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  1. Cpanel username: admin2li Domain: 2lisanet.com Server: Johnny No problem about deleting the files, I just need a password to get in.
  2. My account was suspended and then I got an email saying I have 7 days to login but my password isn't working. Please send a new one. Thanks.
  3. Requesting Java Support on Johnny. Same username and password.
  4. Hi Byron, Thanks for answering. My domain is 2lisanet.com. My username is admin2li. I DID try to delete my account from Stevie. I was unable to do this and this is why I am asking you. When I tried to delete the account myself, I got an error page with a message saying to write to ashoat, which I did and did not get any answer. Can you please fix this?
  5. Hi. Ice said I was to start a new topic for this: I want to move my account to Johnny from Stevie. I guess you're getting alot of that lately. I tried to do it myself and just encountered problem after problem. My account won't delete from Stevie. This is probably because Stevie is officially down, although I am still getting my email. As a result, I can't seem to sign up for Johnny and gave up after several tries. I sent the email to Ashoat as instructed by the error page, no answer, no change. Can you manually move my account for me? I don't know what else to do at this point. Also, please add the Java services. I do not want to miss too much email so if you could, please do this all at once so there won't be too much interruption. That could cost me money and I've just missed work for a couple of weeks because I was sick. I have been trying to get my store set up since last summer.
  6. Thought I'd try a different thread since no one is answering the other one. I really need to know: -Can I use the dedicated IP I had for Stevie on Johnny too. (deleted account on Stevie) - If so, will this IP cover more than the one domain? -Can I have unlimited email for more than one domain? - If I add a second domain to my account, are there any service limitations on it? Thought I'd try a different thread since no one is answering the other one. I really need to know: -Can I use the dedicated IP I had for Stevie on Johnny too. (deleted account on Stevie) - If so, will this IP cover more than the one domain? -Can I have unlimited email for more than one domain? - If I add a second domain to my account, are there any service limitations on it? NOTE TO XXAV: I found the github patch in this thread. Now I remember.
  7. Okay, last question before I transfer: I just got another domain so I will be adding this but will this domain have unlimited email accounts too? Is a second domain limited in any way? Okay I think my account is cancelled now. I have a few last questions before I transfer: I just got a new domain and I want to add that. Is a second domain limited with any services? Can I have unlimited email accounts for both domains? Is my dedicated IP address transferable to Johnny? Can I use it for both domains? If not, can I switch it from one domain to another?
  8. Really! Who uses them? (Thanks for answering). Also, can I have more than one domain name pointing to my account? Wait, I know that. I can. If I can't though, let me know. Peace and love.
  9. Thanks. What about Charlie and Cody: Do they have ASP services too? And of these two servers and Johnny, which has the lightest load at the moment?
  10. Thanks. But what about the email? What do you mean *slipped topics*?
  11. Hi, I need help again. I need to move my account from Stevie to Johnny. I need the asp services. Also, of course, Stevie has been down alot. But mostly its the asp services. Before I delete my account to sign up again as instructed, I need to know if I can do this without disrupting my email. Also, I need to know, what is my dedicated IP address? Thanks.
  12. lisanet


    Uh, no. I have no recollection of doing any such thing. If I did, I followed some instructions but had absolutely no idea what I was doing. You always set the password for me. But maybe its something in the store admin. I'll have a look.
  13. lisanet


    I thought I posted some other stuff here. I have finally updated my computer but boy am I having a time with these browsers and doing stuff. This one won't go here, the other one won't post a page. MY outdated browser and os, no problem. Okay, progress! Anyway, I forgot to ask, what is a github patch? Also, where do I find it and how do I apply it properly? I think the "other stuff" is on another topic. I think that's why I forgot to ask about the github thing.
  14. lisanet


    Hi Everybody and I hope your holidays were great! To Ice: I tried adding that stuff to the ht access file. It did not change anything or have any effect. To xaav: I cannot log into my osCommerce admin account. My ht access password is no longer working. I just get the site page saying that the login is invalid. Would you fix this? Thanks.
  15. lisanet


    HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! Thank you all for your answers and suggestions. I have not had a chance to answer or try them until now. Will let you know how it goes. But for those who posted code to add, where in the file do you add this stuff? Anyway good luck to everyone in the New Year.
  16. lisanet

