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  1. Hello, I used to have an account, but that server crashed. I downloaded the backup, and now I'm trying to create a new account. This is where the confusion starts. I queued a new account creation, and the status stays queued for a few minutes, and then changes up "no such account". I can't log in with my user name, and when I log in with my e-mail address, I get the option to download the backup. E-mail: oleg@olego.com Crashed username: indira New username I tried to create: olego
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    Update: So everyone whose employer uses Benevity can now request a match!
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    Ah, okay. Small update: they e-mailed Ashoat and asked him for additional info regarding the charity. Just a heads-up.
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    By the way: That's so cool! Who's here on the Eastside?
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    Well actually, the e-mail address wasn't part of 990-N. Submitted; waiting for the next part.
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    Hey HelioNet, Did you really become a 501©(3) organization? I can have my donation matched--but then I'd like to ask for the following info: Organization NameWebsiteAddress, City, StateEINOrganization Contact: First Name, Last Name, E-mail address (Fun fact: I tried searching the forums for "EIN", to see if anyone has asked before. But it's 3 letters long, and I can't search for it. )
  7. Thanks for checking! Thank you! Yeah, I have backups of most of my files, but I made a few last-minute changes to my Perl scripts that I forgot to back up. So it looks like I'll have to re-create them from memory. I have 1 last request. I really like my username; but I understand that I will not be able to create a new account with it. Can you please help? Cheers!
  8. Username 'olego'. Thanks for checking!
  9. Hello, Even after reading the threads about I'm a bit confused about Stevie backup. (I think I had an account on Stevie--is there any way I can check?) Since this thread states my account will be deleted, I want to ask: Is there any backup of the files I had? Thanks!
  10. Hello, I have an addon domain 'example.com', and when I created it some time ago, I created a user 'example@olego.com' and granted this user FTP access to directory public_html/example.com. I'd like to know how I can change example's FTP password. Under Addon Domains page, I can only remove the domain. Under FTP Accounts page, I see "No accounts found." Is there another section that allows me to change example's password? Thanks!
  11. Sorry about that! I've re-written the logic so that there won't be any more <img src=gallery.pl?...> in the HTML. I don't know why each took more than 10 seconds to execute, though--since it was just doing LWP::Simple::get--unless the processes became zombies.
  12. Here you go: http://olego.com/byron.pl It's 755.
  13. I just opened http://www.olego.com/footer.pl in Firefox (so that I know there's no caching), and I'm seeing that Error 500. It's also shown in the Error log: "[sun Apr 17 11:09:51 2011] [error] [client] unable to include "/footer.pl" in parsed file /home/olego/public_html/index.shtml" (Clicking [upload] on IceITSup's site, http://iceitsupport.cw.cm/Other/GameMaker/form2email.pl, also shows 500.)
  14. Uh-oh, I think it broke again... Or maybe I DoS'ed the server by re-loading my script? If I opt out of WebDisk [if that's even possible], would things get better?
  15. Woo-hoo, now everything works! Thanks! What was the problem, I'm curious? Was it something I could have caused/fixed?
  16. Yes, that's the problem. :-( User: olego Website: www.olego.com Server: Stevie Thanks!
  17. Verified that they are. Still Error 500. I restored the original .htaccess, and added these two lines to it. Still Error 500. I even copied the script into cgi-bin and ran it from there--same Error 500. Running scripts stopped working yesterday morning... "Yesterday" being Wednesday. Is Perl running fine on other sites that Stevie hosts?
  18. Can you please take a look at my account? I deletede the .htaccess, and now this simple Perl script, http://www.olego.com/footer.pl, is failing to execute: #! /usr/bin/perl -w use strict; use CGI; my $query = new CGI; print $query->header("text/html"); print <<"END"; </div> </body> </html> END
  19. Uh oh, it could have been that I mucked with my .htaccess... Can you please tell me what the pristine .htaccess should look like?
  20. I read the disclaimer about the stability/instability of Johnny, and I think I'll brave it on Stevie for now. What's confusing is that .html files are served almost instantaneously--and .pl files give Error 500, also instantaneously. Currently, Stevie is 10.47, so maybe it's not the server but something I broke on my account?
  21. All of a sudden, my Perl scripts stopped working, with the Internal Server Error. Is this also caused by Stevie's load? Since I use Server-Side Includes, my site, http://www.olego.com/, looks rather sad...
  22. Hello, I'm not able to access the Webdisk from my WinXP machine. I have read this post, which says that it has been re-enabled, but when I run the script "Secure.vbs", I get an error: Internet explorer could not open https://webdisk.olego.com:443/ as a Web Folder. If I try to open that in its "default view", then I see a list of files, but I can't navigate to any of the directories. (They take me to, etc.) How can I make it work? Or, what am I doing wrong? ~Olego~
  23. Thanks for the clarification! (About telnet and about e-mail delivery.) I tried to telnet to olego.com:80, and specifying, as one of the headers, Host: olego.com\n\n. And it worked! So now I'm not worried about DNS anymore. :-) ~Olego~
  24. D'oh, I didn't think that Firefox's cache would be THAT persistent. Okay, that fixed that, thanks! :-) However, the second part is still a mystery. When I telnet to olego.com:80, and GET /cgi-sys/defaultwebpage.cgi, spoofing the Referer to be http://olego.com--I get the "HelioHost Account Queued" page. I would expect that having the referer would generate a 301 Moved permanently... So how do browsers do it? ~Olego~ P.S. I'm still testing the waters with free hosting, so I'm duplicating the DNS in GoDaddy, rather than point the nameserves to HelioHost. What if HelioHost's DNS Daemon goes down, and my e-mail doesn't get through?
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