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  1. It has been brought to my attention that HelioHost offers VPSs in exchange for minimum donations and this might be useful for development and/or web hosting. But I have a few questions about it. 1. Do we donate the amount via Paypal and paste the transaction ID on here? When I go to https://www.heliohost.org/vps/ - all I see is a subscribe button. 2. If hosting Mediawiki (or some kind of web application), is 2 GB of RAM and 50 GB disk space sufficient for this? 3. Does the VPS have to be used for web hosting purpose under Terms of Use? 4. Is donating recurring monthly through Paypal a suitable means to get a VPS? 5. Are the VPSs on SSD-based storage? Your time is greatly appreciated
  2. Imagine if the HelioHost wiki had the ability to format/highlight code syntax, use images and metadata from Wikipedia, use the same citation templates that Wikipedia uses, use a modern version of MediaWiki, use anti-spam filters; contain an upload wizard, infoboxes that list the technical specs of Tommy in a nicely formatted way with appropriate htaccess files to secure the image uploads directory from cross scripting attacks? And better still, you could access this wiki right now! Well, now you can. I know others already developed a newer wiki, but I rebuild most of the HelioHost 1.19 wiki long before I realised that someone else had already done this, so I committed myself to finish the project and share the completed product with you: wiki.space.heliohost.org This wiki upgrades much more than just the back-end software (Mediawiki). Some notable upgrades include: * Enhanced usability and navigation with links added to sidebar * Enhanced navigation (wiki.space.heliohost.org/wiki/Main_Page) * Citations reformatted into Wikipedia style (wiki.space.heliohost.org/wiki/Advertising_for_us) * Specs for Tommy formatted into infoboxes (wiki.space.heliohost.org/wiki/Tommy) * A warning that a page is out of date (wiki.space.heliohost.org/wiki/Parked,_Addon_and_Sub_Domains) * Nicely formatted Python code (wiki.space.heliohost.org/wiki/Discord_Bot) * HelioHost History page displays correctly due to templates existing on the wiki (wiki.space.heliohost.org/wiki/HelioHost_History) * Spam extensions to combat spam on the wiki * Some minor grammatical and presentation edits to a few articles (see the Mediawiki logs for full details) These are just few of many of the performance and usability enhancements. The wiki, as it is, is fully functional and can be used immediately. All articles in the old wiki are included, even ones from October 2019. Thanks to the MediaWikiAuth extension, you should be able to login seamlessly using your existing HelioHost wiki account (Haven't tested it yet, as I don't have a wiki account. So someone should test it). For admins, the minimum amount of work required would be to create a 301 redirect to the new wiki, but it would perform much better if it was moved to a faster server not shared by other accounts. To do this, simply import the files and an SQL dump of my database onto a new server; update LocalSettings.php in the /w directory to use the new database settings and its ready. You do not need to run the Mediawiki setup again, nor manually import accounts from the old server. These should be carried over automatically when the accounts login on the wiki. You could continue to use the old wiki, but why? The new one has better features and is ready for use. I hope you can put this wiki to some use.
  3. I checked and account creation was disabled. What else could cause it?
  4. Hi, Does anyone know how to migrate SQLite3 schema and data to a MySQL-compatible database? For technical reasons, I need SQLite 3.8 which is not supported and have been advised to use MySQL, which works great... But how do I migrate the data?
  5. Hi, Is it possible for the GNU diff3 text comparison utility to be installed on the Ricky server for PHP 7.2? MediaWiki uses it to optimize concurrent article editing on its platform. Thanks
  6. All of them because they all should be under the same license. My intention was to rebuild (i.e. fork) the HelioHost wiki. I know someone else did this previously, but I would like to rebuild it from scratch with the latest MediaWiki.