    Extended Downtime

    Hi. I hope ya'll had a great Thanksgiving. I was just thinking. I keep getting these emails that say my ACH transfer has been cancelled or rejected. But I didn't make any transfer. They're viruses. They always come with an attachment for you to open that appears to hold additional information. I filter them out and delete them. I noticed that when I ignored them, they increased in number. They come infrequently in a little wave. The last batch I saw was just before stevie went down. A couple of years ago these same types of email were saying they were from the post office. I downloaded one and opened it and lost my computer. So now I know better but what if other users are actually opening these attachments in webmail and unleashing these viruses on the whole system? As I use my account more, I also notice I start to get alot of email from Russia. Don't know anybody over there. How'd I get on their list? This also happened before I lost my other computer. It wouldn't be from my own email contacts. It only happens in cPanel. I think we have been targeted by haters. Anyway, I hope any of this is helpful to finding the cause of stevie's problems. Much peace and love for your holidays.
  17. lisanet


    Thanks for your answers. About that last question...I know if I look at the sample with an IE it will look the same. How else could they sell it? And how could anybody sell anything if they didn't have a site people could read with any browser? I've rarely encountered that problem.
  18. lisanet


    Hi. Please help with these things but when you can, -Have a really nice Thanksgiving all of you. -I cannot login to my osCommerce store anymore. The new password you set for me isn't working now. I turned on the SSL for the store so that could be the reason. This is a separate thing from the SSL installed for my domain. -When I type my domain into my browser it resolves to http instead of https. How can I change this so that it resolves automatically to the secure address? - The template you installed for me looks perfect in Firefox and imperfect in IExplorer. Is there a way to fix this so it looks the same in all the different browsers? Thanks.
  19. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh! I don't believe it! You installed my template OMG! You are truely wonderful. Thank you so much. As for the ftp, I guess its what I thought: my ancient os. Now that you have solved my most pressing problem, I can turn my attention to getting upgraded. I'll try again when that's done and if I still can't get access I'll get back to you with any details. I am so glad to be done with the template people and would like to assure that as they have my login. Can I pm you a new ht password for the store?
  20. No problem. Thank you but one more thing. The template should be showing and it is not. I don't understand this because when I put the file in the directory like the instructions said, it changed my admin. The template people wanted ftp access so I set up the account and they said the directory was empty when they logged into it. Then they had said they had no ftp access with the main account's login. I couldn't get ftp access either but I thought it was because of my ancient os. It didn't occur to me anything was wrong with the ftp access until these people couldn't get in. Can you look into this?
  21. Hi again. I am writing about the ht passwd protection. It is working really good. But now, I installed a template for my store. This has changed the admin file and consequently the login arrangement. Now I can't login to the store admin. As the way you had it, you did it so well I had a heck of a time figuring out the problem. I had to give the template people my login so they could try to help and they couldn't get in either. Can you fix this and do that again? I am sorry to have to ask again but the first thing osCommerce tells you to do is set this ht passwd protection. This should only be done after any customization so as to avoid having to reset the password again. Not knowing this, here I am. Sorry. But can you reset my passwords and fix the admin to my store? Also my http urls are not showing the change to https in my browser. I was going to try to fix this using your directions but I wasn't sure what file to go into. Its never the one I think it is so I thought it best to just leave things alone and ask you.
  22. I will not touch it. I will study it though. The login is now working perfect and really, thanks for all the help.
  23. I'm sorry. I thought you (or somebody) said the double parentheses was bad. No more trying to decipher interplanetary language for me until I read that book I found. Well thanks. You know I love you, right?
  24. Did you edit that file? I had it working earlier. Actually, PHP is (in my opinion) probably one of the ugliest languages in use today, but I still learned it because it works on any server. Yes. I did edit the file. BUT I try to log in first each time before I do anything. The last message I got after I removed all the double parentheses was a 500 server error. When I came back later (now) I was back to line 21 with another parse error. This is getting crazy now and I don't have time for this. Can you guys fix this or should I just put the page back the way it was and resign myself to logging in twice? I have really tried as hard as I could to get this right but I don't know enough and it just isn't working. Logging in twice is starting to seem like far less trouble. ps. PHP looks more mysterious to me than ugly. (What are all those strange references to money anyway?)
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