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  1. Translation: Good morning, I lost access to my VPS, it simply doesn't connect to the default port 22, could you please check? @edvaldodecangere for future reference, please post all inquiries in English or use Google Translate.
  2. The vps page does say 2GB of memory for $4. Right now we are all full on memory for our vps's, so even though you do qualify for it, we don't have the memory to offer right now. I assume from this post, that you can probably be put on a wait-list to have your memory increased since it's what we are lacking rn. Note: This could be wrong information but from what I can tell all you want is your memory increased. @Krydos could this be done?
  3. No ETA at the moment but hopefully soon
  4. This support request is being escalated to our root admins.
  5. Yes, it is, but it might be smarter/cheaper to buy one with everything you need. With this being said, we have a waiting list for people who want a VPS. Let us know if you would like to be added to the waiting list as its relatively short right now.
  6. This support request is being escalated to our root admins.
  7. Check the News.
  8. This support request is being escalated to our root admins.
  9. Have you read the last couple months of news? News - HelioNet
  10. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.odin.plesk.mobile Apparently it hasn't been updated in almost a year and the reviews are riddled with complaints. I wouldn't bother.
  11. This support request is being escalated to our root admins.
  12. Yes, we are in the process of doing that. It hasn't been fully configured yet. There will be a news post when it's done.
  13. You have several options: Wait until the server is rebuilt. This could take a few months. Buy a vps and transfer your site there. You can find them here: VPS Plans | HelioHost Use a temporary host until the server is rebuilt.
  14. Hello. Please refer to the News Section of the forums for more information: News - HelioNet Specifically: and
  15. I took a quick look at this, this is like Cloudron, without the restrictions, but the only downside is that its more complex to setup, but it seems worth it.
  16. Please read the News section for further information. Escalating to Krydos...
  17. This is, unfortunately, the situation I am in ad well. I was forced to use Cloudns for my free domain and Cloudflare for my paid one. No idea why, but from what I can gather, the Hestia team didn't mess with the DNS config from vesta when they built it.
  18. Your account couldn't be found in the backup database. Escalating to Krydos...
  19. We are already underway in the installation process of Plesk.
  20. What did you want your name to be changed to?
  21. You are correct about this, I split it off. @sylvainNext time, please create a new topic. Thank you.
  22. What is happening exactly? Is there an error?
  23. We have decided not to approve this request. Thank you for trying to help our users.
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