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  1. Account could have suspended due to excess in file quota.
  2. Just got a new Matebook X pro and so happy to have it after years and years no dream for it


  3. I recieved a notification that server has gone down. 3 times now when i checked it i found it off. How can we always restart the vps when they are down without Heliohost support team. as of this post its still down. vps39
  4. typing error on snap install gdm3, it was apt-get install gdm3
  5. nothing i have all ready added so no file, no program installed, no anything. sofar i had run the following commands sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install nginx sudo get-install tightvncserver sudo apt-get install snap sudo snap install code sudo snap install gdm3 vncserver -start //when it started and i found screen blank, i tried to run sudo dpkg - - reconfigure gdm3 //when it still failedi tried sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop thats when it got stack on "update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-5.4.0-81-generic" its now 10 hours, i don't think it will pass there, i restarted but cant do any dpkg command it brings this error. "E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem." running that command take you back to same stack process.
  6. The reason why i rebooted was because of this process stack at this, now its back after reboot
  7. But for sure, the previous vps was working fine with gdm3, and i has installed vscode to keep using while editing files. But this one, it has failed display manager, nano is hectic and when it comes json its crazy. vim is slightly somw how but also. code and sublime text are good but cant work over ssh. down is my vnc viewer but nothing. let me try on lightdm, if it also fails to display,i don't know. look at add virtual hists in apache over nano, so hectic
  8. finally it connected but took long abt 15min
  9. my vps51 got stack while installing apt packages, so i was advised to reboot it, on discord on pressing "sudo shutdown - r now" i was disconnected as usual but it didnot come back. the connections to port 22 are refused. vps51.heliohost.us is vps.
  10. Again there was a promo that you get extra 1gb of ram on any package you buy but me did not get.
  11. Yes I have ,but I see u gave me another domain vps51.helionet.us
  12. OS I had wanted windows 10 NOT windows server, but since we are having issues of migrating from cpanel to plesk, I would want to add another labour to you our lovely technicians, Just drop there Ubuntu 21.04
  13. Hello krydos, I paid vps with email n**cloud@gmail PayPal for my email failed to login. I tried to reset and they asked for phone that got lost. So I created a new PayPal email account and paid for vps Transaction id 51758447K29919844 Transaction time: 2021-08-16 11:50:56GMT So I don't know how you will link it to account google12
  14. In vps selection i did not find windows 10 but i found windows server
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