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  1. Wait where should we vote? I vote for Java >_>
  2. Thank you, but... Sorry to disturb you again, I noticed that the app wasn't logging in its log file so I fixed the thing, and also added an utility endpoint for myself. Can you please deploy the .war that's in my root directory right now? 😅🙏 Thank youuu
  3. Hello, yesterday evening I saw my .war was undeployed but I was already in bed so I decided to sleep and check again today, but it's still undeployed. Please deploy it for me >.< My name on Jhonny (originally on Tommy) is also "cridus". Thank you.
  4. Thanks, and sorry if I also opened this thread, I thought my messages in discord weren't being seen.
  5. Hello, you've undeployed my .war because you thought it's affected by the "log4shell" vulnerability, but it's not. Please re-deploy it now. It's been 4+ days. Thanks.
  6. Hello, my SLL certificate expires in 3 days, so I'm renewing it. I've put the new certificate files (ca_bundle.crt, certificate.crt and private.key) in my root folder ("/home/cridus"), can you please install them for me? Do tell me if I need to do anything else. Many thanks.
  7. Thanks. But anyway, since 9 and 10 are feature-equivalent and the only difference is the package name of the Java EE libraries, which will break the compatibility for a lot of people, why not use version 9 for the time being? It's not like it's a "worse version". It might actually be the better one right now.
  8. Shoot, I've looked up how to migrate to Tomcat 10 but I need a new version of my framework which will come in 2022... I'm screwed. Tomcat 10 switches from javax libraries to jakarta ones. It breaks the compatibility with frameworks that still use javax ones. I've read that Tomcat 9 is feature-equivalent to v10. @Krydos Do you specifically need to upgrade to v10?
  9. Hello, I use Java on Tommy so I'd like to be moved to Johnny until the Tomcat upgrade is done. Will my account and settings be identical once on Johnny? Or will I have to set up something? My username on Tommy is still "cridus". Thanks.
  10. Done, I've updated the app's main framework, added two configs for TLS 1.2 and now it works. It deployed.
  11. Ok thanks, I'll try to switch to TLS 1.2, later today.
  12. Edit: disregard this post (not the entire thread, just this one post).
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