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  1. 5 minutes ago, HelioHost said:

    Username: astron, Server: Tommy, Main domain: astron.heliohost.org

    Please help with SSL certificate renewal. account astron.heliohost.org
    I uploaded in two places
    both - .zip and unzipped, file/folder name astron.heliohost.org

    Sorry, I sent this message several days ago and this problem have been already solved, ie SSL have been already installed.

  2. On October 29 the server caught you with 330 connections open at once, and blocked you in the firewall for an attempted DoS attack. I have unblocked you but please limit the number of connections you open to the server.


    Don't you really think if it's an anomaly in your system when you write something like this here? 
    Could this be a consequence of the corona? Or You really don't think at all nothing. It's nonsense, Dear General.
  3. I get my numbers from cPanel, and cPanel gets their numbers from the command line tool named top, and top gets its number from the OS directly. Feel free to submit a bug report to cPanel or top or CentOS if you think their tools aren't working correctly.


    Even though we've told you this has nothing to do with bandwidth multiple times you still keep bringing up bandwidth for some reason. I could write a php script with less than 10 lines of code that uses 1 GB of memory for the maximum execution time of 60 seconds, and then only send 5 bytes of bandwidth. I would top the charts on memory usage easily, but hardly have any bandwidth. For the last time bandwidth is not why you're being suspended. Memory usage is.

    Well, it seems like there's no point in even trying to talk to you about something when you talk like that.
    The funniest part about this is that you recommend:

    "Feel free to submit a bug report to cPanel or top or CentOS if you think their tools aren't working correctly."

    You probably didn't even realize I didn't have access to cpanel ????

    So far no ac cess anywhere because everything has been blocked.

    I wonder how I can write something there or watch something from there if don't have access already about week or more???

    And one more thing - look what's here - only Suspended, Suspended, Suspended, no access, Error 500, etc.


    This is the only place that is not blocked. Even the email you have blocked !!!


    Sorry, I forgot. On October 28th I got about 5 min to be on cpanel and then it was all over again.




  4. Look, I don't know where or how you get such numbers, but they're not really possible. Shortly - these numbers are wrong, more correctly such a results are neve impossible.
    Probably my knowledge and skills are too small to understand such chemistry, but I would still like to understand where and how you get such numbers. Unfortunately, I did not found the ansver to my question from your answer.

    It is very difficult to understand how it is possible to use 300-400 GB of RAM if I have never even had so much file uploaded to the server and when I open a simple 10-20KB html where is even no javascript included, is only couple lines html and couple css lines.

    Or am I also wrong that the server has been down for a long time again? I don't know, I can't see anything other than this forum here.
    I don't have any access anywhere. Even not possible to make acccount emty.


    OK, make the server available and I'll empty it and I want to see what those numbers are and what they will be if my account is at all empty.
  5. But could you be such a nice person and say how much is this 100% in real numbers or in real life and one more thing - I suspect there is something wrong with your system or system settings, because I really have one simple html website opened at a time, which the size is usually 10-20 kB. Even today, I have not opened more than two websites at once. But this chart of yours is something absurd. There must be something very wrong there. This, what I see on this diagram, it's nonsense.

    I'm sorry, but I'm 60+ and I've been involved in computing, electronics, and website development all my life.

    I also have a corresponding higher education and have about 40 year prctice. So I think I can still do a little analysis of the operation of one server and its problems.

    PS. This is not said like something bad, but a desire to help you solve this problem.
  6. Could you explain what this big burden or causing high server load means. Where can I see it for myself? I visit it a few times a week and there are only a few dozen mega used at all. I'm the only user, I don't have there absolutely nohthing for anyone other, simply to say, it's for some code testing and changing for simple sites. Usually I even don't use any jQuery and or ajax there. So, how can be high load and huge traffic as You said. 
     I haven't uploaded or downloaded anything there, the amount should have been completely 0 for a long time.
    OK. If it's a lot, I don't even need it.
    Thanks (), but I want to know, where I can see this above told huge usage and how much is the huge usage.
    Some minutes later..
    Now I got to watch it. This is really awesome. Regardless of whether I'm blocked or not, the usage is pretty much the same, mostly all time the same...
    Here it is ...
    Like I said, I didn't have any access. Site was blocked.


  7. Dear Hosting Provider,


    I want my website to be as performant and secure as possible with the latest version of PHP. For the server my WordPress site is hosted on, I want to ensure that is the case.

    If I am not already on the latest version of PHP, please let me know what steps I need to take to update.



    Dear friend, I do not understand your wishes in any way if the current version of Wordpress is WordPress 5.2.3 and it's default PHP version is 5.6.20.
    What are you talking about or what you really want? Simply cannot understand You.
  8. @neptunus: You're most welcome! ;-)

    Thank you. I do not hurry but I want to know what's going on and when everything is ok. I can wait but the information is important.
    For example, I have not understand, are the old accounts deleted and everyone must re register or how it should be done. On one day is the train gone and then may be too late to know...
    I don't hurry because I see there are also problems with the other server. Why burden it even more.
    I'll wait, maybe won't die before it starts working again. And if should die, then all is well. No more problems.


    Good luck to everyone.

  9. @neptunus: First of all there's no multiple opinion about a single topic from the admins and moderators... It's just the way you comprehend it.


