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  1. Community > Donate: "HelioHost's Sparkie server - Donate". That's the place where I did the donation. And payment was done using PayPal. Sorry, if I did something wrong (and waste your time), but that was the only donation place, that I found on your site. Is it possible that the donation was to done to PayPal instead of HelioHost?
  2. Transaction id = correct. May the problem be due to the fact that I have no bank account or anything like and a "sponsor" did the payment for me? The e-mail stated on PayPal receipt = ferasmy@pt.lu.
  3. Kindly ask for the possibility to get an invitation for a temporary account on Ricky with the possibility to transfer to the original account on Tommy, when it is back. Donation made on September, 8th via PayPal, transaction id = 676807715S52284OR. Am I right to suppose that DNS settings are automatically adapted, when the account is created? Account: allu Domain: streetinfo.lu
  4. Hi. Someone there, who could me give some advise, how to do? I had an account on Tommy and my site down since the disk crash. 1 month now and really time to bring it up again. Tommy would be back on September, 9th, I read. How sure is this information? Would it perhaps be better for me to create the account on Ricky and then transfer it to Tommy, if it is back? But, may the Tommy backups directly be used via C-Panel on Ricky? Would Perl and MySQL work without modifications to do? And, concerning the transfer, will it be done by HelioHost, automatically or on demand? Or will I have to delete the Ricky account and recreate it on Tommy (with perhaps a new donation in order to receive an invitation)? Really impatient to restart working on my site. Any helpfull advice appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi. Any server may crash and it may take time before it's online again. Thanks for hard work (I suppose), thanks for the backups. But, big surprise, when I tried to sign in this morning. My account has been suspended. Difficult to understand why loosing everything, if it's not your fault. Of course, there is the possibilty to recreate the account. But that meens having to make a donation. I understand that you need lot of money, but how can I do? I'm still homelless, found a sponsor to nenew my domain name last week and could find one for the donation, too. But I don't know anyone, who has an account at PayPal. Is there any payment possibility using a bank card or account? My site is hundreds of hours of work, important for me (and I hope one day for others) and before the crash there have been more and more regular visitors. Have I to give up all this because of a broken harddisk? I hope that you'll find a solution. Anyway, thanks for having had the possibility of my own website during a year... Server: Tommy Username: allu Domain: streetinfo.lu
  6. That HelioHost is a great, I knew, but that it's as great... Many thanks! And Merry Christmas to everyone!
  7. I don't think so. The module is simply called "Chart" (actually v2.4.10). Pod at Meta-CPan: https://metacpan.org/pod/Chart Dependency: Lincoln Stein's GD module version 2.0.36 or higher (not actually installed on HelioHost).
  8. Hi all Perl and other users. If I correctly understand you may use CPanel to directly install modules from CPAN. But does this work for "any" module or only for those listed under "modules available"? In fact, I tried to install "Chart" (with dependencies as GD and others needed), but just got "No search result". Did I do something wrong or is it not possible to use/install these modules (I intended to use them for personalized website access graphs)? Thanks for having the possibility to run my website on Tommy and (hoping) for help with my Perl problem. allu, streetinfo.lu
  9. You can't imagine what that means to me! Just greatful! And I'm sure that one day I find someone who uses Paypal... Created new account "allu" on Tommy. Suppose I can definively delete "allu62"? Thanks again!
  10. Thanks, I read about it. But Internet access at midnight isn't realistic for me. Regretable; if I chose HelioHost, it was because of the way it is managed: community-based without financial interest. Perhaps the only hosting provider of this kind... Anyway, thanks for having done the backups And sorry that I posted as much and steal your time (5 persons to manage a hosting service: must really be idealists and not needing lots of sleep).
  11. Thanks for answering and sorry that I didn't see the real reason for account de-activation. If I do understand, the only realistic possibilty to get a Tommy account is making a donation, what needs the usage of Paypal. As homeless, living in the street, I have no possibilty to get a credit card allowing any kind of Internet payment; making a donation using a bank account would be possible, but seems not be previewed. So ... thanks for the time I could dream my Website dream. Signing up again on Johny with all the hopes and very likely all the deception - better for me to give up, I think... Regards.
  12. Hello. Honestly surprised to view my account suspended for inactivity. 1 month without Website as a result of the Johnny crash and rebuild and then, when it's finally back, I am told that I have to open a new account, because during this month I didn't work on my site... Isn't that a little bit bizarre and unfair? Thanks for help!
  13. Thanks for the backups. But how to continue? As a homeless, living with my laptop in the street, my access to the Internet is rather limited, especially at 11pm (free Tommy accounts). Making a donation - no doubt, you earn it, but how to use PayPal if you haven't a credit card? So, the big question: Does Johnny come back and have you any idea how long this might take? Thanks again.
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