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  1. I'll escalate your request so that an administrator can help you.
  2. Your account does not appear to be suspended. Please make sure you're logging in through https://heliohost.org/login.
  3. It's a bit hard to tell what your issue is without seeing what your routing for the authentication looks like, but you could check the logs for any errors regarding connecting to the database or rejecting requests with a 401.
  4. Alright, what about if you temporarily rename the .htaccess file to another name, to see if your page will load without it?
  5. If you remove this portion, does that fix your problem?
  6. Hello there. I'll escalate your request to our administrators.
  7. Domain changed, you should be able to see the changes once you've updated your nameservers to HelioHost's.
  8. I'll escalate your request to the administrators.
  9. Hi there. I'll escalate your request to the administrators. Just to be clear, you're referring to your VPS subscription?
  10. Have you checked Plesk's error logs page? (Websites and Domains > click on the domain name > under the Dev Tools header towards the left side of the page, there's a "Logs" link.) That will tell you what the cause of the error is. You might have a misconfigured .htaccess file.
  11. Hi Tony. I'll escalate your request so Krydos or another VPS admin can help you.
  12. I'll escalate your post so an admin can help you.
  13. Your domain seems to be set to "meraj.gq". I'll escalate your post so that an admin can help you out.
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