  7. Thanks for doing that... I'll use MySQL instead. Maybe that why the wiki was so slow previously? Anyway, could you please install luasandbox for PHP 7.2 on Ricky? It is installed for PHP 7.1 but not 7.2 according to https://krydos1.heliohost.org/72/phpinfo.php? Thanks again
  8. Hi, Does anyone know what the official copyright status of the articles posted on https://wiki.helionet.org/Main_Page is? I would like to include some, or all of that content as part of my own wiki? This is permissible if the content is released under Creative Commons or similar license. The wiki itself does not specify the license used. Thanks, Space2018
  9. Hi, Would you be able to install SQLite 3.8.0 and APCu (https://secure.php.net/apcu) for PHP 7.2 (Ricky server)? The Mediawiki 1.33.1 is complaining about these particular dependencies not being available. SQLite is convenient and easy to backup and should suffice for such a small installation. Thanks in advance
  10. Hi, Would SVG images served from the main wiki page cause this? Otherwise, I admit that I have no idea why, or what would cause the load to be unusually high. Nevertheless, I might as well upgrade and reinstall the wiki from scratch... Perhaps, a configuration problem? Is there a better way to monitor this?
  11. Hi, Is it possible to get the following dependencies for Mediawiki 1.33 installed on Ricky server for PHP 7.2 (if not already installed): iconvLuaSandbox (https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/LuaSandbox) mbstring PHP APCUPHP Intlfileinfojson (https://secure.php.net/json)openssl (https://secure.php.net/openssl)spl (https://secure.php.net/spl) session (https://secure.php.net/sessions) SQLite 3 GD library (for image thumbnails) Most of these are likely already installed, but I'm not sure. Once again, your time is greatly appreciated.
  12. Thanks for addressing this. Greatly appreciated, What would cause high server load? It was a Mediawiki installation. Usually does not use much resources. However, to be sure, I've disabled background scripts and I am rebuilding my wiki from scratch.
  13. Hi, I have not logged into cPanel for a while, so logged in today to ensure my account remained active... Only to discover that it had been suspended for some reason: cPanel Account: space201 Server: Ricky Root Domain: space.heliohost.org The nature of the website is a Mediawiki installation with images sourced from the public domain or Creative Commons. Could you please give me more information on why this account has been suspended and, if possible, could you please re-activate it? I understand the precautions that need to be taken for security and efficiency reasons and understand if it is not possible to re-activate the account.
  14. Hi, I would like to contribute to HelioHost by helping with rebuilding the HelioHost wiki to be more user friendly and up to date. Some of the links on the main page could be re-located to the wiki's sidebar and templates could be imported from Wikipedia, so writers could then leverage Wikipedia's markup such as using Wikipedia's citation systems and infoboxes to create a more presentable wiki. Currently, content on the wiki is out of date and seems only to be have been updated infrequently. Such articles could benefit from being archived and/or updated, as required. Upgrading a live wiki, however, is dangerous, but it is evident that it needs to occur. One solution is to create a mirrored wiki e.g. https://mirroredwiki.heliohost.org and then replace the old wiki when it is ready. I would be happy to to do this, but currently, I don't have a hosting space where I could setup the mirrored wiki. It wouldn't be advisable to use my current hosting space since this would interfere with my own projects hosted there. Instead, it would be ideal to have a mirrored wiki that could be used for testing and development purposes. The process would involve: 1) Provisioning a host space on HelioHost for hosting the new, up to date wiki of HelioHost. 2) Install and configure the latest version of Mediawiki (at least version 1.30) - I could do this 3) Export all the content from the current HelioHost wiki into the mirrored wiki - I could do this 4) Redesign the wiki to be more user friendly - I could help do this 5) Test and debug the mirrored wiki - I could help do this 6) Delete (or archive) the old wiki 7) Replace the old wiki with the mirrored version In any event, I strongly recommend that the current instance of Mediawiki, be either updated (or replaced as recommended). It is a very old version of Mediawiki, at least 5-7 years old. This means it is vulnerable to an array of cyberattacks that could present a security risk to the server where the HelioHost wiki is currently hosted. A list of vulnerabilities for this version of Mediawiki is listed at: https://www.cvedetails.com/vulnerability-list/vendor_id-2360/product_id-4125/version_id-129225/Mediawiki-Mediawiki-1.19.html Please let me know what you think, Thanks in advance
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