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  1. Wow. I could go through this wiki and just pick out various scenarios of my life. I have bookmarked the page and will pursue this story as soon as I get a chance. Thanks!
  2. It's been a few years since I looked at it, but I think that circle was the one that Edward and Alphonse used to try to resurrect their dead mother. So maybe it will serve to resurrect your dead code. More like my dead sanity... It is quite beautiful. It resembles a type of art I make and I actually have a similar piece. I'm not sure either will help this code though. I found those double parentheses throughout the file. Should I try correcting them all? (I am up to line 28 now. If that ain't the answer I will seek professional help for me and the code.) I thought that looked kinda strange but since to my untrained eye php resembles an interplanetary language with many obscure references to money, I didn't question it. By the way, what is FAM and how did you come upon it and the circle?
  3. Syntax errors often don't report the line number correctly. Line 26 is when the parser realized that something was seriously wrong. Look at line 25 though. You lost your colon. 24 switch ($action) { 25 case 'process' 26 if (tep_session_is_registered... Here is what it should look like. 24 switch ($action) { 25 case 'process': 26 if (tep_session_is_registered... If you're asking about my avatar picture it's an alchemical circle from FMA. I came. I went back. I saw. I changed the colon. All I got was another error message for line 27 : Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ')' in /home1/admin2li/public_html/emporium/admin/login.php on line 27 I checked the line and the ones above and below it this time. All the characters are in place. So now I'm really like... This circle, this may come in handy when I get to line 28, okay? What happened now?
  4. Great! Haha, algebra is easy too. Most things are if you discard any preconceived notions that you won't be able to understand it and just work through it logically and slowly. Cool, just make sure you keep plenty of backups of your code in case something goes wrong you can restore back to where it was still working. Ha! Figured you'd think algebra is easy. My quirky brain can do algebra but would really prefer not to, making that clear when I try. Unfortunately I did not understand this quirk until adulthood. Anyway, I did the patch! Apparently I got it all right except for (What is?) a parsing error on line 26 (see below): Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_IF in /home1/admin2li/public_html/emporium/admin/login.php on line 26 I checked this line character by character against the patch code and it is identical. I don't know what to do now and this is driving me crazy. ps. Cool pic. What is it of?
  5. Well. That was a brainful. This'll take me a minute to digest but wow, the way you explained it I actually understood. I even got a concept of how php works too. If only you could have been my 9th grade algebra teacher too. Thanks much. Believe it or not, option 2 sounds simpler to me. (I checked the link.).
  6. Hi, I said I might be back. No problems though so relax our minds. Now that you have set the htpasswd protection, I have to log in twice. So I went to the osCommerce forums to read up and found this: For password protecting of your admin directory you can (hopefully) use the Password Protect feature in your web hosting control panel (see for example post 141 in this thread). (YOU DID THAT FOR ME. THAT'S DONE.) So it goes on to say: To avoid having to login twice (once in the "popup" screen and then again in the osC admin login) you might want to look at the code Harald Ponce de Leon wrote some time ago: http://github.com/osCommerce/oscommerce2/c...caf2764ba1457c4 So, I like looked at the code and it just kept going and going down the page. I guess if you know what you're looking at it makes perfect sense and you'd know where to put all this stuff. I however don't. Can you help? This code could mean nothing; just like the instructions in "configuration" that tell you to delete stuff that then removes your access to your admin. If possible, I would like to have to only login once, no muss no fuss. Can you please help with this?
  7. Yes. Everything seems to be in order, even the mail page. Installing osCommerce is not proving to be as easy as it seems in Softaculous (I love these names.). So I may be back... Many thanks.
  8. First, thank you so much for putting everything back the way it was. If I sounded a bit whiny it was because I thought I would have to do everything over from scratch. Reset is now working and I have new password. Also thanks for the the ht. But there is still no login for the mail..? It still goes to my index page.
  9. I'm not; http://mail.2lisanet.com/ redirects to your webmail. Please PM me the password you would like it set to. Did you want it in the /emporium directory? If so, are you aware that your visitors will have to visit http://2lisanet.com/emporium ? Yes. I am aware of the url my visitors would have to use. That is what I wanted. Please, just leave those files alone. I put a blank index page there before because I don't want anyone to have access to the store until I finish it. Just fix the mail page please. It does NOT browse to webmail and it should not. It should bring up a login window. You fixed this before. What is different now? Am I writing to the same person? I will pm you the password as soon as I figure out how. Please pm me an account password as resetting is not working
  10. That's been fixed. Okay, looks like your site is back up and running. Earlier I was seeing a blank page. Could you try using the cPanel password reset please? I don't understand. Why are you refusing to fix my mail page and set the ht password protection? I wanted my installation in its own directory and it took me long time to get it that way. You ignored my service request and messed up my installation. Why?
