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  1. I guess that what you said about MySQL applies also to my local database server on Windows? What would mean when playing back one of my images and MySQL was running during this time, I could have problems with MySQL data integrity? Are there perhaps other services that have also to be stopped before taking an image?
  2. Thanks for the link. If I do not use a recurring monthly payment, that's simply because I haven't a bank account and have to ask someone else to make the payment; and I cannot ask other people to keep some automatically renewed payment open. The payment yesterday ended with a "something went wrong" message. As the payment has been done (PayPal ID is I-MEP0N44X11YV), I suppose that the error happened because you associated the link with my email and the email used to make the payment is the one of the PayPal account owner. Please, confirm me if everything is ok. If you need this other email, please tell me so and I'll mail it to you. Thanks a lot and ready to go for another 6 months with HelioHost. Why? Because, despite the little doubts I got as a result of all these C-Panel/Plesk problems, you are simply the best! 😍
  3. 1. I run SSH on a custom port. My sorrows, that someone tries to hack me on this port, are not justified, I think. If there is all this traffic, I suppose it's because of myself, doing file upload using ftps (i.e. using the custom SSH port). 2. So you think that Hestia needs access to phpMyAdmin? Limiting access to a given IP would of course be a solution, but having no own Internet connection and using public WiFi networks in the street, this is not really possible. 3. On Windows, creating an image of a shadow copy works fine and restoring the image does not cause any problems. Isn't there anything similar for Ubuntu server? Or should I backup the filesystem, databases, etc separately?
  4. Hi. The subscription of my VPS ends in 2 weeks. As Plesk on Tommy seems not be ready for then and considering to continue running my website on the VPS (runs smoothly for 6 months without any problem and the website is faster than it was the last months on Tommy before the C-Panel problem). 1. I suppose that making a new 6-month subscription would make it possible to continue running my VPS without having anything else to do? 2. What happens to old Tommy accounts having a VPS? Is the account and data transfered anyway to Plesk? If Plesk is ready, must I give up the VPS? If the VPS breaks, have I the right to immediately be back online with Tommy? All these questions, because I have to make a decision, how to continue. And even if there weren't any problems so far, I'm scared that something might happen. And if for example Hestia CP breaks down, I couldn't do anything to fix it, simply because I haven't the necessary sysadmin knowledge and coming back to Tommy would be the only thing, I could do, I guess. Concerning possible problems, I just made a post in the "Questions" forum: https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/50101-vps-security/ Happy New Year to the whole HelioHost team!
  5. Hello and a Happy New Year to everyone! Some questions concerning making my VPS more secure, as I think that there are actually people trying to get in. 1. If I disable SSH (via Hestia CP), I suppose I can re-enable it (same way) if I need it. But, what happens, if Hestia CP breaks down? No more possibility at all to access the VPS? Or is it possible that HelioHost may re-enable SSH and can log in to the VPS again? Would changing the port each week or so be a good idea? I ask this, because there seems to be regular SSH traffic, without myself using it. 2. For some weeks, there is lots of web access to url = /phpmyadmin (175 during December). I guess that that is someone who tries to hack my databases. How risky such trials are and what is the best I can do? Would it affect Hestia CP, if I renamed the phpMyAdmin folder? 3. In order to be sure to be somehow prepared if my VPS broke down, is there a (simple) way to take an image of the whole system? Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. I guess it's not as easy to find out, who these users are. I personnally think, that they should be banned from HelioHost servers. Using this great website hosting service for hosting code, that harms others, is extremely mean and unrespectful. Concerning the come back of Tommy, no guess? Before the end of the year? Beginning 2022?
  7. Hi. Some days ago, when I tried to access Hestia Control Panel on my VPS, access to the site was blocked by Malwarebytes BrowserGuard; message: Website blocked due to reputation. I wonder what the reason for this could be. My website, hosted on the VPS works fine, myvps.heliohost.us has no webpage on port 80, only Hestia on 8083, with password login of course. Thus, how Malwarebytes can find something suspicious on this web address? In fact, no real issue, but interested in understanding how these things can happen... Otherwise, my VPS runs rather perfectly. But, there is still the wish to return to Tommy... Has someone an idea, when Tommy with Plesk will be fully available?
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    Is it the VPS that is down, or just your website? If you can ping the VPS, than the reason is probably that the webserver did not automatically restart. I had this problem, too, several servers not being running after the VPS had been shut down. Just check the servers and restart them...
  9. Hestia is not perfect. Failed to startup after auto-update to latest version (website continuing running). This morning (before reading this post), I noticed my website being down. On the other hand, Hestia was accessible again. As on your VPS some servers (nginx, apache, php and spamassassin) were down. Restart via Hest Control Panel ok... A problem with my site however: so slow, that you nearly can call it non-responsive (some php scripts are even timed out). Someone has an idea, what the reason for this might be?
