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  1. a. your HelioHost username: fasouza b. the server your account is on: Tommy c. your HelioHost main domain: fasouza.heliohost.org
  2. Your domain hasn't finished its DNS propagation. You can check it by visiting this link: https://dnschecker.org/#NS/kanboard.ml Right now just 4 servers got your DNS information, so you need to wait until (mostly) all servers receive your DNS data. DNS propagation usually takes up to 48 hours.
  3. I'm not sure why, but that's exactly what happens with EU.org domains. It's like the DNS across the globe are waiting it to be parked. Since I got another EU.org domain (my first one you added manually to my account) I decided to investigate it a little further. If there is a server responding to the EU.org domain (already parked) it propagates almost instantaneously. I've found two ways to deal with it: Temporary change the HelioHost main domain to the desired EU.org domain (it'll propagate instantaneously), change back to a HelioHost subdomain and then add the EU.org as a parked (or addon) domain;Create a free account on ClouDNS (https://www.cloudns.net/) and add the EU.org domain to it; point the EU.org domain to their NS; change NS records on ClouDNS panel to HelioHost nameservers and add an A record to your server (Tommy, Ricky or Johnny) IP address; add the EU.org to HelioHost cPanel; change the NS on EU.org to the HelioHost ones. I'm pretty sure that's a problem with EU.org or how DNS servers treat their domains, since this doesn't happen with other domains (including Freenom ones).
  4. It is correct. Your three months inactivity immunity ended on December since it's a one-time service. After that you're back to the monthly inactivity.
  5. Hello guys, how are you doing? A user on Discord asked help because his cpanel subdomain was redirecting him to HelioHost login page. After asking his server (he's on Johnny) I tried to see if I could use my own domain to access cPanel (I'm on Tommy) but I've found the same problem. What happens: we can access cpanel.domain.com but after login it automatically redirects us to HelioHost login page (https://www.heliohost.org/login/) making it impossible to use the cPanel subdomain to manage a website. Note: testing it with a HelioHost subdomain (for example: cpanel.fasouza.heliohost.org) worked without any issues. Would it be possible to fix this behavior so users could access cPanel using their own domains?
  6. It's a thread from 2018, so I guess his account was archieved again and he wants it to be unarchived (since he necroed the thread).
  7. I don't need it. To be honest, if I didn't misclick on it I probably wouldn't never saw it was broken. I just thought that it could cause problems with its functionality or security issues. Also, someone on Discord said Grav could be worse than WordPress for the server, so it made me a little insecure. Does it really is true? If that's not the case I can stay with it since I really liked how Grav works and I've found a good template for blogging.
  8. What could be using for blogging in place of WordPress? Right now I'm trying Grav, but since it uses proc_open in its scheduler I'm not sure it's the best choice. Does someone can recommend me other options?
  9. I've decided to make a personal blog and after learning here how bad WordPress is I found Grav and decided to try it. Until now everything seems fine, except its "Scheduler" function needs proc_open available on PHP. Would it be possible to enable it? PS.: If Grav isn't a good choice (for whatever reason) what could be better for blogging?
  10. Title: My IP was blocked Content: Please unblock my IP.
  11. Thank you wolstech! Your reply was perfect by addressing all aspects of system operation. It's easier now to explain to anyone who asks me about that matter.
  12. Hello everyone =) So I was thinking about the "suspending account" script and got some doubts. Is is possible that the user himself isn't abusing the server resources but he's the one who exceeds the server load? If the answer is yes, then what would happen to this hypothetically user account? Would it be suspended for causing high server load? Or does the script takes in consideration the user who most used resources, regardless of who reaches the "server limit"?
  13. I'd guess you got this error because Johnny was with high load, so probably it'll work if you try again.
  14. Here's your solution: https://cron-job.org/en/ Use it to your heart's content.
  15. And as soon as you added it manually the entire world started to see the nameservers correctly set up on the domain. That is, for sure, the weirdest thing I ever saw happening regarding DNS propagation! As always, thank you so much for your guys support =) Problem solved
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