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  1. Which I don't have. D*, 20 years of data lost. Partially my own fault of course. Thanks for trying.
  2. No problem. I now have a backup file. However, I can't find my database data. There is a psql folder in the archive, but the two sql files in there are almost empty. Any other ideas? Losing this data due to the server upgrade would be rather terrible. It's unique data that is impossible to reconstruct. This backup seems to be from 19, July. As I first contacted you on 7, July because I couldn't find my data, I would rather need a backup made shortly before ricky went down for the upgrade as it seems the data got lost during the upgrade.
  3. I'm sorry, but what do you exactly mean with "...when you submit your username and email at..." I followed the link you gave and logged in there, but then I'm lost as to what I'm supposed to do.
  4. I've seen it happen years ago with the hosting company I used back then. They too switched to Plesk and never looked back.
  5. Yes please. I can't even remember that I unsubscribed from your emails. A bit weird if I think about it, as I do get (some, maybe not all?) emails from you occasionally.
  6. Hi Krydos, I haven't received that email yet. Is that normal?
  7. I have checked. My database is completely empty. There are no more tables nor views. Somewhere between the start of the update of the Ricky server and now, something must have cleared my database. Is there any way to restore it?
  8. A web page I have that shows data from my PostgreSQL database, now only shows a bunch of errors telling me that the scheme my tables are in doesn't exist. I'll try and have a look at it in the weekend, but you know the saying: so much to do and so little time :-) Warning: pg_query(): Query failed: ERROR: 3F000: schema "strips" does not exist LINE 4: strips.stripreeksen R ^ LOCATION: get_namespace_oid, namespace.c:2839 in /home/roebie/common/simpleDBAccessorPostgreSQL.php on line 14ERROR: 3F000: schema "strips" does not exist LINE 4: strips.stripreeksen R ^ LOCATION: get_namespace_oid, namespace.c:2839Warning: pg_num_rows() expects parameter 1 to be resource, null given in /home/roebie/common/simpleDBAccessorPostgreSQL.php on line 23
  9. Thanks! Yes, it was archived. With the server taking quite some time to get upgraded, I eventually gave up checking every day. When the upgrade was finally ready, the account was archived. Anyway, there still seems to be a problem with the postgresql database. Are there any additional steps I or you should take?
  10. a. roebie b. ricky c. degryse.heliohost.org
  11. Dear, Can you please enable remote access to my postgresql database database: roebie_postgresqlusername: roebie_postgresadmin Can you also tell me the hostname and port for the database. Is it ricky.helioshost.org:5432? Many thanks!
  12. Oh, do they? I've changed them, and you're absolutely right. Now it works. Thank you so much for your tip!
  13. Dear, I've opened an account yesterday with ricky as server. Today I notice that php pages return a 500 Internal Server Error The php page I'm trying is a plain and simple call to phpinfo: <?php phpinfo(); ?> When I try an simple html page it does work fine. Could this be something similar to https://www.helionet.org/index/topic/35384-php-56-not-working-on-tommy/ Or am I using my hosting just too soon and do I need to be more patient? Thanks for any help user: roebie primary domain: degryse.heliohost.org
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