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  1. In vps selection i did not find windows 10 but i found windows server
  2. Again with vps when months end and its not paid, then i renew 2 months later do i start a new vps or i recover my vps?
  3. Another qn. do u also suspend vps accounts after 30 days of not logging in?
  4. i was purchasing a vps but os selection i did not windows 10 i only saw wserver options. can i get windows10 on my vps once i pay
  5. My account is suspended but i don't know why. Why I know my disk usage was full to capacity and i was receiving emails saying the ask certificate cannot be renewed. Before that i had changed nameservers to cloudflare as they say for full cdn My username is google12
  6. Thanks How much is a vps, atleast one time payment not monthly like other hosts. Coz even it is 1$ monthly, i can fail but if it's one time payment I can manage. Talk to krydos for me, if it possible for me to pay one time for a life time.
  7. Hey guys, I recently removed most WordPress but left one. Today I was adding a plugin, amp for WordPress, it kept loading when I applied settings. One minute later my account was suspended. I think amp plugin is the one that caused that around Nov 18th 2020 13:15 New York time. Help me unsuspend account, I remove that plugin.
  8. OK, should reply here with screens hot of transaction? It was with gofundme
  9. I remember the people who funds raised to sparkie server were to be added more disk space but my account disk is still 1GB. May admin help me or its not yet time.
  10. My account google12 has been suspended, am not sure whether it's because the usage web disk is about 98% or its because or WordPress two installations on the account. Otherwise there is nothing else wrong I did with my account.
  11. my username: google12 main domain: google12.heliohost.org Account hosted on Tommy. Yesterday i was trying to implement hsts strict transport security header but i was suprised to find my accound suspended in morning. there are other headers i added in .htacess file i think they could the problem why my account was suspended. if not that then i dont know the cause
  12. my account is inactive,i have tried to renew it myself but my browser is not having javascript so i have failed to pass google recaptha. Hence am requesting help from staff. Stay safe,keep distance,sanitise or wash hands regularly lets keep covid-19 away from helionet and heliohost
  13. for his id i will wait for him he is not around for now
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