Bob or Krydos what to do.
  5. But I can't sign in to my email. When I try to, this is the page I get: INTERNAL SERVER ERROR 500 USER HOOPER IS OVER QUOTA So can you fix this please?
  6. Help!!! My accounts are a mess! I got spammed, the filters on my account just don't work. This made my account go over the limit and now I can’t even delete the spam. Can you open it back up so I can fix things? This is urgent as it is keeping me from getting other email that is important. The domain is 2lisanet.com Then, to make things worse, I lost my domain, lisanet.co, so that account is no good anymore. I can’t get in it because of the domain. Please reserve my dedicated IP as I intend to get another domain soon.
  7. I don't know how I would do this but why do I have to when there's mail on the account already? I like Hoarde. I like having the choice of the three already there, one of which is already Roundcube. What's going on? Why was this easy before and a problem now?
  8. I have dedicated IP's for both these domains.
  9. Hi, You're confused about what I'm asking. Its two different things: 1. I have my own SSL certificates and I want my mail to connect to them not johnny's 2. When someone wants to get to my website, I want them to be able to type in lisanet.co (just that) and get there by https. The way it is now, they can't get to the site unless they type in the https first. The same thing for 2lisanet.com
  10. okay, I did this. This works as far as getting you to a login page but you get a certificate error first. For some reason this url connects to the johnny certificate not mine. Which causes the error. Can you fix this or tell me how to? Also, exactly how do I use port 2096 to force https ?
  11. I don't know what you mean about the port. But if you go to mail.domain.co or com you will only get my home pages. This is not right. It should be a login to the mail account. Also, I don't want the url to be mail.domain.com or co, I want it to be domain.com or co As I recall, the last time this was done for me, the url was like https://domain.com: #### Last but not least can I have a shared folder on the two SSL domains' mail accounts. user for 2lisanet.com : hooper user for lisanet.co : admli
  12. Hi, Can someone reset my domain email access? Right now it goes to johnny.heliohost.org I want it to be something like https:// lisanet.co:2082 I remember you did this for me before and it worked. The reason is, mail.lisanet.co will not be covered by my SSL but the other address would be. I also need this for my other domain 2lisanet.com. I also need both domains to force to https when just the domain is typed in the address bar. Right now you have to type in the https. Thanks.
  13. Hi, I am having a similar problem. I need a password reset for admli lisanet.co on johnny
  14. I put all the posts in your messenger. But, I think its all good now. I finally got that folder deleted and that seemed to solve all the problems with my pages. Permissions on files within the folder had to be changed. Win. Live mail is active so that's done. Thanks for fixing it so fast.
  15. Can someone please reset my mail settings for windows live? (Krydos) Since Johnny was down they have all undone. Most days all my pages load very slowly now and sometimes not at all. Sometimes it comes back that the page isn't there and then if I try it from another page I can get it. Sometimes you can get it in one browser and not another. None of my other posts have been answered for about a month now.
  16. Are my accounts suspended? I can't sign in. At first J was down but its up now but I still can't sign into either one. I get this message: Gateway Time-out The gateway did not receive a timely response from the upstream server or application. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Apache/2.2.22 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.22 OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 Phusion_Passenger/3.0.11 mod_mono/2.6.3 mod_jk/1.2.35 FrontPage/ mod_bwlimited/1.4 mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 mod_wsgi/3.4 Python/2.4.3 Server at lisanet.co Port 80 c6416083-75a2-47d8-97d1-709ecfd6f513 Y2:c6416083-75a2-47d8-97d1-709ecfd6f513 I don't really know what any of this means.
  17. Hi, I have a few adjustments to make: - I need the mail set up for my Windows live account mail. The domain is go.2lisanet.com The information for setting it up is in the attached file. I tried doing this through cPanel but the information just erased itself. Other information seems to need to be done by WHM. instrctns.zip - I have autoresponders set up on lisanet.co but they do not work. - Also, my filters don't seem to be working. I'll give this another day as I have tried to adjust them. - I can't send mail from my Thunderbird email. I can receive the mail but I cannot send it. It was working and then it just stopped. I have tried reinstalling it but that did not change anything. Okay, this mail problem seems to be more serious than I thought. I just tried to forward myself a message, it failed delivery and it shouldn't have. I rechecked my filters, whitelisted the address, then filtered it to come through. The forward still failed. As this is my main email address I am wondering how many other mails are not getting through.
  18. All this discussion about climate change and not one mention of weather modification. Of course. The debate about climate change is just a distraction from the REAL subject which is weather modification. Nobody talks about this because nobody knows much so its easy to just dismiss it. A debate about climate change would be expected because when you talk to people about the weather they will say all kinds of crazy things like God controls the weather. (While I don't doubt this is possible, with a system set in place, why would He have to?) Meanwhile, their tax monies are being used for weather modification programs whose effects are more destructive than constructive and the politicians know this. Ask any one of them about WM watch the response you get. Why these destructive programs? They make money. WM is violent to the Earths atmosphere. You get a backlash that varies depending on the location. Western US gets tornadoes and dry lightening storms that cause wildfires. A few years back California had some really bad wildfires. When the state was offered help they turned it down. Why? The state environmental agency was busy making a deal with Enron to let the power lines burn down so they could raise the rates on that utility. NO news agency will report stuff like this anymore. Most news today is designed to distract from any real news.
  19. Thanks u guys for replying. I use a WYSIWYG web page editor. How do I apply the html 4 to it? Can I do that? What am I down loading here and how do I use it? Can you put the link back? Also, for the other reply, I can do this with one font like you have shown but I want to do it to cover all my fonts at once. The way I saw it explained, you index the fonts in a css file and put it in the fonts directory, then you do an external page and put in @import with reference to the fonts like I did in the code. I think I got something wrong in the assembly of the code. This is tricky but will be quite handy if I can learn it.
  20. PLEASE help. My account is not getting any of its mail. There are no error messages but mail that usually comes or should come is not coming. I am expecting verification letters so please help.
  21. I have tried over and over to get this to work. I know I am in over my head with this but please help. I am trying to embed my fonts and make my background images not repeat. I can do this internally and I made it work once externally but I don't know what I did right. Looking over the code doesn't seem to help much. I have index.css in the Fonts folder, the stylesheet in the directory, everything all referenced all nice, but every change I try to make is a new surprise. I have attached the stylesheet, the fonts index, and two of the test pages I was working with. The fonts appear to be embedded on one and no page at all shows up on the other. These are online as well.files.zip
  22. Dear Hairy, Thank you for answering. I will try this now.
  23. I have two questions: 1. After I use the php form generator, do I need to move the php file to somewhere else? Which one do I move and where do I move it to? If the html form is already made do I need to change it at all to match the php form? Do I have to use the one that the generator makes? Can I just make a page to the same details and upload it? 2. I want my visitors' browsers to bring up its own set of pages so that the site shows correctly. Do I write to the htaccess file for this? What do I write to it?
  24. Username: hooper Default domain name: baskets.tk Addon domain name: ladiestk.tk
  25. Username: hooper Default domain name: baskets.tk Addon domain name: ladiestk.tk
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