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  1. Just found it in my spam folder. Thanks for the heads up! If anyone else is in the same situation, search for an email "Account successfully transferred" from "no-reply@heliohost.org"
  2. Hi there, according to heliohost.org/eta, my account has already been transferred to Plesk. However when I try to login, I still get the message saying "Login Not Available" (the one that starts with "We are in the process of upgrading our servers to use the Plesk control panel right now so you won't be able to log in to existing accounts or create new accounts until this process is done.") I took that originally to mean nobody can log into Plesk until all accounts are transferred, but if I'm reading posts here correctly, that's not the case. My username in heliohost is jptiger0. Is there anything I need to do or should I just sit tight for now? Thanks again for all your work!
  3. JpTiger

    Plesk ETA

    Is there any way volunteers could help?
  4. JpTiger

    Johnny Move

    Just checking in. Don't mean to rush you, we all know this takes time and are really grateful for your work. How's it going over there?
  5. Hi there, I just gave $15 to the GoFundMe campaign. My user name is jptiger0 and the transaction ID is 9KS29852828932202. Could I please have the additional 3000MB added to my storage (I think that'll bring me to 5000MB after previous donations)? Thanks again for doing what you do and best of luck with the rest of the fundraiser!
  6. Will this work? https://imgur.com/RcM7EGm
  7. Got it. Just let me know what info you/he need(s). Thanks!
  8. Hi there, I had my account storage space doubled after donating to the Sparkie GoFundMe last year (4/15/19, I can dig relevant details out from my email if helpful), but it seems to have reverted to 1GB. Could it please be restored to 2GB? Username is jptiger0, primary domain is joelrputnam.com Backstory I think is that I had a prior account with the same usename as I had on these forums (jptiger) with the doubled storage, but it got hacked. I created a new Tommy account under my new username and asked for storage to be doubled, but I suspect my old, hacked account got doubled again instead. Thank you for doing what you do!
  9. Got it. thanks for explaining, sorry for missing that point about usernames earlier. I'll stick with the jptiger0 username then. It appears to be set up. May I have the storage space increased again? I'll likely have to restore WP and my old site in the short term but I'm looking into replacements now. Grav seems promising, though it looks like it requires a newer version of PHP... H'anyway I think that's a discussion for a different forum. Thanks again for your help.
  10. Thanks, it's now working. Just waiting for the account to processed now. When I was trying to pick a username jptiger was taken thanks to my previous attempts. I've used jptiger0 instead-- would it be possible to rename the account without the 0? For the record, I don't know why the links are showing as unused as I did click each of them (more than once, actually- the second time for each of course brought me to pages saying the link was invalid). The first time I clicked each I followed steps 1-4. At step 4 I chose the name "jptiger". Where step 5 would be I was prompted to enter an email address and in the second email complete a reCAPTCHA challenge. At that point I was given a screen asking me to check my inbox for a validation email.
  11. Same thing happened. I actually got emails to two addresses, one starts joe the other jtr (I can dm you if you need the full address from me to identify). Maybe that's why it's kicking me to verification?
  12. Thanks for the fast response! Sorry to hear all that but my personal site was due for a redesign anyway. Will figure out what to do with my old wedding website and one for my grandparents' ranch. Hope this didn't have broader ramifications for other users or your servers... First remaining issue: I got the link to create a new account on Tommy. I clicked it and followed the prompts, which led to a screen saying to look for a verification email. None arrived, so I clicked the resend link, which appears to have worked. However clicking the link in that brings me to the server selection screen and all the servers are full. Much less pressing: I donated to the Sparkie GoFundMe campaign (4/14/19) and had my server space doubled. May I have that same amount of space again? I'm hoping to register with my same old screenname. Thanks again
  13. a. your HelioHost username : jptiger b. the server your account is on: Tommy c. your HelioHost main domain: joelrputnam.com For some reason I wasn't notified of the suspension, only found out by trying to access my site. Last email I have from Heliohost was an inactivity warning in April (after which I promptly logged into my account to prevent further issues).
  14. I guess I was wrong about the cause being the permissions then. I went into cpanl File Manager and set the permissions to the folder with the WordPress installations to the recommended 755 (from 750) but I'm still getting the same issues with updating plugins through WP interface. The link I had in OP (https://www.chriscou...eb-server-error) references problems with ownership settings as well. Is that something I can manage on my end? EDIT: Did some more digging and realized that I'd used up my 1GB quota. I'd bet that has something to do with this. I downloaded some large backups and deleted them from the server which should have freed up some space, but that doesn't yet seem to be reflected in my disk usage stats. Issue remains...
  15. Hi there, long time user running three WordPress sites on my account. I've started getting this problem where WordPress no longer seems to have the permissions to write to files anymore. When I go in the admin area to update plugins, I get the following message: I could set up FTP as a workaround, but if there's any way to restore normal abilities to the app, that would be great. I'm also kind of wondering why and how WP lost the ability to do that on its own - I haven't changed anything on the site in some time. Googling this leads to possible solutions, but only if you have command line access to the server, I think. Here's an example: https://www.chriscourses.com/blog/how-to-fix-the-wordpress-needs-access-to-your-web-server-error Anything I can do to fix this? Thank you!
