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  1. Please update my certificates, i upload two certificates .zip to thorast.heliohost.org/home/thorast The files has the name of the domains, one is timerestart.ga and another is ardin.es Thanks in advance
  2. I have made a donation with my Gmail account, thorastur @ gmail.com but my user thoro is not in the Plek ETA asociated
  3. I uploaded two files .zip for each of my domains to http://thorast.heliohost.org/ public html My domains: ardin.es and timerestart.ga
  4. Can someone of staff remove this?, because is solved right now....
  5. Thank you very much Krydos in advance... i upload new certificates in . zip format to /home/thorast, is this correct or you prefer i extract the content?
  6. Please need help, my sites are inaccesible because certificates expired, how can we fix it?
  7. I have a problem, my certifications for domains are caducated, can i fix this via ftp or can you fix it for me? ,
  8. Hello everybody, i want to give many thanks to all equip that are working hard for fix this problem and i want to say that i think you are doing all things great!!!, my websites are running and not downtime for now... and you send me very soon a backup to my mail and news that explain what was happend...I am very happy and grateful, I promise to send some help as soon as this is over and it is possible for me, again thank you very much !!!
  9. Can you send me my credentials?, i not connect via FYP amd forgive my data. How many time for back the accounts up?
  10. Thank you very much Krydos! I am near to finish to config all again!
  11. Not, this transactions was made to helionet, i made another donation recently to Gofundme, but this ones not. Perhaps you are not using the correct name of user, my old user name in Tommy was thorastu not thorast
  12. I don't understand the question well, i paid by paypal, is that what you ask?
  13. Sure, i think it is one of this: Id. de transacción: 0VM24756217453431 Id. de transacción: 8U562817CF566653T
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