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  1. Okay perfect I'll pm you the link to the script, if it is fine to you.
  2. Hello guys ! First of all, I'm really happy about my Ricky account - it has been working like a charm so far. I however noticed that message in the CronJobs section : Warning: Heliohost only allows two cron executions per day. That means you can run one job every 12 hours, or two jobs every 24 hours. Exceeding this limit will result in your account being suspended. If you need additional cron executions please contact support. Is there a way to uncap it ? (i.e. being able to execute a small php script every 2 minutes that does nothing most of the times). Have a good day/night .
  3. Ok! I think i've made a Ricky server ! (with ctfisep). 3am here, but worth it xD! Time to install everything back Thanks for all again, I'll keep you updated .
  4. Maybe this link? https://github.com/encharm/Font-Awesome-SVG-PNG/blob/master/black/svg/facebook-official.svg
  5. I don't really understand what you are looking for. You need a Facebook svg icon with normal Facebook color into the square, but white F? or just transparent square but the white F? Can't you just do it through css, or any styling code?
  6. Okay then, i'll just try to register with my account name tonight at Tommy. If it's still taken, I'll have to wait a few more time I guess (or register with ctfisep2 ). Have a good time, and thanks for the awesome help
  7. Ahhh ok! I was wondering for a second how the forum account linked to the server account It's just created when an account is created in Heliohost, ok. Thanks for all, I'll update this topic once I hopefully get the Ricky account. ___ EDIT : looks like i cannot delete the johnny account from "http://www.heliohost.org/classic/support/scripts/delete" "We're sorry, but we either could not find that account in the database, or it is not listed as active. Please contact an administrator if you feel this message is in error." Maybe is it due to the fact it has been manually un-queued and still isn't considered as active? ___ "Your account has been suspended for inactivity. To keep your account active you need only log in to heliohost.org at least once every 30 days. Failure to log in often enough results in your account being flagged as inactive. If you would like to continue using this account you can renew it." Well that's weird ^^
  8. Okay perfect I'll be aiming for Ricky then, so that people who need ASP/Java will have more free spots. So I don't have to delete the account "ctfisep" on Johnny, i'll just have to make a new account with "ctfisep" on Ricky and tell you once it's done? Thanks for all the help, ~ Arnaud.
  9. Oh ok Well I'll be waiting for midnight and delete my account I guess Hopefully I get an account in your awesome website and service. I'd be glad to donate, but i've been a bit short of money lately, since I'm studying foreign, and code stuff for free (my website is a project to learn security to my friends of my school) Farewell, and hopefully see you soon!
  10. Oh snap! Is it possible to move it easily to either one of them? Or do I have to remake a new account and start all over? I'll delete my thread about the lag, didn't think you'd see I had answered here . ____ EDIT : http://wiki.helionet.org/Moving_your_account Thanks for all.
  11. Hello again guys I've got a last question. I've noticed that my server is extremely laggy most of the times (loading a page can take 1-3 min), and making a sql request between 10s to 1 min even if it's just a SELECT with 1 row). Is it due to the fact it is a free server? Have I misconfigured something? Or is it a global issue to everyone? Have a good day. ____ EDIT : https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/29913-solved-500-internal-server-error-php-disabled/
  12. Ok perfect Another last question, my cPanel, and my website keep Timing out, or at least have to load for at least 3-5 min for each page. Is there a maintenance ingoing? Or is there any troubles with my server? "Internal Server Error 500 : The cPanel Server operation timed out at cpsrvrd.pl line 531." Have a very good day. ---- EDIT : also, when I try to rename a database, I also get a : "(XID dvkdz5) The administrative request failed because of an error (ETIMEDOUT/110) with output: Timeout: Alarm" There definitely seem to be a timeout issue :x ---- EDIT 2 : Seems to be working back again. I guess timeout shall happen sometimes Thanks for all. See you soon!
  13. I recursively applied 644 permission on my public_html folder. I can't display the files inside now xD .. and the website reads : You don't have permission to access /index.php on this server. _____ EDIT : I changed back to 777, and I can see again the files. Should I put 644 on index.php to see it displayed properly? ______ EDIT 2 : I changed it all to 755, looks to be working (+-), just got some php errors to fix but that's fine Thanks Mlex!
  14. Hello again guys! My domain is now properly working (http://ctfisep.heliohost.org) : if i put a index.html, it properly displays. However, when it turns to .php files, i'm afraid it reads Internal Error (as if php, or apache wasn't enabled). Any tips of how to enable it from cPanel? Have a good day.
  15. Okay perfect The licenses are indeed expired right now. You rock, i'll keep you updated if it has worked in 2-3 days. Thanks for all, and have a nice day or night. ~Arnaud.
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