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    Database Cleanup

    Simply the best... 😍
  11. Hestia obviously does an auto-update, because since I run my VPS, two new versions were installed. Successfully. For the manual update possibility I will see; thanks for the tip. It's awstats, of course. Beside the top N (10) pages viewed and the top N files downloaded, awstats normally gives the possibility (via a link) to display the full list of all pages viewed as well as of all files downloaded. On my VPS, the full list works for the pages viewed, but not for the downloads. On Tommy, this worked well and I used the two full lists for my site statistics, in particular to count the most often downloaed Free Pascal executables and sources. awstats on my VPS seems to have another problem. For some days, it seems not to do any statistics update at all and this day seems always to be Saturday. I hope that on Tommy with Plesk all will work as before. Thanks for your help.
  12. Hi everyone. Trying to set up my VPS as well as possible and trying to understand a maximum of how things work, here some further questions, I did not find an answer to, myself. 1. Apache and Nginx seem be running all the time, whereas MariaDB and other servers seem being restarted rather frequently. Is this what's usually the case, or might this indicate a restart caused by some problem? 2. The logs show relatively frequent IP bans by the firewall. Are these hack trials? Maybe, people trying to connect via SSH? 3. MariaDB users are created as "%" users. Am I right, that changing them to "localhost" users would be more secure and this would be ok, if the only connections, I intend to do, are through phpMyAdmin of the VPS? 4. There seems nobody in this forum, who knows awstats (I do not arrive to make it produce an "All downloads" list, that I use as base for my own monthly statistics). Is it possible to get the HelioHost configuration file of awstats, though I could compare their settings (that were well working on Tommy) with my actual ones (configured by Hestia). Thanks for any suggestions.
  13. That explains a lot. Thanks. Trying to understand as much as possible of what I do and trying to do as it should be done (in particular as I intend to write a VPS tutorial for my website), I have some more questions concerning various components. Is it ok to post them or is there a limit, where you say "He really begins to tap on our nerfs"?
  14. One of the most amazing experiences, that I made during the setup of my waiting-for-Tommy-VPS, was to learn to know how powerful are a community and a forum like the HelioHost's one. Without the help of their admins and the forum members, I would have never succeeded. Thanks! As I got quick and helpful answers to all my questions, I was surprised that my last post (made last Wednesday: https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/44536-timeout-on-hestia-update/), with actually 92 views, has never been answered and I wondered what the reason could be. I've found several possible answers: 1. Did I ask to many questions before? 2. Did I post in the wrong forum? 3. As the questions concern Hestia and Awstats, i.e. specific software, is it not previewed to answer related questions? Not previewed and well seen to post such questions in this forum? 4. Is getting an answer (at least partially) a question of chance? The chance, that someone, who actually knows an answer and considers the question important enogh to be answered, reads the post? In my actual case, may one reason be, that the post title is badly chosen? 5. As I saw another not-answered post, made on Thursday, may the reson simply be due to the special situation, where the HelioHost stuff has more than lots to do with the servers re-installation? You may argue, why all these concerns, if, anyway, I intend to use my VPS only until Tommy is back. I guess, that's how I am. If I do sth, I want to do it as well as possible and understand as much as possible of what I do. The messages concerning Hestia update have stopped and there is no real importance if Awstats works or not. But I really thought that these messages could mean that there's sth important not working correctly. And Awstats running perfectly on Tommy, and I myself not having found how to include a full download list (I also think that for two days, awstats did not update the stats?), I hoped to find someone in the forum, who knows Awstats well or who experienced similar problems and perhaps solved them. Sorry for this long post and sorry, if (during my VPS setup), I asked for help to often. Anyway, independently of what ever, HelioHost are unique on the net. Thanks for having the chance to be part of this great community with their even greater "free webspace for everyone" philosophy, for three and a half years.
  15. Hi. For 3 days, I get an email from my VPS cron service; email title: "Cron <admin@vps43> sudo /usr/local/hestia/bin/v-update-sys-hestia-all". Message: "Error: Timeout was reached". Someone has an idea what may be the reason of this? And, more important, is it sth I have to worry about? Another, non-related question: My avstats now works fine, except that I do not succeed in displaying the full download list. I get a "page not found", what is normal, because there is no downloads.html generated in the monthly directories. I looked at the avstats config file, but did not see what I have to change. On Tommy, it worked well...
  16. Hestia has installed a spam filter, too. You are right. Mails shouldn't be a real issue. And Ubuntu shouldn't need an antivirus, I guess? With 2GB of memory, clamav is not reasonable and not installing it avoids work and possible problems. Thanks.
