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  1. I'm requesting my account to be unarchived. I was away to long. Many thanks, Zekus
  2. Sorry, I forgot to mention that after I pointed my NS to HelioHost and it works, I changed it back to my registrar because I want to use their features. Do I need to config MX or SPF from my registrar for mail sending to work?
  3. Hi Heliohost, My username is Zekus. I am using Tommy server. I cannot send mail from Outlook/Gmail/Mailgun SMTP, which is working with my local WAMP. This is the error I received. But when I commented "$mail->isSMTP();" from my php file, it is working but an email will be sent to Junk mail.I did try both port 465 for SSL and 587 for TLS.Here is my PhpMailer code. <?php namespace PHPMailer; use PHPMailer\PHPMailer\PHPMailer; use PHPMailer\PHPMailer\SMTP; use PHPMailer\PHPMailer\Exception; require_once 'PHPMailer.php'; require_once 'SMTP.php'; require_once 'Exception.php'; $mail = new PHPMailer; $mail->IsSMTP(); $mail->SMTPDebug = 0; $mail->Host = 'smtp-mail.outlook.com'; $mail->Port = 587; $mail->SMTPSecure = 'tls'; $mail->SMTPAuth = True; $mail->CharSet = 'UTF-8'; $mail->SMTPKeepAlive = true; $mail->Username = "admin@job4dent.com"; $mail->Password = "*****"; $mail->setFrom('admin@job4dent.com', 'Job4Dent'); $mail->addAddress('job4dent@outlook.com', 'John Doe'); $mail->Subject = 'PHPMailer 6.0 Outlook SMTP test'; $mail->Body = "Hi,<br> This system is working perfectly."; $mail->IsHTML(true); $mail->AltBody = 'This is a plain-text message body'; if (!$mail->send()) { echo "Mailer Error: " . $mail->ErrorInfo; } else { echo "Message sent!"; } When I change Host to tommy.heliohost.org or change my username and password, my email can be sent but with warning of fraud email that was not directly sent by Google/Outlook. It can be tested via https://4dent.tk/cronSendMailClinicGMail.php Many thanks, Zekus
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