  11. I have installed osCommerce and it says if I can't log in to ask the server for " htpasswd protection " to be enabled. They also said to adjust some files in the admin folder but my admin folder disappeared from the directory and won't allow me to copy a new one. I am guessing that this will fix itself when the aforementioned protection is enabled. Also, my mail.domain keeps going to my index page. This was fixed once but popped out again. I want it to point to Hoarde like before. Also, I got locked out of the other forum where I was. After some investigation I realized that questions and service requests DO NOT go hand in hand around here. Hence my frustration at times but thank you for tip toeing through those tulips with me. We got through it and you were cool about it.
  12. Hi again. I don't know what happened but everything is a mess again now. Um, all I did was reinstall osCommerce to a different directory. That shouldn't make a difference should it? My website is up and ok as far as I can see. I can log into cPanel but get only a blank page with no interface and no way to log out. I haven't logged in for a few days but everything was fine when I left. What happened? Also, my mail is going to my index page again so now I can't get my mail either. Please help.
  13. So, are you like the coolest guy or what? Everything does indeed appear to be all fixed. Thank you so much. Now I'm gonna miss you...
  14. I was! Thank you thank you! But now I'm not getting my mail. What happened there? And where is my mail going? I noticed I log straight into Hoarde now which is cool but does that mean it's installed? If so, then where did the mail go? Can you fix this too? Meanwhile I'm going to find that hta access file and put that code in. What will I see different when I do this?
  15. You won't be able to access mail.2lisanet.com, because that domain is reserved by cPanel. You will need to instead install your email on roundcube.2lisanet.com. The "mail" folder contains your raw email messages, it does NOT contain the program to access them. Obviously, some hosts have been able to redirect mail.2lisanet.com to their mail program, but we have this disabled because it creates an unnecessary link to cPanel. I don't see the difference between using mail.2lisanet.com and roundcube.2lisanet.com, besides the name. If this is so important, I can manually remove mail.2lisanet.com so that you can install horde on mail.2lisanet.com, but I don't see any reason to do that. Okay all that what you just said is so confusing. All I want is for me and my email users to be able to access webmail and I want Hoarde to do it with. I had this domain before and an account with you and it was like that. What happened? I still don't understand how I am using this program when you say I have to install it. Worst of all, none of this explains why mail.2lisanet.com brings up my index page or how I can change that. Also, this is dragging on kind of long. I really need to start making some money from this site and I can't until this is fixed. You need to tell me if you can really fix this or not.
  16. Root access is access to the "root" account; eg. you can do anything on our server. Obviously, we can't give you that for security reasons. I'll look into getting horde onto your account without root access, but it's the hardest of the three to install. Likely, you have entered an invalid email. I'll PM you a new password. Thanks for getting the Hoarde going. Just to let you know, with my level of knowledge, your servers would be just as safe if I had root access as not. . Sure, I dream about that stuff when I'm like watching Garcia on Criminal Minds or something. And I understand about the security thing but the actual idea really tickled me. Security risk? I'd be right back on this board still asking you what to do. Anyway, to answer my other question, installing Hoarde will not fix the mail page. I think the folder is in the wrong place but where should it be?
  17. Thank you, but I like Roundcube the least of the three choices. BUT i think this is what you are telling me: I need that login window and having the Roundcube installed on your server will give it to me. I can still use the other mail programs as usual because logging in will still always give me the three choices. Right? If not, then what is root access and how do you get it? Also, I have a vague idea what a hta access file is. I've seen one laying around in file manager somewhere. I was unable to look though because the password reset feature does not work on my account.
  18. Thank you thank you for finally fixing the SSL. It seems to be working and checking fine now. As for my mail page, the problem is not any need to download a program I already have and use daily. The problem is what I have said: The mail page comes up the same as the index page. Go ahead. Browse to it and see what you see. I know I need to move the mail folder but I don't know where the right place is to put it.
