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  1. Thanks for the prompt response @Bailey. I'm in the UAE at the moment and have a constraint with VPN - it's against the law here. Paypal blocks my account when I'm outside Canada. Think I'll wait until I'm in VPN country again - hopefully by end of September and will apply then. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. OK looks as I'm now able to create topics. Maybe I just tried to create a topic in a Forum that doesn't allow that. Apologies. Can you please delete my post in the thread about problem signing up for a new account? I'm new to HelioHost. I applied for a hosting account earlier on. When I applied it said that my "ticks specs" corresponded with Tommy Server. It then said Tommy Server is full so there has to be a waiting period of 10 hours. Does this mean I have to reapply later or will the account be automatically created?
  3. That is exactly what must have happened to me. I had to go through a series of recaptchas. Buses, more than one about sidewalks. Both for signing up for the hosting account and then again for signing up for the Forum. I'm on a public "free wifi" at a hotel. So that must be the reason. If I may ask, what is the middle of the day in global language? So I can avoid peak times for HelioHost.
  4. Funnily enough when I get this answer I want to say I'm from GigaRock. Also from Frihost and various other post to host forums. In real life I'm in between countries. Resident in South Africa, hoping to get another contract in the UAE but fast giving up hope it will happen, and now in the process of planning my return to Canada.
  5. Wow! Has this issue been resolved yet? I'm a great user of WordPress - also a fan. I've been using WordPress for years without having a problem with it or it been hacked. I've used it on a number of servers spread far and wide. I've used it on VPSs and shared hosting accounts. I've installed it from the command line, from Softaculous and from other Softaculous alternative tools. Would be very interesting to know how the hacker managed to infiltrate the installation process.
  6. I know there are quite a number of people who don't like Freenom as they got burnt when Freenom took back their domains, but for me Freenom is the easiest and from a DNS point of view also the most efficient free domain providers there is. I've been using them from dot.tk days and also when through the period just before Freenom took over - or at the time they were taking over - when there were bots sent out to check out whether the domains were following the rules and domains were cancelled left right center. I haven't had that happening to me in a very long time. For me I only use the free domains for sites that don't attract a lot of traffic and some of my sites I've had for 10 years. For my more popular and serious sites I get a paid domain, but for quickie sites Freenom has always served me well.
  7. I'm a great fan of post for hosting since 2008 when I first joined Frihost. I've heard of HelioHost during the years. Many of the hosts of 2005 have come and gone. Even Frihost just evaporated when the owner disappeared, and the website disappeared in May of this year. So when I heard HelioHost is still up and running, got me very curious to check it out. Well done!
  8. Apologies if you've mentioned it somewhere else already. I can't create a new thread - so has to ride on this one. I'm new to Heliohost. I first applied for a hosting account. It then said that my "ticks" corresponded with Tommy Server. Tommy Server is full so there has to be a waiting period. Does this mean I have to reapply later or will the account be automatically created? Also, at what point does one get to create threads in the Forum?
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