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  1. Thank you for the clarification Krydos ! It is indeed working now. Great news that a new version of the website is in the making If I may draw your attention to one limitation of the current website, that would be the password character set. It would be nice if we can use more special characters in the password. As you may already know, some characters aren't permitted in the password right now. Thanks again, and wish you all the best.
  2. Dear HelioHost admins, Please manually reset the password of my account 'awal2'. I couldn't login using my current password, and when I tried resetting a new password it failed. Sincerely, Awal.
  3. Hello, It seems that some characters are not permitted in passwords! I just tried to reset my password twice, with a password full of special characters via https://www.heliohost.org/reset/. First the page says, password successfully reset. but then, I cannot log in. Until I chose a password with fewer and "simpler" symbols. Now I can log in normally. If this really is a known limitation, it would be helpful to display a notifications telling which symbols / special characters are not permitted.
  4. Dear Heliohost admins team, Please help me change the main domain name of my account, awal2 on Tommy to licool.org. I went through the script twice and waited more than a week, but nothing changed. Best regards!
  5. Thank you for the quick reply! I have already deleted licool.heliohost.org, please notice that I am new to heliohost and was trying to get an account on Tommy after which I would eventually delete the previous account. My question is just about sharing the difference in behavior I noticed between Tommy and Ricky with the community, and I apologize for giving the impression of keeping two accounts. You mean that it is not supported on Tommy with HTTPS? because with HTTP it is possible. And in the case of Ricky I was able to log into webmail. and cpanel. my-domain with both HTTPS and HTTP. Here are some screenshots of the what I get (notice the URLs in the browser's address bar): 1) on Ricky https://imgur.com/vXGCryS HTTPS webmail login page https://imgur.com/GQR4jTD HTTPS logged in webmail 2) on Tommy https://imgur.com/3d5gCGy HTTP webmail login page https://imgur.com/otGXWHh HTTP logged in webmail https://imgur.com/Hi8ltyg HTTPS webmail URL pionting to index page instead of secure webmail
  6. Hello dear heliohosters I've noticed a difference between Tommy and Ricky when it comes to the HTTPS version of the default subdomains, namely: webmail.xxx, cpanel.xxx, and webdisk.xxx.heliohost.org. 1) On Ricky http://cpanel.licool.heliohost.org loads the NOT secured cpanel login page. https://cpanel.licool.heliohost.org loads correctly the SECURED cpanel login page. While, 2) On Tommy http://cpanel.awal1.heliohost.org loads the NOT secured cpanel login page as well, but https://cpanel.awal1.heliohost.org POINTS to the INDEX page in public_html! instead of loading the secured cpanel page. Although Krydos has explained to me that on Tommy cpanel.xxx, webmail.xxx... etc are not real subdomains, they are actually proxies. For instance, cpanel.xxx is a proxy to tommy.heliohost.org:2083. I would like to know what is the difference then with Ricky that loads the right subdomain page weather using http or https? when Tommy doesn't I hope my question is clear and thank you in advance for any help.
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