  19. Unh huh. And installing Roundcube is going to give me a login window for Hoarde email and install my SSL? Is that what you're saying? Why does SSL show as installed in my account yet its not installed? THIS is the reason for the error message. Somehow I know you will not be answering these questions or fixing this problem. Who are you people, really?...
  20. Okay. So I checked this myself and went to a different computer where the cache is turned off. There is still no login window coming up for email. It still goes to the index page. I found this too when I checked the SSL on my site: SSL Checker This SSL Checker will help you diagnose problems with your SSL certificate installation. You can verify the SSL certificate on your web server to make sure it is correctly installed, valid, trusted and doesn't give any errors to any of your users. To use the SSL Checker, simply enter your server's hostname (must be public) in the box below and click the Check SSL button. If you need an SSL certificate, check out the SSL Wizard. The SSL Checker makes it easy to verify your SSL certificates by connecting to your server and displaying the results of the SSL connection including what SSL certificate is installed and whether it gives out the correct intermediate certificates. My results were: 2lisanet.com resolves to Server Type: Apache/2.2.16 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.2.16 OpenSSL/0.9.8e-fips-rhel5 mod_mono/2.6.3 FrontPage/ mod_bwlimited/1.4 mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 mod_wsgi/3.3 Python/2.7.1 No SSL certificates were found on 2lisanet.com. Make sure that the name resolves to the correct server and that the SSL port (default is 443) is open on your server's firewall.
  21. Good. Then we're making progress. Google apps will reduce load on our sever, so that's why I was suggesting you use it. Are you using roundcube? Try clearing your cache, your browser might be caching the pages. The errors are completely unrelated, so I can't imagine why it would be doing that. Are you getting a login window when you browse to mail.2lisanet .com? Am I supposed to have Roundcube? When I had an account before, it had Roundcube but this time it doesn't. I actually prefer Hoarde for my personal account and the Squirrilmail for administrative ones. Does it make a difference? The mail shows up no matter which you login to. Anyway let me know about that login window.
  22. I'm not; this is what I'm seeing: Why don't you just use a free service like google apps? Yes, if you'll just be patient. Your $12 has been sent to these people. That's because I thought the problem really was fixed. If you had posted a screenshot or something, or told me that it wasn't fixed, I would have known. Well, actually phpcoin wasn't working, but you couldn't see it because of that error message. I really would like to help you fix this problem, if you'll just be patient with me, I'll get this fixed. BTW, will you post a screenshot of the page? I can be patient if you can really help. I've been pretty patient already haven't I? My question was not about impatience. The pages were fixed like you are showing after my last post. But my mail page is still showing the same as the index page instead of bringing up a login window. Also, -why are you suggesting I use Google apps? I actually like your email better than Google. Does this mean your email isn't working and you can't fix it? Also, I have already invested my time and money here. I would prefer not to have to start over if I don't have to. But I can face reality- hence my question. - osCommerce doesn't work either. It did before, so what has changed? I got the same error message. I have the feeling that if I install something else I will get that same error message. So, which software works? This seems to me to be some kind of interface problem and not the software. I do not know how to post a screenshot but I copied the error message exactly as it was written. What's the difference? If you browse to the site you would see exactly what I saw. Why would you not do this? In order to see if you have fixed the problem, wouldn't you just browse to the site to see if it was working or showing up correctly? Anyway, it seems nobody is going to explain that error message but I really think this is the clue to the trouble.
  23. No. I am getting the same error message I wrote you about a week ago. (What does this mean?): An error occurred during a connection to 2lisanet.com. SSL received a record that exceeded the maximum permissible length. (Error code: ssl_error_rx_record_too_long) I also cannot get to my email accounts unless I log into my main account. Tedious. Can you really fix all this or not? If not, can I get my 12 dollars back? Every post to this board either says the problem is fixed or that I am doing something wrong, without addressing that error message. I uninstalled the phpcoin and tried something else. I got the same error message so it is not the software at fault either.
  24. Okay, first thanks for your effort. I feel obligated to say that I write this sincerely since nothing is working yet and I found myself unable to reset my password. And I did activate the SSL and the cert. was even showing but I was still getting nothing. When I tried to reset my password I got this message: Auth token mismatch: please make sure you copied the full url from the email and that you have used the same browser session you started the process in. After one or two, I couldn't get anymore emails resent to reset the password. Still have the phpcoin installed so if you want to know if things are working, just browse to my site address 2lisanet.com. If you still see a blank page the problem is not fixed.
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