  17. I have no idea if it's true that there is no need for an antivirus on Linux, as some people say. Running a mailserver without an antivirus seems risky to me and in Hestia there is a "not installed" in red in the antivirus column for the mailserver- I posted yesterday in the Hestia CP forum and got a very detailed description, how to install and congigure clamav. However, the last line of the answer to my post shows a major issue when installing the antivirus- That I should be aware that clamav needs some 1GB free memory (how is this possible?). On my 2GB VPS, all services running, there are only 1.2GB free memory left. Would installing clamav not cause more problems than being without, especially because 99% of the mails are spam, that I delete without ever opening them?
  18. Error 500 seems to indicate, that there is an error in the PHP script. I think, that you can find details when having a look at the Apache error log. My PHP scripts work all fine, including access to MariaDB, all this without that I had to do anything at all (config by Hestia). Your error may be caused by a difference between the PHP, the script is intended for (maybe v5), and the PHP version, that you are actually using on your VPS; I think it's version 7.4; you can change this in the config of your PHP server.
  19. Thanks. But it will never be more for me than a work-around during the time, Tommy is rebuild. Two big differences: 1. Security. I'm really scared being hacked. 2. If something doesn't work, on the VPS, I have to fix it myself, whereas on Tommy, there are lots of very kind people, who have all the knowledge, that I'm to old to acquire, who look after it. But, the experience is amazing, that's true.
  20. Ups, forgot to thank you for webmail help!
  21. Of course, it's webmail.mydomain.lu and not www.mydomain.lu/webmail. Sometimes you don't see the most evidents things. 🙂 awstats is a nice statistics application, that I also used on Tommy. Because of the timeout, I switched back to port 22. To change the port: In Hestia, as admin user, push the "Servers" button, scroll down to SSH and chose "Edit". The SSH configuration file is displayed. Change the Port key from 22 into your new port and uncomment this line. Struggling like me... In fact, my site is full functional now; did MariaDB and connection with Perl yesterday. But there are lots of admin tasks to do, for example, configuring antivirus for mail directory. Really a lots of work for just one month. But, learned a lot about Linux!
  22. I (more exactly my "sponsor") used this URL to make the payment on Saturday morning via PayPal. Had I to post the transaction code here or elsewhere? Would be sad to loose the VPS, because even if it's partially really heavy and several things do not work as I expected, the website, including Perl and MySQL is actually running...
  23. With the actual weather in Luxembourg, it's a nightmare to be a non-professional, trying to configure a VPS, when you have to sit with your laptop outside, in order to have Internet access. Nevertheless, the major part of my website is running, DNS issues resolved thanks to the help found in this forum, Perl CGI figured out by myself after some 6 hours of hard work. Today, I configured mail and my server receives emails, including emails with non existing accounts going to a default one. Sending emails seems fine, too. However: - Has anyone an idea, what I must do to use webmail? With http://www.mydomain.lu/webmail, I get a "page not found" error (the same for https). To note that there is no webmail folder in my domain's web or mail directory. Have I to run some setup script for Roundcube, that perhaps creates this folder? Another problem, that I have no idea how to solve, is awstats. Awstats is actually running, but is only accessible via http. In fact, it does not work with the alias, defined in the generated config, but with an alias I created myself. - Is there some additionnal configuration to do, if I want to access the awstas pages with https? And why, when accessing it with http, the pages are immediately displayed, with a "basicauth/require valid user" set for the awstats directory? Forgive me for asking, concerning sth that seems evident, but I'm not sure, because Hestia does lots of things automatically. - When I changed my SSH port, the connection with PuTTY was timed out. May that be, because I have to open the new port in iptables? And if I change the port, have I to use the new port for secure FTP, too, or are these two things, that have nothing to do with each other? Sorry, for all these questions, but the Hestia documentation is limited to some specific points and there are very few webpages, where I found some usefull information. Thanks in advance.
  24. My static pages are actually running on the VPS. Thanks to Hestia and the power of the HelioHost community forum. How shall I do to pay, I mean in order that you know that it is for a VPS that already exists and not for a new one to build? And, just to be sure: If I pay for 6 months (primarily to consider as a donation), this does not mean that I'll have to keep the VPS during all this time and that I can't come back to Tommy, as soon as the rebuild is done? In fact, I consider the VPS as nothing more than a solution during the transition phase...
  25. Big thanks for this suggestion: The static pages of my site are actually running on my VPS! To add, that ClouDNS seems globally to be a real good solution: Creation of a zone and addition of A and other records is entirely free and their service is simple and implicit to use. Thus, if you need a free DNS server to host the records for your website, you should have a look at https://www.cloudns.net/ ...
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