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  1. Has anyone told you that you're awesome today? If not, lemme be the first. ;-) Thanks.
  2. I *think* this is the right spot to post this. I was on the server that's now dead. My user account is "guitar" and my domain is "guitar-resources.ga" After some effort, I got an account on Ricky. It's called "guitars" (plural). I'm not sure if this matters, but I had an account with the email account that I just used for "guitars." That user's username was KGIII! (I love making things difficult!) So, now I've got three usernames, at least two forum IDs, and a cPanel that won't let me add guitar-resources.ga because there's already a DNS record for it on the dead server! Pretty sweet, huh? LOL Sorry 'bout the confusion but I hope I've made my dilemma clear. If you can smash all those things together and make one account, I'd be pretty happy. Thanks again!
  3. This is why I check recent posts 'fore adding a new forum topic. ;-) This probably doesn't matter, but I can confirm that swearing and changing the password does not help. I thought I'd somehow toasted my password - who knows what it'll take for a password when it comes back online. Anyhow, thanks. I don't need to post my own new thread.
  4. Thanks! The rabble are already grumping about the site not being available. Meh... They'll get over it. I shall share with you a merry tune - it has two mistakes but you may not notice them: Cover of Eruption - Van Halen: https://vocaroo.com/i/s1S71weItj6F The amusing part is that I'm an old man. These tracks don't violate copyright, but I'm not sure if Helio is interested in the potential hassle of having to differentiate between them. So, I've not uploaded any to the server. I try to not cause any issues.
  5. Hello. I'm me and I hail from Maine, USA. I'm here 'cause I somehow ended up being the guy who runs the weekly guitar thread for guitar players at another site. It turns out, we need more features than the site offers and that's how I ended up here. I should probably be on a more stable server, but I don't much mind. There's nothing I do that's so important. If you wish, I will play you a merry tune. I'm actually a trained classical guitarist but nobody pays money for that, so I pretty much have played everything but.
  6. That's a nice read but, alas, doesn't tell me where the names came from. My curiosity is not that important - but I've found some neat naming conventions over the years and wondered if this might be one and I was just missing the reference. Thanks!
  7. I searched the forum, wiki, and even used Google. What I'd like to know is if there's a history behind the server names? Are they characters from a book, movie, song? No real good reason, as it's just something that made me curious.
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