    Secondly everything that's done is mentioned quite in advance. Moreover, what's to be done was mentioned quite clearly in a post called 'Questions and Answers' in the news section.


    Who says you aren't able to login into cPanel? Johnny and Ricky were completely unaffected by the maintenance downtime. If you can understand simple English, then you'd decipher that Tommy is currently down and is expected to be back by September.


    Lastly, my two cents to be added. The administrators and moderators are all volunteers here, working hard to keep HelioHost going. Thank God, people like you aren't at any position, otherwise.... I've nothing to say about it. If you are so unhappy with the service provided, just quit HelioHost, no one's begging you to be around here.

    Thank you very much for your polite attitude and your very meaningful response.

  10. Frankly, not possible to understand what's going on.

    One day there is one story, the next day another story.

    Sometimes there are two completely opposite stories from different authors at the same time. Someone writes, go to cpanel and You can log in, the next sais it may happen after week, nobody knows.

    It is completely incomprehensible to have so many different administrators and moderators explain this.

    Wouldn't it be possible to have one specific topic where one person reports in chronological order what have been done, what is the next etc. It would be possible to see what the situation is and what is happening in near future.

    At the moment, it is as if World War III had begun and everyone is confused and there is nowhere to find adequate information. Only anyone thinks, but nobody knows nothing.

    So, the last question. If the maintenance have been done like already long ago was said, then why is not possible login to account, to cpanel, etc.
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  11. The cron job ... has been set up to run every 5 minutes. I noticed that this URL gives the error "Exception: Invalid Task Method". Is this running as intended?

    OK. Looks like there's no hope to get any help.
    I'm talking about allowing server-based cron job, but it's probably pointless to tell, hope or speak at all if you don't make a difference between what is a web-based cron job and what is a server-based cron job.
    Must look for a new server, nothing else to do. 
    And this story what You speak abot security is also absolutely nonsense.
  12. In order to set up an external cron for you I need to know the url to the script. For instance, astron.heliohost.org/cron.php

    1. Here is my full script if it is used from cpanel (it is what I want to use, ps I use it only for testing purposes and for nothing else, I'm testing there forum script. At this moment I have php 7.1 in use, but maybe in near future is needed to use php 7.2. It would be very nice, if I can have it possible to use and if needed to change by myself. Currently I can't change to php 7.2, because there is one unknown problem what I want to discover. 

    Anyway, thanks, if it is possible. Everything I do there, is only for testing and helping people who have such a problem, I do it all for free.


    2. This is for external service


    ​One more thing.

    On last times the server is often down or cannot get connection, usually get message "ERROR 500" or server don't answer for long time, timeout, try again.

  13. That’s usually due to forgetting to change file permissions to 644. In some cases it can also be invalid htaccess files or just invalid code.


    Keep in mind that internal cron jobs are limited to 2 per day. If you need more than 2 cron runs per day we can set up an external cron job that can run as often as every 5 minutes.


    1. Excuse me, dear friends, to announce to you with deep sorrow that I was not born yesterday but have been working at 60+, special education and all my life in this field.
    2. Thank you for reminding me that the file permissions should be 644 the for the folders 755, etc.

      Cron jobs are limited to 2 per day. If you need more than 2 cron a day we can run as often as 5 minutes.


    3. Thank you once again, even though I read it a few days ago when I discovered that the cron job was no longer working.
    4. Thanks kindly for allowing me cron running in 5 minutes, it would be nice though I would need one to run every minute. Resource usage is close to zero. I only need it for one process. Otherwise, will satisfied also in 2 minutes, but if there is really nothing else to do, then let at least this 5 minute version stays allowed.
    5. Better half egg, if at all nothing.
  14. Services like easy cron are allowed.


    1. It's only cron scheduled through the cron scheduler that's limited,

    2. and that's for load and security reasons.

    1. This is not true or at least not working at the moment, ERROR 500

    2. How it could be related to security. Fantastic answer.

    Internal Server Error
    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
    Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument 
    to handle the request.
    Please contact the server administrator
  15. 777 permissions would for sure result in a 500 error. PHP files have to be 644. What is the url of the 500 error?


    Thank You for good ideas and help. Now is everything OK. I found the problem and if short to say, it was related to the permissions which were not everywhere as should be. Error log helped. 
    I think this problem is no solved and this topic can be closed.
    Once again, great thanks!


    I'll begin now with testing it. Maybe it can be used in future.

  16. I've already tried everything possible things, the result is still the same - Error 500.

    Yes I know what is error 500, i have changed everything, even all permissions set to 777, nothing changed, even it didn't help.

    Then I deleted all the files, waited for half a day, then reloaded/uploaded whole .zip package and then extrated it on the server, still the same result.

    I can't think out, what is the reason. Obviously this is something very simple.

  17. Which version of php are you using?

    I use 7.0 and it is true that I have not tried to change and so do not know - maybe some other version is working.

    But it is mandatory to use 7.0 or higher.

    Really, some some things still works with 5.6, but all newer things needs for 7.0 or higher version.

    The first problem is solved. If I turned up to  php 7.2 it began to work.   

    Good!  Thanks for help!   

    But the second problem is still live, so I can't test this chat...

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