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  1. Thanks for the quick reply. I checked the post from last year and it was wolstech: https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/34364-solved-suspended-tpltrl/ Cheers, Kurt
  2. Hello, I just received my invite to restore my Tommy account after the downtime and have successfully created my main account. Before the server went down I had a second domain on heliohost that was manually enabled by the root admin. May I request that it be added again? Many thanks, Kurt Server: Tommy Recently created domain: kurtilk.heliohost.org Desired second domain: tpltrl.heliohost.org
  3. Hello, I've gotten my Tommy backup and am happy to wait for it to go back up rather than duplicating the site. I make a note to sign in and make a minor update to the site weekly, as my account has lapsed in the past due to inactivity and I hate having to bother you to reinstate it. I haven't signed in Since August 8th - is there any chance that the accounts will be released due to inactivity during this downtime or will you be temporarily suspending the purge? Apologies if this question is duplicated in other threads. Many thanks for the wonderful service that you provide us! Kurt
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