  16. Yeah. Not that there was a lot of doubt but I was definitely hit. My CPanel password had tbeen changed and had to be reset, but thankfully the associated email hadn't changed. I'd forgotten there was a third WP site I hadn't been maintaining: putnamranch.com. Interestingly the hacking wasn't uniform, joelrputnam.com seems to have gotten away clear, joelandkendra.com had AnonymousFox added, and putnamranch not only had that, it had about 2k other users added to the database. All three seemed to be using the most recent version of WP-Core and I would have actually expected putnamranch.com to have ad the smallest attack surface since it had almost no plugins. I've uninstalled all three sites using softaculous (irreversibly removes directory, database, and user) and will reinstall from old backups. Does seem like it's worth learning a new CMS in the long term but weeks before my wedding with my wedding website being up and actively used doesn't seem like the right time to make the switch...
  17. Happy to to check that when my account has no longer been suspended - don't have access to cpanel or phpMyadmin in the meantime. Is there something I need to do before you lift the suspension? Or do we need to do something else to the account for security purposes?
  18. ...as a matter of fact, yes. Both of them were. What do you advise for next steps?
  19. Hi there, my account has been suspended and I'm having trouble figuring out why. I've got two sites hosted on the same account on Tommy, joelrputnam.com and joelandkendra.com. I've had the amount for years and the sites have been up for months with almost no changes. Anything I need to do to restore my account? Thank you,
  20. I'd understand if you don't like this idea, but would you consider, while keeping your current model, changing all your taglines and advertising from "free hosting" to "100% donation-based hosting"? Behavioral responses are powerful things. A Patreon account might also help...
  21. Wow, that was fast. Thank you for the quick change! EDIT: I understand my name on helionet probably had to be changed to open up my old account for Tommy - do I need to do anything to change it back, or should I just start logging in and posting to the forum with a new profile using my old username? iit's not at all critical, but it would be kind of nice to be able to have both new posts and my old posting history under the same old screenname.
  22. Hi there! Yet another new Tommy user looking to use my old crednetials and domain from my Stevie profile. I've donated to Tommy and have my link. Would you please free up the following account: username: jptiger email: joelrputnam (at) gmail (dot) com primary domain: joelrputnam.com Thank you!
  23. Hi there, my request is a little convoluted but doable. The short version I'd like to recover an old Johnny account that I'm unable to access: jptsndbx with subdomain jptigersandbox.heliohost.org, originally registered to jtrekmmail@gmail.com but now apparently registered to another email I don't recognize. If that can be done, then you can delete the new account I made recently, ptsndbx, registered to jtrekmail@gmail.com and with subdomain jptsndbx.heliohost.org. Here's the long version: About... five years ago maybe, I registered for a Stevie account for my website and a Johnny account to use as a sandbox and testing ground for client websites. I registered Stevie under this user name (jptiger) with my main email address (joelrputnam@gmail.com). I bought a domain (joelrputnam.com) and let Stevie handle my DNS. I registered the Johnny account under the name jptsndbx with jtrekmail@gmail.com as the associated email, and chose the subdomain jptigersandbox.heliohost.org. Everything went along relatively smoothly, with only the usual Johnny amount of issues, one or two mysql account hiccups on both servers, nothing really serious. But then Johnny crashed entirely several months ago and nobody could access their account. Not a huge deal for me, I didn't actually use my account on it much anyway any more. So I would try to log into cpanel every 30 days just to keep my account current and when I found that I couldn't, looked it up on this forum. An admin said our accounts wouldn't be deleted if we didn't log in while the server was down, so I stopped. Then, of course Stevie crashed. This was a bigger problem as I still used it to host my main site. I checked my Johnny domain for the first time in months and was pleasantly surprised to see that Johnny seemed to be back online. I went to my old subdomain and saw the message that the account was still being set up. I figured this was a holding message for people like me who hadn't noticed that they could access their old JOhnny account again. So I tried logging into my cpanel, but was told my credentials were invalid. I asked to recover my password and was told to confirm my email, except that someone seems to have changed my email to something that fits the pattern f----n@q-----v.com. I don't own any emails that match that description. So I waited until new signups were open for Johnny and pounced on a new account. I tried using jptsndbx again in case the credential thing turned out to be some kind of bug, but in stead of telling me the user name was taken, it just kept ignoring the first j. So I got the account "ptsndbx" on johnny, and registered subdomain jptsndbx.heliohost.org. While Stevie is being sorted out, I'd like to get my old Johnny account back so I can get my Stevie site online again from my local backup. Is that possible? Thank you guys for all your help in what must be a flood of customer service requests!
  24. Thanks! Looks like it's fixed. Interestingly, I didn't need to do a thing after already deleting and recreating the database users, etc.
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