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  1. I am a donor, and i need an invite to ricky. do i have to provide a transaction id for the donation? thanks
  2. Sorry, please disregard the last message and close this topic, it turns out it had been suspended for inactivity. I use the windows explorer FTP and rarely login on the site. Sorry for making an unneeded post.
  3. Hello, My account has been suspended, if possible could I please be unsuspended and notified of the reason for the suspension, thanks.
  4. I am using my own domain but I don't want to bother with the hassle of setting everything up again, but thanks anyway!
  5. i want my subdomain to point to /api instead of /public_html/api how would i do this? (or alternatively change main domain to public_html/root)
  6. I was trying to log in to FTP with explorer but i think i put the wrong password in the batch file.
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