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  1. Thanks. I went to create a cloudflare account and changed the nameservers and A record there. Also changed the nameservers at my domain registrar to point to the cloudflare's nameservers. It should take some time to see the change, but I guess I figured it out.
  2. Do you mean I need to install a DNS on my VPS? Sorry, I'm confused. Right now I have set the nameservers at my domain registrant as ns1.heliohost.org and ns2.heliohost.org. I edited the A record to the IP of my VPS. What do I have to do next?
  3. Sorry @Krydos, one more question. Do I have to keep the nameservers as is (ns1.heliohost.org; ns2.heliohost.org)?
  4. It's Apache. Already installed and running. I already have a website set.
  5. Thank you Krydos. That's all the info I needed!
  6. I didn't install any control panel. I work on the VPS using an SSH terminal connection.
  7. Can you please let me know how to host multiple websites with domains on a VPS? I already have one website/domain on my Heliohost VPS. Thanks!
  8. Thank you Krydos! I will think about weather to use something other than Wordpress or move to a VPS. If I decide to go the VPS way I will message you.
  9. wolstech: Thank you for unsuspending my account and your always prompt and kind support. I'm surprised that Wordpress puts so much load on the server. I am sure that there are other users using Wordpress, so is that load coming from my Wordpress only or is it the collective load from all Wordpress installations?I will investigate for an alternative to Wordpress. Any good suggestions for something that supports e-commerce like WooCommerce on Wordpress? Can I use the simplystatic plugin with WooCommerce?Also, if I purchase a VPS I won't have similar problems with Wordpress?Krydos: WoW! 100% of CPU and peak at 80% of memory. Thank you for the visuals. robertzo: Thank you for your kind suggestions. I will research them.
  10. Can you please un-suspend my account? Thank you! a. HelioHost username: spandso b. Server where account is on: Tommy c. HelioHost main domain: spiritandsoap.com
  11. Thank you wolstech! Got the invite. As always prompt and extremely helpful!
  12. Thank you! The domain I had parked was spiritandsoap.com I signed with spandso.heliohost.org
  13. Thank you guys for all of your hard work and efforts to bring back Tommy online!!! I got the invitation to recreate my account on Tommy on the 5th of October and just managed to recreate the account today. Everything went well recreating the account but it takes long time to become active. When I check the status it shows me the information to download a backup instead of the activation status. Is there any problem with the activation. Can you please have a look and let me know what's going on? Thank you. Note: I have already downloaded the backups. spandso @ Tommy
  14. Thank you all for your responses! @Krydos, @wolstech, @flazepe: Yes I agree WP is insecure and badly developed but unfortunately I have invested a lot of time and effort to build my site with that. I will move to something better like Joomla when I manage to do so. @Byron: I used .htaccess to block several IPs and also tried to be creative (block specific user agent used by the bad IPs). Unfortunately the list of IPs is growing. I've found out those IP are blacklisted in services like blocklist.de. CIDRAM solve the problem of having to continously update .htaccess with new bad IPs. @sohamb03: Thank you for your suggestion. I will give it a try. For the time being my config (Sucuri + CIDRAM) works fine. My advise: If you have a WP site please try to secure it as much as possible by doing the following (please feel free to add to the list): Change the default admin username from "admin" to something else.Install and activate a security plugin such as SucuriInstall the blocklist plugin CIDRAMAvoid installing too many plugins or plugins that are not updated regularly.
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