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  1. Hi! Do you plan to install softaculous for plesk?
  2. Hello @wolstech So if cpanel do not support php 8, what are you going to do when php 7 will not be supported anymore and become a security matter? Thank you
  3. Thanks to all of you by the way @flapeze and @wolstech
  4. Thank you very much @krydos for all detailed explanations and your reassuring message. We can close this case. Best regards, Julien
  5. Hello, Apparently, there is a vulnerability on Cpanel. Here is the official announcement: cPanel TSR-2020-0007 Full Disclosure | cPanel Newsroom If I understand correctly, it has been resolved on the last version of Cpanel. So, to secure our Cpanel, do you plan to update all Cpanels ? Best regards, Julien
  6. hello, I did a donation a few days ago. Could you please increase the storage? username : garrigue amount : 20$ Transaction ID: 7L396727NM591254F Thank you for keeping this free service ! Best regards, Julien
  7. Hi! I was wondering why, on heliohost, my website doesn’t use https directly without any need to use redirection on .htaccess ? Indeed, I’m also managing website for an organisation, which is hosted with cpanel as well, when I setted up wordpress with the https site, I didn’t have to modify .htaccess and visitors are always browsing https version of the site. Never the http. For information, the website is : lescommettants.fr and hosted by planethoster (the free version) Any clue how they can do that ? Implementing redirections affect loading performance that's why I'm wondering...
  8. Thank you, I'm going to do that.
  9. Beautiful pictures of my solo trip
  10. I've found this in PERL modules : Can I install them? is it the same stuff? Thanks
  11. +1 any plan to integrate this into cpanel ? https://applications.cpanel.net/listings/view/Mod_pagespeed Apparently this will save server resources
  12. Is it possible to increase storage ? I currently have 2GB but I would like 20GB. Shall I do a Gofundme donation for this? How much should I donate ? Thank you
  13. Thank you guys for your help Just as a note here: the 20th of august, I also did a $10 donation as a thank you for special treatment by @krydos.
  14. Hello, after Tommy's crash, my account has been recovered with 1Gb and 1 month admin login inactivity permit. However, before been moved to tommy, I donate $5 to get double storage (see beginning of this conversation). By the way, I'm wondering, do I get 1 more month of login inactivity permit with this donation? Thank you
  15. garrigue

    Tommy Upgraded

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