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  1. this is what i had, strange that it wouldn't be erroring on XAMPP but now that's fixed.
  2. Strange, doesn't seem to work for me, here is a link to the thing i wrote that uses the JSON header(): https://pootisnetwork.heliohost.org/api/?steamid=76561198124525985
  3. I have uploaded the SSL cert to the home folder zipped up.
  4. Sure, here are some header() codes i try to use that might not work: header('Location: https://steamcommunity.com/'); header('Content-Type: application/json; charset=utf-8'); however, these header() codes work fine: Header('Content-Type: image/png'); Header('Content-Type: image/jpeg'); Also, is it possible to renew my SSL certs and if so how?
  5. hi again, hopefully im not driving you insane: i am having some issues with the header() function on Tommy where setting it anything outside of image stuff will cause random errors or the code to stop running. i know it is not my code since it runs perfectly fine in XAMPP also, why do the fourm signatures only allow HTTPS image urls? my HTTPS cert expired when cPanel was revoked.
  6. Yes, it is working now. many thanks, and sorry for possibly driving you crazy.
  7. no, it requires 3 ports PER server instance (forgot to clarify about that sorry) i have 27 servers running with various games and maps
  8. Source Engine servers requires 3 ports to function (main port, source query port, and some mysterious port), and i have various source servers running, and there is a glitch with the dedicated servers where sometimes the servers decide to ignore the chosen ports and adds 1 port to the port (27015 would end up as 27016) edit: i found out what the 3rd port is used for, it is used for RCON/Remote Control of the server (read/write server data, do commands, etc)
  9. I have DM'ed you the IP's on discord.
  10. here is a test page that i use to check if FSockOpen() works : http://pootisnetwork.heliohost.org/includes/lib/SourceQuery/test.php it will return some gameserver data and a player list if it works. (it does not work right now, since the ports are blocked)
  11. no, i just need outbound. (with UDP and TCP enabled)
  12. hi, i have a PHP script that uses FSockOpen() to communicate with some game servers to get info, however i was told that ports are blocked and to ask here to allow ports here? if you can, can you unblock ports 27014 thru 27100 on my site, so that i can access the game servers using PHP? i tried to use it before without knowing this was a thing, thinking my script was just broken (though it worked on XAMPP)
  13. Firefox 87 and samsung browser, but whatever you did seemed to fix it??? very strange.
  14. CPANEL!!!!! WHY U NO WORK!

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